Shoppeboard delivers a comprehensive multi-purposed needs and solutions platform that integrates advanced products


A single window procurement of all office supplies,

Shoppeboard delivers a comprehensive multi-purposed needs and solutions platform that integrates advanced products

The world is moving rapidly towards survive a smart and convenient life. Since the online shopping portal is evolving, people are utilizing these services smartly instead of traditional way of marketing.  The online B2B buyer is looking for a great experience, similar to the B2C shopping experience. Speed and convenience are two huge factors that B2B buyers are looking for as part of the purchase experience. In fact, B2B online purchasing is going to become more commonplace in the future. With close understanding of market needs and resolute commitment of solving weaknesses, has positioned itself strongly among the few noticeable online B2B procurement portals.

Visionary entrepreneur Prashant Joshi laid the foundation stone of a new journey and in the beginning of this year at Gurgaon.With a vision to come-up with authentic and credible online B2B office procurement portal, Shoppeboard offers a single window procurement of all office supplies ranging from Housekeeping, Stationery, Pantry, IT and Appliances.The leader in providing an online B2B office procurement portal, Shoppeboard is owned and operated by NINE Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.The portal delivers a comprehensive multi-purposed needs and solutions platform that integrates enhanced ecommerce features for utmost user ease coupled with advanced Analytics functionalities targeted to achieve Total Cost reduction in Corporate procurement. The business processes and approach is highly conducive to B2B procurement environment ensuring Zero disruption at Customer’s end during the transition of procurement through Shoppeboard.

Shoppeboard is a one stop solution for all office support material made available to its customers through its network of wholesale partners. It provides office equipment essential for day to day working of the office at most competitive prices while ensuring i) Availability ii) Timeliness and iii) Savings. Since Feb2016, Shoppeboard has a proven record of reaching out to over 50+ medium and large size corporates and are adding more than 10 corporates every month.While it has served the needs of many corporates across Delhi and NCR, anchoring the largest community based procurement initiative for office supply requirements. Now the company aims to increase the sales and marketing team in the coming month that would increase the pace of corporate partnerships multiple folds.

While speaking to The CEO Magazine, Mr. Prashant Joshi, founder of the company spoke, “The key differentiator is our execution model. Shoppeboard operates as a procurement outsourcing service provider. Customer requirements/orders are run as projects which are executed and fulfilled through a network of wholesale distributors and manufacturers in the vicinity.

Some other differentiators offered as compared to the traditional reactive suppliers are:

Transparency: Every transaction is online, available for review at all times.

Single Window: For all requirements whether it is a regular month on month requirement or one time.

Analytics: Our biggest differentiator is providing a complete item wise analysis of spend through a real-time graphical Analytics offered free of cost to our entire customer. As the company grows, so does the need for office supplies. Shoppeboard is always ready with complete analysis anytime it is needed.”

Key benefits:

Shoppeboard offers a single window procurement for all your office supplies needs and saves the admin and procurement teams from the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

It helps save total cost of procurement and most importantly time that they will be able to utilize for business critical tasks.

It also saves the finance department from the hassles of processing multiple transactions and multiple payments.

Real-time Analytics of your purchases, reduction in cash purchases and reduced impulsive purchases at increased cost are some of the additional benefits offered by our services.

TCM: What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings? 

Prashant: As businesses grow they have to start focusing more on their core businesses and outsource all non-core activities. As an established business practice –Focusing on core business activities-has become the mantra for Growth. At the same time a business owner finds it extremely difficult to keep control on every penny being spent and the first control that he has to let go is control over spending on office procurement coz of high effort requirement for a very low return. Office procurement even though a Non – Core activity, is essential for running business but entails high bandwidth. Office supplies procurement being considered a very low ticket item often falls in the area of no to very little control which sometimes leads to pilferage and unfair practices. Although being a known fact, it still goes uncorrected due to lack of time with people in charge. On the other hand, small businesses that do not have a dedicated admin procurement department end up buying at higher prices as the people in charge of procurement often have bigger tasks at hand.

Shoppeboard aims to plug that gap. The pillars that Shoppeboard is built on are Convenience, Transparency and Analysis. Shoppeboard execution processes are built to achieving these with no extra effort at client’s end.

TCM:  What is the Road Map & Future Plan of the company?

Prashant:We are targeting to reach an annualSale of 100 crores in next 3 years. The growth will come from 3 key growth strategies. One, growing the customer base in the commodities being served, Second, Growing business from existing customer by adding more commodities in our offerings and thirdly, adding Services in our offering stable for which we are currently working on a quality certification methodology in order to ensure high service quality standards. 

Future Plans

We plan to run the business in a closed and controlled environment for next 2 years. The growth beyond 2nd year will come through a mix of company run operations in major cities and franchised operations in 2nd tier cities. The technology and backend support will continue to be provided through centralized contact and monitoring centers.

The Spirit behind the success

Prashant Joshi

Prashant has over 20 years of rich experience across industries in Product Development, Application Engineering, Sales and Marketing to Top Management Roles in Software and Services Companies.  He is a successful entrepreneur with experience in starting up and rapidly growing businesses. In the past he has headed an engineering outsourcing company which he took from a small one room cost center to a 400 people and 25% EBITDA generating profit center. He also has hands on Experience of transitioning Key niche market software products to mass scale cloud based offerings.

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