Synersoft Technology:  Catering digital security to SMEs with the one-of-its-kind BlackBox Technology

Synersoft Technology:  Catering digital security to SMEs with the one-of-its-kind BlackBox Technology

For decades, India has been blessed with the effervescent and ever- expanding number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Of late, it has witnessed a rapid growth in this sector driven by the new age technology transformation. This sector has become the largest employment generators for Indian economy and largest contributors to Indian GDP. The enormous opportunity provided by the sector led many tech companies to explore favorable circumstances. Keeping in line with the contingencies, many tech companies emerged on this landscape. Synersoft is one of the very few Indian companies, with Indian products which are solely focused on Small and Medium Enterprises of India. Technologies developed by Synersoft are aimed at minimizing IT infrastructure cost for SMEs and enhancing their competitiveness with state of the art IT standardization. These solutions focus on data preservation, information security, fraud mitigation and software license cost minimization.

SMEs have been and will be adopting IT to gain operational efficiencies. This pursuit of IT adoption generates volume of data, in form of Designs, Drawings, IPRs and Business Information etc. For the sake of business continuity, these digital assets have to be preserved well from loss, deletion, infection and disaster. For the sake of competitiveness, these digital assets have to be protected from theft, manipulation and unauthorized access. This requires SMEs to strategize their IT systems as seriously as any large enterprise. On the contrary, Indian SMEs have limited access to qualified IT strategists.

Working on the loopholes after an extensive analysis, Ahmedabad based Synersoft thrived on its strong Research and Development backbone on JAVA platform. Its state of the art call center for customer support is equipped with sophisticated IVR systems, ticket tracking solution and CRM. Synersoft’s peculiar data center for Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery matches any level of International standards. Synersoft believes in process driven operations supported by comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning software. Synersoft operates in all SME-dense industrialized pockets of India.

Devotion to become market ready

The company has invested in technology for first 5 years of its inception without any revenue and made itself market ready. Thanks to angel investors, Center for Incubation Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at IIM – Ahmedabad and its team which believed in its vision. Its patience resulted in fantastic product which is now wanted by SMEs. It still invests large share of earning in Research & Development. This keeps the momentum for it by leading the competition by at least 10 features at any point of time. The company is on a mission to make sure that SMEs business continuity and competitiveness is best ensured. It achieves uninterrupted business continuity against any possibility of deletion, destruction or infection of their digital assets. Moreover, it accomplishes competitiveness by securing their digital assets from theft, manipulation, unauthorized access or fraud.

Its solution is designed keeping SMEs in mind. All other traditional IT solutions are designed for large enterprises and modified irrationally to meet SME requirements. This makes those solutions expensive and complex when compared to its solution. Its perspective about SMEs and solution design makes it unique in this business.

Simplicity and Pertinency of products place it apart from peers

Sound understanding of SME needs and 5 years of dedicated investment in product development with required IPR makes it ahead of its competition. Its competitive advantage is simplicity and relevance of product for a large target segment, SME sector in India. The continuous hunger of company to bring something innovative helps it stay ahead of the peers. To this end, it has come up with a new technology named BLACKBox. It is a simple solution which does not require IT talent to manage it. It makes sure that SME’s business continuity is ensured against possibilities of deletion, destruction, infection of digital assets. It makes sure that SMEs are not competitively exploited by data theft, unauthorized access or fraud.

The company with its aptness and acumen to serve SMEs has built a successful customer base. The company meets SMEs in person and explains solution, develops relationship over a period of time and then makes them aware of risks on their business continuity and competitiveness. It serves them with sheer passion and dedication.

There are 36 millions SMEs and out of which 5% are IT dependent which makes it to tap a vast opportunity of 1.7 million SMEs across India. IT adoption is growing in double digits in this sector. They need solutions for data preservation and information security. Market size is estimated to be somewhere around 2,00,000 crores and still growing.

The company is widely known for bringing many new industry trends which were first of its kinds. Some of which are mentioned below. It is a provider of:

  • Forced centralization of data
  • Breathe on Breath (BonB) technology
  • Active Recycle Bin
  • File level activity
  • Report USB Usage
  • Happy internet hours

This is a just a tip of the iceberg pertaining to its avant- garde features. There’s a plethora of trailblazing industry trends which it has come up with.

Adding feather to its cap

Synersoft Technologies is a gold medalist in India Innovates Growth Program in the year 2011. This prestigious award is a joint endeavor by Department of Science & Technologies, Govt. of India, Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, University of Texas, Austin, and Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA. Its innovation TMail-Blackbox is successfully commercialized and being showcased at various innovation exposition globally.

Future Plans

The company is heavily investing in R&D to make its entire product hardware less. Synersoft will transit from in-premise hardware solution to cloud based offering of its BLACKBox to Indian SMEs which will convert their CAPEX to OPEX.

Key official

Mr Vishal Shah

 (Co-Founder & CEO)

He is a leader who can play any requisite role to complement teamwork and achieve results. Over 18 years, through various opportunities in IT, he has evolved and is still evolving to bring the best out of him. He strongly believes in mission that challenges him and he unleashes the determination by becoming a tough task master. He emphasizes on the proper time management apart from believing in the theory of Karma.

Golden words

Mr Shah shares his experience and tips to the aspiring entrepreneurs and says, “Make your human resources feel successful every day. Delegate your team with the work they can handle. Die for two weeks every year and make a list of whatever went wrong in the company. Next time when you die, the list should not be the same.

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