Spectra unleashes new wave of transformation with thin client & cloud computing; approaches to make computing easy for end-user

Spectra unleashes new wave of transformation with thin client & cloud computing; approaches to make computing easy for end-user

Organizations invest hugely on IT enablement to benefit their business with enhanced productivity and innovative capabilities. Since desktop and network computing are integral to businesses operating on IT enabled processes, organizationsare burdened by huge expenditures on management of these systems. Not to mention, managing them brings a lot of complexity due to constant upgradation of their hardware, applications and operating systems. It becomes quiet troublesome for workforce to determine applicability of upgrades; also, it consumes a considerable portion of their time. Furthermore, there are additional expensesincluding prevention of security challenges. Besides, there is an array of factors associated with PC deployment that impedes the global drive towards IT sustainability. In the wake of demerits associated with setting up of desktop computing model, thin client computing model has emerged as a new face of innovation. Such a model utilizes a thin client (a slim or lightweight PC with less components and uses a server for its computing roles), which is blessed with a multitude of benefits.

Spectra Technologies India Private Limited,based in Delhi is positioned as a leader in thin client computing solutions space in India. The company has been entrusted by a large number of businesses from diversified verticals for its broadest spectrum of virtual desktops as well as for its inventive & cutting-edge softwares and solutions that are intended to benefit clients with a cost effective ownership. The company is an independent manufacturer and integrator of specialized thin client.  Spectra’s avant-garde portfolio carries Virtual desktops, Mini PCs, Zero desktops, Kiosk, Digital Signage and Software(Spectra AppAnywhere and Spectra Authenticator).

These innovatively designed thin clients from Spectra can be connected with Microsoft Windows as well as Linux Terminal Services servers allowing users to run numerous applications. As an alternative to large PCs, Spectra’s thin clients require a near zero management and administration at the desktop as they are designed to perform server based computing. These thin clients offer a host of exclusive features encompassing centralized computing,cost-effective management, lowered virus vulnerability and increased security. What makes them more lucrative is their peerless ability in cutting down energy costs to nearly 75%.

Spectra Technologies was established in 2006 by Mr. Harbir Ghai, a veteran from IT industry. Harbir’s zeal infused passion for computers since childhood paved way for gaining a profound experience in IT industry. A forceful sense of responsibility towards welfare of society compelled the entrepreneur in Harbir to leverage his expertise and deep seated knowledge to create and innovate. Harbir envisioned founding an organization that would contribute significantly in drive towards Green IT computing while promoting growth and development of SME sector in India. The planning and strategies that we follow are moulded keeping a strong focus on catering to the needs of the Indian SME landscape. Spectra’s products and services are advantageously priced specially in line with the convenience of Indian buyers and SMEs. In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Harbir Ghai – Founder & Director, Spectra Technologies shares, “The underlying approach is to make computing easy for the end user. I personally think the things should be designed and developed in a way that the end user doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on learning about the technology. As we know, in virtual desktop computing model applications are required to be launched in the terminal server. The applications we design appear as an icon, which when clicked launches the app on screen and become very easy-to-use for the end user. Moreover, the application installation is also quiet effortless and uncomplicated. It doesn’t take more than ten minutes to for the whole company of our any client to go from a standard server to multi-location server and become accessible from multiple branches.”

Success Mantra

Speaking of the company’s success mantra, Harbir adds, “Not many people do in India what we do. We are one of those unique service providers who offer end-to-end solutions that encompass thin clients, cloud computing, servers; the connectivity for the layers of application and more. Our products are developed leveraging best –in-class technologies and boast of unique and priority features. They are designed specifically to suit diversified needs of clients. They can be used individually as well as deployed as a suite of integrated solutions. With strict adherence to innovation and strive for excellence, we have been able to set new parameters in smart client technology while offering custom-built and personalized products and services that bring with them exclusive perks.”

Key differentiators

The factors that enable Spectra’s products and services to stand tall among the rest include:

  • Ease-of-Use
  • Increased Security and Reliability
  • Improved and Centralized Asset Management
  • Improved Total-Cost-of-Ownership
  • Reduced Overall Computer-Related Energy Consumption
  • Smart Green Technology – all of our smart clients are rated as 100% eco-friendly, innovative and sustainable.

Major Milestones

Since its establishment, Spectra has been thriving on the road that leads to success with‘out of the box’ thinking. To quote Harbir, “the journey has been fantastic”. He tells us that the whole team devoted the best of their efforts towards achieving Spectra’s vision. The team initially started with working on easy deployment of products and solutions as well as on simplifying process. There was intensive learning which helped the company evolve. Stepping into thin client computing business in 2006 proved to a very big leap for the company and aided in acquiring a leading position in the market. The next huge thing was innovating ‘AppAnywhere’ in 2008 to make computing more easy.  It allows publishing applications on remote (public or private) cloud and also onto the thin clients and enables multi location computing. Moving ahead, the company decided to expand its footprints into cloud set up in 2013. The migration into cloud turned out to be a great advancement. The company runs SpectraCloud as an identity which is a home to complete cloud solutions including virtual desktop integrating, enterprise computing and also manipulations.

Road Ahead

Spectra is now geared up for more innovation in cloud computing and provide enterprise grade cloud computing with managed and semi-managed services for user-base in India. The decision of migration into cloud set up was fueled by the scope of futuristic evolution in this space. The time is ripe for IOT and handheld computing and Spectra’s team is doing a lot of groundwork towards heading up to the next level.

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