TekCommands’s mission is to provide unique products and services that exceed customer expectations by increasing their productivity, profitability and competitive advantage.

In the last few years, the global business corridor has strongly upgraded its capabilities and offerings in line with emerging technologies and exploring collaborative opportunities. This digital journey has been quite fast and fascinating with a pretty fast-evolving exodus and an emerging and energetic tech firm is creating a disruption by the goodwill that has been garnered with their existing clientele along with validating their track record proven expertise in delivering professional software products and services.

Incepted in 2009, TekCommands, Inc. endeavours to provide professional software products and services to the corporate market as well as smaller businesses, locally and internationally. The team of 35 technical architects and hardcore developers create a wide repository of products that make streamline the task for technology service providers and development houses by possessing extensive domain skills in selected vertical segments. These are based on a simple belief that “A good solution should be technology agnostic, simple, portable and scalable.”

The software products and solutions offered by TekCommands are based on Open Standard Technologies and they use the technology-neutral platform and technology-neutral design, which considerably reduces unnecessary expenditure and speeds up the development life cycle owing to the availability of many ready-to-use components for virtually any system.

TekCommands’ unique software products ENTWIN, SNAPLETTE & Tek-CADRE contribute greatly toward the success of various corporates as well as smaller businesses that operate locally and internationally by enhancing their productivity, profitability and competitive advantage. They attain this by offering clients an end-to-end project development cycle-business analysis, project design, deployment and support, state-of-the-art development process, and comprehensive quality assurance.

TekCommands through continuous efforts and with great focus on customer success constantly evolves to build a portfolio of quality enterprise-level products. They specialise in engineering rapid application prototyping and enterprise application development tools. The company operates from the US, UK, Hong Kong, and India. They have their corporate office in the US and Development Centres in US, UK, Hong Kong, and India


Mahendra Kondla holds Masters Degrees in Computer Applications from Madras University and Business Administration from Sri Krishnadevaraya University. He has an excellent track record of thousands of customer satisfaction in managing and developing IT solutions and has been in the industry for years. As the President of TekCommands, he has been instrumental in the conception and scale-up of the business. Because of his noble principles and unique ideology, Mahendra has gained great reputation among business and social circles.


TekCommands offers a wide range of services encompassing several operational fields. They cater to clients having specific needs, requiring customized solutions that are reliable, match industry standards and yet are cost-effective.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • Procurement
  • E-Learning
  • Partner Programs


  • Transparency
  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Browser Isolation
  • Dynamic Sparse Matrix handling
  • Multidimensional Conceptual View
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Governance, Compliance Management
  • Unlimited Dimensions and Aggregation Levels
  • Accessibility
  • Consistent Reporting Performance
  • Generic Dimensionality
  • Multi-user Support
  • Unrestricted cross-dimensional Operations
  • Flexible Reporting


A Favour in technology solutions is not always what a client wants. You give your customers honest feedback, so you want a marketing team that listens to your point of view but will also tell it like it is.

At TekCommands, potential marketing indicates its ability to deliver in areas such as SEO, Positioning, Strategy, Public Relations, Social Media, and Campaign Management by managing the company’s digital image.


TekCommands is focused on delivering quality and professional software engineering services from the corporate market to smaller businesses. There are multiple driving forces behind the company’s successful growth.

Apart from the best software development tools and services, TekCommands supports its clients in project rescue and partner programs. The company has years of expertise in saving projects that were considered a complete failure and has top qualified specialists who can tackle a challenge of any complexity. While working on the rescue projects, TekCommands minimizes risks and helps in attaining a client’s business objectives at the lowest costs.

Treating employees respectfully is a key to great workplace culture, and giving them autonomy to do their jobs in one way brings a progressive environment. “They know what decisions they need to be making without asking management.

“By taking good care of employees will naturally take care of our clients. Our Philosophy here is our people come first, our clients come second,” asserts Mahendra Kondla.

As a leader, Mahendra believes that every employee’s participation is a key to the success of a company and promotes open communication with all employees thus making TekCommands a good place to work.


TekCommands has received numerous awards for its sincere efforts towards providing quality services and empowering businesses with advanced technology in this rapidly changing business environment. The firm has been acknowledged as 100 Most Promising Technology Companies by a reputed business magazine. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified company. A reputed media house listed TekCommands as the 10 Most Valuable IT Solution Provider Companies.


TekCommands Team spent a considerable amount of time researching data on critical industry trends/benchmarks and soft leads from prospects to arrive at its own sales estimates.

Software Product companies with dedicated Sales & marketing efforts, in general, are able to capture a 1.5% to 3% market share in the first year post-launch. They are typically able to spur the growth by a consistent 50% rate in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of the post-launch of their products.

Software product companies, in general, are able to convert one (1) out of every ten (10) raw prospects into paying customers. The company demographics (size, market, average sale, and so on) don’t affect the percentage much. The conversion rate, however, quadruples to four (4) out of every ten (10) among qualified leads after reducing some percentage that may be from competition or potential employees.

10-leads to 1-sales ratio, and 1% market share in the 1st Year with 20% growth in the 2nd and 3rd year, and 25% in the 4th year, (possible due to launch of Web version, hosted version, and Apple/Linux versions every year), and a modest 7%-10% growth in the subsequent years.

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