TECTOTRON: Infusing extraordinary techno innovations in the Ordinary lives

TECTOTRON: Infusing extraordinary techno innovations in the Ordinary lives

Packed with new opportunities, technologies, young energy and innovation, start ups are the change makers which our world needs.  We all know that any business, including start ups too laysits foundation on risks thus,is prone to tremors of failures and getting paralyzed. A major reason why startups fail is that they run into the problem of their being little or no exposure in the market for their products. Fortunately, if an entrepreneur is able to identify the risk areas for his startup, he can endeavor towards success during his entrepreneurial journey.  One such stunt person Teja Reddy, looked upon this appalling startup complication and commenced his entrepreneurial journey of reserving start ups and providing them visibility through his flagship, Tectotron.

Tectotron is all about uniqueness and innovation. Incorporated in June 2016 with its offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore, this start up has secured a lovely corner in the heart of tech savvy loyal customers via its freshly hand-picked innovative techno based rare as hen’s teeth products. In today’s techno era, many companies are redefining the idea to uncomplicate people’s lives and shaping the future by embracing innovation based technological products and services. The pathway of delivering these ‘rare birds(products)’ possesses dig holes and loopholes turning it into imaginary tale to utilize the treasure of technology and innovation. By charging high prices and other online scams include phishing and spoofing, many fraud companies use the latest technology to set up fake retailer websites that look like genuine online retail stores and selling the techno products on a high price, can making your money die out along with your purchase. To channelize the process into a smoother, reliable and easier way, Tectotron popped up as the brainchild of Mr.Teja Reddy as an e-commerce marketplace to bridge the gap between techno based startups’ products and people. The company brings the products and services that are timeless and truly unique. The ultimate goal of Tectotron is to help startups with the marketing and sales aspect at the same the time bringing awareness, and accessibility for innovations to the people of India. Tectotron is intended to build a strong ecosystem for nurturing innovation and technology based startups globally driving better brand visibility.

“We are all about extraordinary innovations, the things you don’t find everyday.”- Mr. Teja Reddy boastfully added.

The techno mind behind Tectotron

His feet never doze. The family business failed to fascinate Teja and hence he carved out his own path in techno savvy world. After completing Bachelors of Business Administration from LSC, London, England, he flew away to pursue International Trading Business course from Shanghai, China. Continuing his ‘world tour of learning’, he went to San Francisco, USA for doing Masters of International Business from Hult International Business School and Leadership Course from Stanford University. His know how’sof working in a start up helped him a lot in the interim of Tectotron. After being criticized for his idea, he again motivated himself to go with his idea by investing in himself first to march towards Tectotron’s Journey.

This brilliant mind is a die-hard football fan. Teja Reddy believes in ‘work hard, play harder’saying. After signing off as CEO of Tectotron, he laces up his football studs for the match with this team!! His love for travelling can be evaluatedfrom his ‘world tour of learning’.

“I converted my living own room into office”- Mr. Teja Reddy

He shared giggles and laughs disclosing information about his office and workforce. He is the man of simplicity believes in creating ‘diamond from a small hub.’ His favorite free time activities encompass turning headphones on and scrolling down innovative and technology based unique artifacts.

TECTOTRON: Marching to a different drum

The differentiating factors which make Tectotron a different tune to sing are:

Innovation Hub: Innovative Products and Innovative Services

The products available at Tectotron are timeless and truly unique. From Skinners’ Ultraportable Footwearto smart wallet and text scanner instant editing, each piece holds some uniqueness and innovation worthy of anyone’s attention to make the users discover something every day promoting innovation. Tectotron is working round the clock to dream up his consumers witness the world’s most innovative and disruptive products from different corners of the world. These freshly hand plucked techno products are available on Tectotron’s online platform at the right price cutting the cost of every midpoint including custom duties and taxes. The products displayed at Tectotron are from both National as well as International startups.

Promoting Innovation & Innovators

First of its kind in India, Tectotron provides exposure to Indian as well as foreign startups by showcasing their products on its digital marketplace. Tectotron has partnered with 300 startups till now from around the world. The company is also partnering with Technovision Retail stores to bring these innovative products closer to the doorsteps of people.

Claps and Milestones

  • The company has touched 4000 visitors visiting the website daily in just 2 months.
  • Teja Reddy has been interviewed with News Channels from TV9, ABN etc for Tectotron.
  • The company received huge response from the visitors as it delivered 200+ techno based products it its first month.

Mr. Teja Reddy shared his mindset for overpowering business challenges as, “We want innovation to make daily life simpler. We can optimize every single day more efficiently with innovation. The biggest challenge was to introduce ‘talk- about trending techno products in India which turned out to be Tectotron’s USP’ as a paycheck for our hard work. We want startups to gain more visibility and make a good impact on sales through our state of art marketing approach.”

Road Map and Future Plans

The results have been tremendous so far for Tectotron. The company is now looking ahead to partner with Incubators of IIT,IIMs, T-Hub, Sidbi Startup Mitra to identify innovative startups and become a hub for Innovation in India and also Partnering with following O2O strategy. The company thrives in creating experience centres to create awareness about the products and expand stores offline taking the route of Franchise.

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