SmartMegh – a Simple Alternative


SmartMegh – a Simple Alternative

Chennai-based SmartMegh Solutions, the HCM (Human Capital Management)  cloud computing specialist organization, scales itself in the Asia Pacific region. The simple and smart entrepreneurs Venkat and Prabu who were intrigued by the complexities that surround us in our daily life, wanted to present to the world a simple alternative that could ease out the complexity of business challenges. Thus began the journey of SmartMegh solutions in 2012 as a cloud-first enterprise solution provider, which is celebrating its success story today for the increased scale of operations and attaining such a prestigious position.


Venkat and Prabu, the directors of SmartMegh Solutions have achieved great heights in positioning their company as a cloud first solutions provider with specific focus on horizontal & vertical specializations. In the horizontal cloud solutions segment, SmartMegh is the market leader in Human Capital Management (HCM) across sub-domains such as Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Learning and Development, Compensation and Benefits and much more.

As a vertical specialist, SmartMegh excels in providing comprehensive transformational solutions and services for Professional Services Industry such as IT Services, BPO and engineering service firms. The solution footprint covers entire gamut of customer facing, back-office and operational functions of this industry. Accordingly, CRM, Financial Accounting, HCM, Payroll, Project costing, Billing and Resource management are implemented by SmartMegh with in depth product and industry understanding.


SmartMegh has partnerships with large organizations like Ramco, Anaplan and Microsoft. SmartMegh’s partnership with Ramco dates back to 2012 and in the span of 4 years, SmartMegh has emerged as the largest Ramco system integrator with maximum number of referenceable customers across various industries globally. With enviable partnerships, loyal consultants and marquee customers, the company has attained huge success within a short span since its inception.

Why SmartMegh is the best choice:

The clientele of SmartMegh has been ever growing due to 3 predominant factors:

  1. Deep specialization in the HCM and Professional services domain
  2. Simplicity
  3. Reliability

Deep Specialization in the HCM domain:

SmartMegh has covered the HCM domain, at both tactical and strategic levels with its services and solutions. With more than 50 plus projects, 150 plus consultants and payroll capabilities for over 20 countries; the specialization claim is well established.

Beyond HCM , the company also offers technology related solutions like Customer relationship management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), BI and Analytics and has implemented these solutions to customer satisfaction.


SmartMegh is most sought after solutions provider for its simplicity in approach, solutions and in commercial/ contractual terms. The simplistic approach is defined by its project management methodology, implementation structure and well – informed techniques. The commercial terms are very transparent and simple and in many cases offered as per-employee, per-transaction or per-output basis so that the visibility of the client spend over a period of time is clear.


SmartMegh has lived up to its reputation of being a trusted and reliable IT partner for its commitment towards its customer during any critical requirement, irrespective of technical and commercial challenges/constraints. This single most factor has contributed to maximum number of repeat & referenceable customers.

SmartMegh today has 150 plus consultants, over 75 customers across 20 countries & 20 industries. SmartMegh is the single Largest Implementation Partner for Ramco’s suite of offerings. Besides offering partner solutions, SmartMegh has also developed its very own framework and solution components in the SMAC area to complement its partner offerings.

Headquartered in Chennai, India, SmartMegh has its operations in Singapore, KL, Dubai and Wellington NZ and customers across 20 countries.

SmartAMP – SmartMegh’s Agile Manpower Planning, is a headcount planning solution based on Anaplan; world’s leading cloud based planning tool.

Smartlytics – is SmartMegh’s Innovative Analytical Framework for CxO decision making. It has two variants: Cross-industry HCM Analytics and Professional Services industry specific Enterprise Analytics.

Road Map

SmartMegh aims to expand further its dominance in the HCM and CRM space. Currently the company’s portfolio is addressed by itself as SmartMegh 1.0 from 2012-2016. The company plans to expand its offerings with deeper specializations in SmartMegh 2.0. In this phase, the primary target is to offer services and solutions in totality to a larger clientele beyond  Asia Pacific and MEA regions.

Key Leaders:

Leadership is the key element of success for all companies. Venkat and Prabu the directors of SmartMegh are well supported by the Management team comprising of Venkatesh, Mythili and Sunil Narang. Apart from the management team, organization has strong leadership team of 20 senior executives managing sales, presales and delivery responsibilities. Company also takes strategic advice and guidance from able industry veterans such as R.U.Srinivas, Rajkumar Periasamy, David Whitaker and Arvind Athreya to achieve what they have set out as their plans.

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