SPIRIT DSP licenses enterprise video messenger with superior interoperability in source code

SPIRIT DSP licenses enterprise video messenger with superior interoperability in source code

SPIRIT DSP was the nerve of ushering voice and video over LTE functionality first time in India couple of years ago. Reliance Jio, India largest 4G provider, inked contract with SPIRIT DSP to revive video and voice calling in India. SPIRIT is the engine behind many communication software platforms, including Skype, Apple, Microsoft, Viber and many others. The genesis of SPIRIT was carved by Moscow University graduate, Andrey Sviridenko in 1992. Initiating with an AI software product licensed to a small German company, the organization further ventured out its communication product line and rechristened itself to SPIRIT DSP (digital signal processing). The organization’s deftness is a blend of innovation prowess, high performance and reasonable license fees. SPIRIT DSP’s innovative carrier-grade voice and video software platforms are used by more than 1 billion people across 100 countries. In India, SPIRIT DSP has licensed its mobile voice and video engines to companies like Aricent and Reliance Jio, among others. Reliance Jio launched its LTE network in India on SPIRIT voice and video engines software, to enable the use of low-cost smartphone hardware that did not support Voice over LTE standard.

Perpetual innovation at every step of product development and promotion has escorted SPIRIT DSP from a ‘Garage startup’ to a global frontrunner in mobile Voice and Video over IP (VVoIP) engines, achieving global success by relying on the technical excellence of its computer scientists and by adjusting to market demands and challenges in a timely manner. During its 25 year journey, SPIRIT DSP has channelized its expertise across different software product categories, ranging from telecommunication and navigation to AI. While exporting its dexterity to US, Europe, and Asia, SPIRIT introduced VideoMost®, software video conferencing server product with web-browser and mobile clients in 2011. VideoMost®, product has several service provider partners in India now that deliver cloud services and on-premises video conferencing to Indian companies under their own brands based on the platform.

Establishing a backbone of digital communication

Since its inception, SPIRIT DSP has been licensing its communication software products to global leaders including NEC, Iwatsu, Kyocera, Nortel Networks, Siemens, Philips and semiconductor vendors including Texas Instruments, Agere, Freescale, National Semiconductor, NXP and others. With an organic growth (no external investments), SPIRIT DSP established itself as a leading provider of VVoIP engines. In mid-00s, the organization ushered VoIP revolution licensing its audio, voice and video engines to pioneers like Skype, Apple, ARM, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, HTC, Samsung, LG, and later Viber. The company begins working with Israeli, German, Swiss, Italian, French, British, Korean and Chinese technology clients in early 2000s.

Later SPIRIT helped telecom players, service providers and mobile operators including AT&T, Korea Telecom, China Mobile and Reliance Jio to fight with Skype. SPIRIT DSP also licensed its voice and video engines to Huawei, Ericsson, Polycom, Radvision (now Avaya) and DialogicAs competition intensified and Microsoft and Google began to develop VVoIP engines in-house (acquired multiple companies), SPIRIT DSP refocused its attention towards emerging technology giants in Asia. SPIRIT DSP partnered with US-based software companies when entering telecom market including India and Indonesia mobile carriers.

Area of Expertise


SPIRIT’s product TeamSpirit® IM is on-premises (enterprise) video messenger that interoperates with legacy corporate IT infrastructure – telephony, video conferencing hardware, Skype, Exchange server. TeamSpirit® IM provides a full set of features and options of popular IMs along with multipoint VideoMost® videoconferences that are compatible with enterprise video conferencing hardware such as Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, Huawei and with Skype. TeamSpirit® IM is not a cloud service, but a complete set of text messenger’s source code, from UI to backend, which quickly enables rich, engaging messaging experiences in any corporate mobile app. TeamSpirit® IM helps create comfort corporate workspaces to communicate, share and get work done together, like Cisco Spark and Microsoft Teams – under your brand and with server under your control.


VideoMost® SDK is an all-inclusive set of VVoIP media processing technologies, signaling protocols and collaboration tools for licensing which supports all popular communication protocols and international standards including H.323, H.239, SIP, BFCP, VNC, XMPP, H.264, G.7xx, WebRTC, and delivers interoperability with legacy video conferencing hardware. It provides a full range of tools for teamwork, including mobile messaging, document sharing and polling.

TeamSpirit® messenger is seamlessly integrated with the VideoMost® Server and supports HD video calls and multipoint video conferences for business-grade communication with up to 100 video participants in the online room.

SPIRIT DSP offers all its products for white-label licensing and allows service providers and software vendors to offer cloud and on-premises video conferencing services under their own brand and billing with immediate time-to-market. SPIRIT DSP has successfully merged innovations and quality inside its every product furnished with cutting edge technologies.

Expansion Binge

SPIRIT DSP’s finesse has been acknowledged by leading US and European magazines and experts of the domain. Here is a once-over of the awards and accolades:

  • Listed among Top 10 VoIP Solution providers by enterprise networking
  • TMC Unified Communications Product of the Year awards from 2004 to 2017
  • Recognized as Fierce VoIP global TOP 10 VoIP Leaders
  • European Seal of excellence

Future Outlook

“We will develop both existing communication products and launch new software based on AI and Neutral Networks.”

The leader behind SPIRIT DSP

Andrey Sviridenko

Founder & Chairman

Sviridenko is the founder and chairman of SPIRIT DSP. He graduated from the Moscow State University with honors in 1991 and later led SPIRIT DSP to become a global leader in voice and video engine software. In 1990, while still a Computing Mathematics and Cybernetics student, Andrey Sviridenko and his classmate developed Artificial Intelligence software product. While on a student exchange in Germany in 1991, Andrey Sviridenko was able to sell 10 licenses of the software product for USD 10000 to small German software reseller. Andrey’s father remains with the company as CTO to this day.

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