Terrabit-Consulting emerges as a leader in IT Consulting across AsiaPacific region

Thriving on ‘Work hard, Play hard’,

Terrabit-Consulting emerges as a leader in IT Consulting across AsiaPacific region

“I have been working with this firm for more than a year. Work environment, here, is very friendly and productive. The ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra makes going to work very enjoyable. This company is growing at a fast pace and I am so excited to be a part of it!” says one of the employees working in Terrabit-Consulting, a leading global IT and ITES provider that has gained reputation for delivering best-in-class IT and Business Process Services that encompass, Application Development, BPO, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, Infrastructure Management, ERP, CRM, Product Co-development, and Quality Consulting.  Having extended its footprints in five countries, the firm is one of the prominent consulting firms in Asia Pacific region with a team that possesses the expertise and capability to provide solutions for complex business processes in a multitude of domains.

In this increasingly competitive world, where organizations are breaking a sweat to grow and become powerful, employees, being pushed harder, are expected to deliver more with perfection. The bulk of work demands employee engagement for nearly twelve hours a day or maybe more, and a strict company culture without any ‘temporary escapes’ eventually wears them down.To make their employees ‘feel at home’ and enjoy their work, Terrabit-Consulting seeks to create a playful and exuberant atmosphere at work that helps workforce to be happy and productive. The firm adopts the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra to ingrain enthusiasm and dynamism in work environment; through various fun and leisure activities, the management not only endeavors to bring in more joy to the workplace that goes a long way to reduce stress and increase productivity but also uses them as a part of their strategy for team building. As employees spend a significant proportion of a day at office, a work culture that is full of zeal, eventually, leads to a healthy and active lifestyle.The administration carefully develops strategies that are enforced into the work culture to ensure an absolute blend of work and fun that is conducive to a productive ambiance.

At Terrabit, a set of core values and principles is deeply imbued in the culture that guides thinking and actions of every employee; Honesty, integrity, trust and mutual respect are reflected in organization’s practices. The motivation to perform and achieve organizational success drives the entire organization and empowers it to excel in its domain. The firm directs all its efforts towards innovating and creating path-breaking solutions and services that would help clients to improve their business and IT performance like never before. Speaking about the company’s strategic approach, Mr. Rajiv Nair, Chief Executive Officer, Terrabit-Consulting says, “Terrabit aspires to be among the Top five IT Services companies in Asia and our strategies are built around this vision and mission, the results are like a report card of the strategies and activities undertaken and these do help tweak and fine tune the strategies from time to time. Now for the strategies and activities to be productive and effective the processes need to be robust; hence, having proven processes is an inherent requirement.”

The firm is committed to embrace differences and change; a fact which is clearly evidenced by its hiring practices. Diversity at workplace not only offers more than exposure to employees from different cultures and backgrounds but also results in fostering mutual respect. At Terrabit, a team of diverse people, who are guided by values, set the foundation for appropriate workplace behavior and successful business relationships through their trustworthy actions. To achieve organizational goals, various teams work in collaboration to create strategies, policies, and structures in order to institutionalize values, behaviors, and practices that promote cooperation.

Since the firm thrives on teamwork, the administration puts special focus on hiring candidates who can align their career goals with those of organization, add value to the team, exhibit the potential for future growth as well as “fit” well into the corporate culture. Also, the candidates must be good team players, who can show unwavering commitment towards team goals and make it a point to drive this culture across the organization. Employees, who are passionate, hard working, dedicated to perform their roles perfectly and possess willingness to learn, would definitely reach new heights of success in their career.To ensure the retention of talent, the organization creates a culture for career development that helps employees to lay out their career path by aligning their career goals to current and future business needs, to the competencies valued by the organization, and to available opportunities. As quoted by Mr. Rajiv Nair, Chief Executive Officer, “We are a progressive company with ambitious growth plans so we are able to create an organization structure where employees can see a clear career path for themselves.” Once onboard, employees are encouraged to develop 70-20-10 model for learning & development; a strategy at workplace that suggests seventy percent of learning is experiential which is acquired through daily tasks, challenges and practice, twenty percent comes from social interactions and ten percent is formal which is obtained from structured training courses and programs. Apart from self learning and coaching, employees are trained along-side experienced colleagues and given on the job training.

Having a performance driven work culture in organization, the management has developed effective strategies for employee performance assessment that help in encouraging employee involvement by recognizing their efforts as well as guiding them on how to improve their performance. There are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) set for every employee based on his / her functional role. In case of commendable achievement, there is recognition and a token of appreciation given to the further motivate the employees. Company has set forth a number of ways of to acknowledge employees’ contribution; initially the management sends an Appreciation email, which is later on followed by Monthly Employee Award. Furthermore, deserving performance is rewarded by an Employee Sales Incentive scheme. Employees, who can’t perform adequately, fail in their initiatives and lag behind, are advised to consider their failures as learning. The management extends its best possible support to such employees ensuring they succeed in their future endeavors.

Having established a work culture that drives on proactive ‘Work hard, play hard’ mantra to achieve organizational goals, Terrabit-Consulting is moving ahead on its journey towards evolving into one of the best providers of IT Services in Asia with the mission of achieving excellence in its services while delivering value to its customers.

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