Second Home to Employees Tavant Reflects Diversity in Workplace

Second Home to Employees

Tavant Reflects Diversity in Workplace

Santa Clara, CA- headquartered Tavant is a well-known enterprise that empowers clients towards digital transformation through their software platforms and solutions.  Besides its headquarter in the US, Tavant has operations in Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, and India. All their offices across these continents, reflect diversity in the workplace.

When consumer lives are becoming increasingly technology-driven, Tavant focuses on the development of products and applications for customers in the Consumer Lending, eBusiness, Media, and Manufacturing verticals.

With a relentless passion for providing innovative, effective and efficient software solutions, Amazon alumnus Sarvesh Mahesh laid the foundation stone of Tavant in 2000. Tavant differentiates itself through its ability to reliably apply technology to the most complex and highest performing application environments, and in-depth industry domain expertise. Tavant has emerged as a noticeable name in the technology world with a client base that spans across industries and geographies. Their digital offerings transform conventional business processes, enhance business operations and incubate novel capabilities by imbibing the digital frame of thoughts deep down the organizational DNA.

Tavant has been helping businesses stay relevant in a highly connected, rapidly evolving world for about two decades now. The company focusses on providing a competitive edge to its customers by chalking out the end-to-end digital journey from ideation to execution. Tavant’s tagline – People. Passion. Excellence – pretty much describes their journey. With a well-coordinated team of employees from diverse backgrounds, the company ensures an open culture and innovative environment to build path breaking solutions. 

Tavant has the following rewards programs which capture the important contributions made by their employees:

  • Day to Day Achievements –Tavant runs a program called iApplaudthat specifically addresses the contributions made by employees on regular basis. Any contribution, big or small, is recognized and awarded.
  • Activity or Task-basedTavant recognizes significant contributions made by employees on an activity or task through Spot Awards.
  • Excellence –The extraordinary efforts where employees push boundaries to contribute to the company’s cause are awarded.
  • TenureEmployees who have continued with the company over the years are acknowledged. The company appreciates the continued support and confidence in them.
  • Special Recognition – Employees at times go beyond their call of duty to which the firm recognizes that effort and rewards them as well.

Tavant has bagged several prestigious awards. It was awarded ‘Best Employer’for six years. The firm has also been recognized by HousingWire for its leading-edge mortgage solutions.

Tavant employees have been playing a significant role to effectively connect, communicate and collaborate with the customers and peer-groups. Tavant’s team of software professionals are driven by ideas that can rapidly streamline overall functioning for greater customer experience and profitability. At Tavant, the employees chant nine core values which are Agility, Customer Focus, Excellence, Fun, Innovation, Integrity, People Focus, Team Work, and Transparency.

Over the years, Tavant has become a second home to their employees. There are several occasions through which employees engage with each other such as offsite training programs, birthday & anniversary celebrations, get-togethers, special fun events, festivals, policiesareTavant Olympics, etc.

Tavant practices an open culture that encourages individuals to explore, and continually learn thereby enhancing personal and organizational prosperity. This company provides a compelling environment to its employees by exposing them to industry best practices, domain experts, and clients from all over the world. Every employee has the exposure to the same information as their superiors. This enables them to be responsible, accountable and understand how everything comes together.

How does the organization support its employees’ professional development and career growth? The CEO Magazine asked Tavant. “Tavant’s learning and dpolicies arealigned to the organizational needs and emerging technologies. We continually encourage and help employees discover their career paths and map it to business requirements. We imbibe the right training modules that drive performance, growth and customer delight, ” asserted Sarvesh Mahesh,co-founder, and CEO. 

While commenting on Tavant’s recipe for success, he said, “We feel it is imperative to provide our employees an environment that empowers them to continually learn and grow. We have always invested in our employees’ growth that has helped them drive technology trends, be a part of the digital innovation and make future possibilities a reality”. 

Sarvesh Mahesh who holds a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IIT Roorkee is vested with vast, varied and vital responsibilities at Tavant. His professional experience at Amazon has enabled him to make Tavant a profitable company from the day of its inception. At, as the Director of Merchant Services, he played a key role in building services that helped merchants sell on the Amazon platform. He has served as the Vice President of Customer Solutions at Junglee, where he was responsible for operations, deployment, customer service, and data acquisition for the Junglee Shopping Network and the Junglee Jobs Network. Under his leadership, Junglee deployed co-branded sites with Yahoo, CNET, ZDNet, Go2Net, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and several other leading sites.

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