World’s first and only B2B e-Marketplace platform, branded as a business media platform, is empowering businesses to find solutions to fit their needs, based on information supplied by vendors and the experiences of previous explorers.

A viable option for businesses big and small across industries, Sambuq is a novel endeavour in this industry initiated by Ganesh Rajagopal. Since the inception in 2014, Sambuq, in its short yet stellar journey has established a unique mark to help those who want to make educated budgetary decisions with all available information, comparing provider offerings, value, and cost. Named after an early 1900’s trading vessel that transported goods between countries in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean regions, SAMBUQ enables a more efficient solutions B2B marketplace.

The biggest spend for any organization is marketing and outreach. This is the exact problem is solving for all organizations globally. The mission of the platform is to enable inbound and outbound marketing for every organization. This feature is now extremely expensive and provided by social media platforms and other search engine solutions that rank and rate the organizations and predicate their visibility based on the amount they spend. This will be the case till becomes known worldwide.


Ganesh Rajagopal- Founder & CEO

Sambuq is the brainchild of Ganesh Rajagopal. He holds over 22 years of leadership experience and has worked with Deloitte, IBM, Northrop Grumman, and CSC. His experience includes developing and implementing full-spectrum technology solutions, leading and developing creativity, establishing governance, management consulting and business strategies. Ganesh holds a Master’s in Information Systems from George Mason University and a certificate in executive leadership from eCornell.

Satish Mutalik- Co-Founder & CTO

Satish has a strong track record of innovation and deep experience in Cloud computing, enterprise search, and big data analytics. As a technologist, Satish has helped commercial and public sector clients at CSC, Corporate Executive Board, Deloitte, and Infosys.  Some of his professional interests include open source innovation, big data analytics. Satish holds a bachelor’s degree in Computers from Karnataka University India.


Historically, the decision-making process for companies in need of solutions has been arduous and fragmented. Vendors present their solutions/services to a business independently, and then it’s up to the business to run comparison analyses, make reference calls, and conduct research, which is often a dead-end given the paucity of available online information. This process can take weeks, even months to complete.

Sambuq offers an efficient alternative, delivering a comprehensive picture of what a vendor offers and the perceived value derived by explorers. Sambuq is a virtual port where vendors dock and share their wares, allowing explorers to make more informed decisions. Sambuq helps companies bring to market new products & services and facilitates competition among vendors.


The advent of Social Media in the last decade ushered the concept of being connected to information sharing between people, transcending geographies. The need was to have a pure-play business media platform that caters to businesses for information sharing; most of the online business portals are typically e-commerce or e-procurement websites and not an e-marketplace. The business media platform is typically a converse of social media wherein, businesses need both inbound and outbound marketing features that enable them to scale their business while also looking for business enabling information on the platform. This gave birth to, a B2B e-marketplace for information sharing and enabling businesses to perform necessary functions. started with creating an e-marketplace of organizations worldwide and the products/services that they offer. This was then expanded to list solicitations/tenders, news, events, posts, jobs and explorers data. In the next phase, Sambuq Sandbox was developed which enables buyers to test drive a product or solution while they are shopping for it. The next set of features that were developed includes Surveys, Sails CRM, Marketing feature including in-bound/out-bound and bulk emailing, Sites Content Management Services and Vendor Management Services.


  • The US Department of Veteran Affairs, USA
  •, India
  • State of Florida, USA
  • State of New Hampshire, USA

The above customers were looking for e-Marketplace solutions that would solve their business need for market research, employee engagements, marketing, and customer satisfaction. has proved to be a one-stop solution for these customers and continues to deliver strong values while solving complex business challenges.


The prime factor that allows Sambuq to stay competitive on the global platform is that there is no other comparative platform that offers the length and breadth of services and functionality that it offers. The platform doesn’t discriminate between small, midcap or large organizations and is evenly priced for any organization to leverage its features. The pricing is very affordable even for start-ups to promote their organization while they are incubating or in the concept stage.


The platform adapts to the consumer interests and needs as information keeps getting updated on the platform and this ensures that the consumers are able to do market research as well as be constantly informed of the changing trends in the market. The platform drives decision-making capabilities for explorers.

OPEN WORLD CULTURE is an open culture global start-up organization with offices in the US, UK, and India. Expansion plans are to have a global presence in every market. Each of its locations caters to the country’s culture and adapt to the local market demands. Sambuq crew comprises diverse nationals across the different offices with a flat hierarchy. They promote diversity, inclusiveness, gender equality and best practices in employee engagements with work-life balance.


The concept of a business media platform is needed by every organization but the solution could not be conceptualized till now. Social media platforms are not delivering value to businesses and most of the online portals offer very limited functionality, if at all and are either very internally focused or extremely outward-facing offering buy-sell capabilities. Sambuq’s predicament at the point for marketing the platform is the steep cost, which is the same experienced by all companies. They firmly believe that once the platform is adopted globally, this will become the de-facto business-enabling platform that can be leveraged for marketing at very minimal costs by all organizations.


Sambuq takes corporate social responsibilities very seriously. Here, practices for it are as follows:

  • Environmental efforts: Businesses, regardless of size, have large carbon footprints. Sambuq’s offices are energy efficient; they limit the use of paper in all operations, encourage telecommuting and work from home for global employees.
  • Philanthropy: They donate to charities that enable socio-economic programs and enable business development for small and emerging businesses in the US, UK, and India
  • Ethical labour practices: Every employee at Sambuq is treated fairly and ethically.
  • Volunteering: Sambuq volunteers with nonprofits and other organizations that promote B2B enabling efforts.

 “Our mission is to become a Business Enabler platform that provides a dedicated virtual network where vendors can showcase their offerings and public & private sector organizations can explore and discover innovative solutions and services for their mission-critical problems,” Ganesh Rajagopal wrapped up.

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