Thought you bagged the best price on your hotel room? TripRethink makes it even better!  ReBook the same hotel room at lower price. 

Thought you bagged the best price on your hotel room? TripRethink makes it even better! 

ReBook the same hotel room at lower price. 

Travel—it is fulfilling, liberating, and fun! But, there are few aspects of travelling that can be tedious. One of them is finding the best deals on hotel booking.Knowing that others paid less for the very same hotel room stay,can really destroy your vacation.Hotel Prices across online platforms are always fluctuating,so you never know if you really got the best price when you book.Since different websites offer different discounts at different times, most people rely on price comparator site, may think that they are getting the best price – because they’ve compared – but they might not be.To bring efficiency in the system of hotel booking for customers, TripRethink has kept its footprints into the industry. There are many other platforms that claim to provide customers comfortable and secure hotel bookings. But TripRethink here has introduced a new concept for travelers. It is an online platform for those who have already donehotel bookings under free cancellation policy. The aim is to get people the best possible deals on their exiting hotel reservation. This is done by a dynamic team of TripRethink who track hotel rates round the clock and notifying the customer whenever there is a price drop on already booked same hotel room.

TripRethink, the only firm that supports over planned and booked journey, is a brainchild of Mr. Romesh Jha. It is well said that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and thus the idea of the new concept “TripRethink” came into existence. Romesh was travelling to Denmark and he realized that he was paying over-pricing for his hotel booking. A discussion with other guests made him aware of the over-pricing and that was the moment when he started his research and studied the hotel market dynamics in depth and found that more than one-third of all hotel reservations experience Price Drop, even after the room is booked. And this is story of rising ‘TripRethink’.

Spearheading the company’s rapid growth at the current stage is founder of TripRethink, Mr. Romesh Jha. With extensive global experience across domains, he is a successful versatile leader. In the lounge with Abhishek Dubey – Senior Editor, The CEO Magazine, he shares his vision of creating a transformation in the world of emerging travelling process and making a difference to the lives of people throughout the nation.

What do you enjoy most about working in the field where you have expertise in providing solutions in (hotel booking) optimizing hotel price? 

What I enjoy the most in this profession is the ease it brings to travel. Travelling is not only fulfilling and liberating and fun, but also expensive. A perfect vacation may not always be the one that allows you to make perfect memories but one that your wallet permits. For me personally, technology’s invasion in the Hotel industry has brought a lot of ease, not only in terms of effort but also by improving value for money.

As you look toward the future, what do you foresee for the future of business continuity?

TripRethink is experiencing a steady and healthy growth, targeting travelers from around the world and letting them save on their current hotel reservations. We use our online portal to educate users about various destinations, the phenomenon of price drops and the system of procuring better deals on active Hotel Bookings.

Business continuity looks promising as we are in process of creating a platform which can be reached by Travel agents, Business Travelers, Travel Managers etc. By next year, we plan to target business organizations or groups who can save money on their business trips by using TripRethink service.

Our main aim is to revolutionize the way Hotel bookings are made. We visualize creating a spin in the Hotel-Booking industry where no client has to pay extra for the room of their choice.

What are the key aspects that demonstrate uniqueness of the company? 

What makes TripRethink special is our search optimization system. The unique tracking system scores discounts on already existing Hotel Bookings and ensures that no one has to pay extra for the room of their choice.

TripRethink’s service is absolutely free of any cost. The process is easy and hassle-free with no sign ups involved. All a customer needs to do is forward their existing hotel reservation. Our customers have the flexibility to book from any website, and TripRethink takes it from there.

Another key feature is the Transparency we offer in which everything according to the choice and ease of the clients.You are in control of your decisions, you can choose if you want to retain your existing deal or rebook the better deal we notified you about. 

What are the key benefits that your services bring?

Our services are extremely beneficial to users because we ensure lowest possible prices on the room of their choice, without influencing their decisions. Our website is extremely user-friendly and the process of reaching out to us is very simple – all a user is required to do is mail us their booking details (under the free cancellation policy) and we revert back with the same booking with a much better deal. Another factor that needs attention is that no additional price is charged for our service, it is designed to suit the best comfort of our clients.

What are the differentiating factors?

What sets us apart from various online websites is the fact that we don’t suggest any Hotels or Rooms for the customers to choose. We are not an online booking platform or a website where prices are compared. We allow our clients to book the hotel and select a room of their choice from any website that they wish to and that’s when our work starts – tracking and fetching discounts on their already made reservations. This reduces their effort and still gets them the best possible deal.

Brief us on the milestones and accolades earned by the company till date.

TripRethink has seen an exponential growth in the past. Despite of being a young company in the industry, we have already made our mark and gained respectable position among renowned Media portals.

Within six months of being launched, TripRethink experienced about 20% rise in customer base and reservations and the graph has been improving rapidly. We’re also proud of saving more than thousands of dollars on hotel bookings across the globe.

Talking about the future, what route map has been laid out for the company’s journey ahead? 

After being an established and recognized gateway for travelers who want to save money on their travel and avoid overpaying for hotel rooms, we hope to expand among Business companies, Travel companies, travel managers or agents with a B2B approach.

In the coming year, we aspire to broaden our client base at both B2C and B2B levels with the promise of a great travel experience at the best possible cost.

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