The Hallmark of Securing and Strengthening Brands with Its Anti-Counterfeiting Prowess: Holostik

The Hallmark of Securing and Strengthening Brands with Its Anti-Counterfeiting Prowess: Holostik

Counterfeit products are a burgeoning hot water problem for all over the world, resulting in huge economic catastrophe and possible harm to consumers. This pain in the neck is felt in a variety of industries like pharmaceutical, food, beauty, technology, among others, affecting trillions of rupees and millions of people. While counterfeiting is continuously wreaking havoc, Holostik, on the other end is strengthening the efforts to prevent and protect the brands and products with its anti-counterfeiting strategies and solutions. Since its inception in 1991, Holostik has always been at the heart of anti-counterfeiting industry as the undisputed and unequivocal leader in providing anti-counterfeiting solutions to varied industry workers. Holostik provenance branched out from a 40-year-old legacy, Holostik Group, the hallmark of ‘No Compromises’. Since its inception in 1978 with the sole intention, vision and impulsion of one man, Mr. U.K. Gupta, and till date, the group runs on the same unshakable principles and solid values that have anchored the organization tightly. He has been the guiding light inspiring and leading the Holostik Group to unmatched heights and has revolutionized the hologram and anti-counterfeiting industry within a span of 26 years through Holostik.

Holostik Group has consistently grown to become an established conglomerate in the global market and has marked its deep footprints in anti-counterfeiting products and services, real estate and logistics, aroma chemicals and essential oils through five companies.

Synchronizing with innovation and security: Holostik’s seal of Genuineness

The management at Holostik believes in creating a world where counterfeiting is just another word in the lexicon. Holostik in synchronizing with innovation and security has become world’s largest producer of security holograms, serving many countries on the planet. Holostik has mapped a long way and ripens in terms of products, technologies and solutions. The helm of success at Holostik is spearheaded by the seasoned minds and innovative thinkers working hand-in-hand to ensure the accomplishments of their solutions and taking the company to unmatched heights. It’s not just the anti-counterfeiting solutions that Holostik has pioneered into, also the cutting-edge technology and advancements have made Holostik creating long cherished relationships with its clientele across all the corners of the industry including pharma, agro, automobiles, FMCG’s, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, education, etc.

The company believes that they are here to make a significant contribution in the industry and provide inimitable security solutions and aims to integrate innovation and technology to protect the value of their partners’ brands and in the process, create a more secure world. Holostik’s anti-counterfeiting solutions offer an additional edge to add to the arsenal in the fight against counterfeiting to maintain the integrity of the brands and products.


Holostik Mileposts








Areas of expertise

Holostik’s products and solutions are designed to combat duplicity and counterfeiting. The organization ensures to remain a step ahead of the counterfeiters by utilizing latest technologies and innovating with the current range of products and solutions. Holostik offers an extensive range of high-security holographic and non-holographic anti-counterfeiting products keeping the diversified requirements of the end-customers in mind.  The brilliant Holostik team ensures that no counterfeit product is sold or purchased in the market. The team aims to secure every single product with anti-counterfeiting technology so that consumers can know about the authenticity of the product they are buying.

Security Holograms

Holostik’s exclusive range of tamper-evident holograms ensures the identification of fake products. Available in standard & customized designs, any effort to peel it and re-use lead to the destruction of the hologram and makes the tampering visible.

Security Labels

Holostik provides an identity with its security labels that effectively reflect a brand to the customers and protect it from tampering and counterfeiting. These labels are available in different variants and prints.

Tax/Revenue Stamps

Holostik’s tax stamp encompasses a variety of technologies which are combined with strong product authentication, holographic & non-holographic features. We make tax stamps that are tailored to customer-specific needs and are designed to protect tax revenues and fees.

Hot Stamping Foil

Hot stamping is a permanent process. When a part is marked with a properly formulated foil, it can withstand harsh conditions. On using a metal die on a plastic part, branding can be done at the same time. Holostik’s stamping foil has been used by the leading names including Bombay Dyeing, ITC Ltd., SBI Mutual Funds, Sodexo and many others.


Holostik’s Holographic wads prevent leakage, tampering, contamination and unauthorized dealing with various home and pharmaceutical products used in everyday life.

Shrink Sleeves

Holostik shrink sleeves come with a holographic strip that immediately gives the sign of tampering which makes it a reliable solution against counterfeiting.

Security Pouches

These pouches are a combination of premium quality rotogravure printing technology and the highest level of optical security features.

Wide Web Films’

These films are excellent to curb counterfeiting as they offer complete protection and avoid tampering. These are available in various standard sizes and can be customized as per the specifications of the clients.


IT- Enabled & Product based Solutions

Holostiks’ solutions are 100% efficient in verifying product authenticity, preventing duplicity and combating counterfeiting of the products. The organization has various portraits of IT-Enabled & Product based Solutions. The services comprises of Authentication, Supply Chain Management, Track and Trace, Reward Management, Inventory Management, Warranty Management, Marketing/Promotional Campaign and Payment Collection

Authentication Technologies

With counterfeiting making its footprints deeper and marking its presence everywhere, the solutions to combat it have not only become necessary but mandatory. This is where the role of authentication technologies comes in. Holostik caters the following services under its spectrum of Authentication technologies:

Document and Id Security

Security Printing

Packaging & Personalization

Product Security

Expansion Binge & Future Ahead

What does it take to start up? A brilliant idea?  A great team? Money? Well, all of it. But more than anything that is taken is the belief and passion and this belief has driven Holostik from a plain conviction to developing some of the most robust security solutions in the world with a distinct vision and unparalleled approach towards handling customer experience. Future holds a great voyage for Holostik with lots of diversification and expansion plans. Here’s what the key pillars of the organization envision about Holostik…

Going forward, Holostik will be transforming into a solution-centric company and not just a product manufacturing company. Using our state-of-the-art-technologies, we will be introducing more solutions to secure products and combat their counterfeiting completely.


Group Director, Holostik Group

Head, Real Estate Business

Holostik is making its footprints deeper overseas. The international business of Holostik is expanding and prospering. We are currently serving 75+ countries on the planet and plan to reach a century by 2020.


Group Director, Holostik Group

Holostik was recently appraised to CMMI – DEV Version 1.3 with Maturity Level 3 by Software Engineering Institute (SEI) – USA. We plan to appraise it CMMI level-5 in the next few years.


Director, Production and IT


Holostik has an impressive list of clienteles and we are catering to the anti-counterfeiting needs of the majority of the big brands. We plan to add more names to the clientele list by serving them the best quality products and solutions.


Director, Sales and Marketing


Holostik has been doing very well financially. Even in the tough times of demonetization, the company sailed smoothly. We are aiming to turn into a 500 crore company by 2020.


Director, Finance & Accounts, Holostik

Head – Warehousing Business

Holostik invests heavily in the research processes and creates new technologies with the help of its R&D team. We are currently aiming to secure the currency by adding security features to it.


Director, Production & Innovation


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