Roha Dyechem: The chronoscope of a color maven painting industries with its color dexterity

Your Color specialist since 1972

Roha Dyechem: The chronoscope of a color maven painting industries with its color dexterity

From Christmas themed cookies to chocolate modaks(an Indian sweet), colours are the wizards that assist our sense of sight to fool our other senses. Human taste food with theireyes long before it is served to tantalize the taste. An instrumental ingredient, color also reflects the quality of the food and the ingredients behind a food product. A psychophysical phenomenon, color’s presence is undeniable across food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry. Just like a vibrant dish with explosion of colors definitely seems a feast of flavor for our taste sense,shiny eyeliners and metallic glitters appeal to our eyes. Color reflectiveness not only helps us to differentiate in the appearance of matte, translucent and transparent products, it also helps in differentiating the intensity of pharmaceutical products. Over centuries, color has been playing a decisive factor across every industry, reflecting their output’s quality, taste and appearance. Delivering the colors inspired from nature, Roha Dyechem has established its presence as a color specialist in the business horizon. A name associated with quality and innovation, Roha embarked its journey back in 1972 as a crown jewel from a business legend JJT Group. Nurtured by the values and principles of its torchbearer, Late Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala, Roha today is a global color-producing behemothanswering challenges from the Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health / Pharmaceutical, and Personal care industries, with unique solutions through its network of application centers, supported by a strong network of 21 sales offices allied with 110 distributors and stock points. Successfully exploring and expanding its wings, Roha dyechem has its base in the Roha district of Maharashtra, India along with 12 other manufacturing centers and application labs in the US, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Spain, South Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Australia.

The Unchallenged Leader

For us innovation is the convergence of ideas, people and processes. And it is at the heart of everything we do.

Roha scorned to enter as a differentiator color craftsman to infuse a futuristic prowess in the domain- Innovation. This sui generis shift turned out to be a breakthrough invention and Roha disrupted the then current market to quickly assume a dominant role. While others remained color partners, Roha became a ‘Color Specialist’. With employee strength of over 1100, Roha believes in investing heavily in people to drive innovation. The initial journey began with the manufacturing of synthetic colors. Further, the understanding of consumer preference towards healthy food inspired the leader to advent into the manufacturing of natural colors. This was still not enough for Roha as the drive for innovation in the food and beverage market was thriving. Roha acquired Essentials which bestowed it to foray into the extracts segment. Again, Newfood acquisition ensured the organization’s strong foothold in the food ingredients segment with dehydrated ingredients.It is this constant progressive ideation allied with up-gradation and adoption of cutting-edge technologies that has kept Roha ahead in the race to provide future-ready products to an ever-widening universe of global clients.Towards this end, Roha has invested heavily in its R&D prowess over the years to deliver customized solutions from its application centres across the globe.

To further gain insight, we continued our journey to seek glance over a host of issues in line with this color specialist’s voyage. We spoke to Mahesh Tibrewala, the dynamic visionary who is successfully spearheading Roha with his thoughtful leadership and expertise. Here are the edited excerpts.

How do you make sure not to compromise on quality while providing pocket-friendly beverages and foods?

Our manufacturing facilities in 13 countries and technical laboratories in 13 countries ensure that we deliver quality products every time. Our international experience and 21 offices across the globe help us in maintainingthe international standards.

What makes you different from your counterparts in this domain?

Roha’s strategy of innovation and expansion in newer segments sets them apart from the competition.

How does your company ensure the minimum wastage of food while carrying out various activities?

Roha has learned to turn the waste into something more productive by utilizing it as a cattle feed or as fertilizers or even by extracting essential oils out of it. The effort is concentrated towards reducing natural waste and understanding to eliminate the creation of natural waste.

Our green initiatives led us to generation of bio gas and energy.

India owing to its huge population has tremendous potential for investment in its food processing industry. How do you plan to latch on to this opportunity?

As the food processing industry grows, so does its need for food colors and ingredients. With the rising demand of convenient foods, food manufacturers are looking for ingredients to make food healthy. The dehydrated fruit and vegetable powders due to its increased shelf life, operational convenience, and nutritional value will only witness further demand in the future and Roha is now equipped to meet the demands of the evolving customer needs.

There are many areas holding scope for value added processing. Which areas do you seek to make your forte apart from the already established segments?

Food Ingredients sector

What is the strength of your workforce? Do youngsters find it engaging to work for a food processing company?

The workforce is about 810. Youngsters today look forward to interesting experiences, be it in the area of food, travelling or viewing new content. Similarly they are eager to be a part of career opportunities that offer them any sort of stimulation which the food processing company offers.

Given that India is still in its nascent stage in terms of consumption of processed products how do you see this opportunity in favor of your entity?

India is a growing market and as the demands for processed food increases, the food ingredients industry will witness a shift as well.

Where do you see your company after five years? What are your future plans?

Our strategy for growth in the next five years involves expansion in newer categories and innovation of new products.

Roha’s Milestones:


  • New office opened at Nürnberg Germany.
  • Avant-garde Global Center of Expertise established in USA.
  • New production site and office inaugurated in Centurion, South Africa.
  • New offices in Dubai and Japan
  • New manufacturing site set up in Brazil.14 MW windmill project set up in Madhya Pradesh, India


  • Acquired NewFoods Industry S.p.A. and Essentials in Italy and Delta Aromatic’s color division in Egypt 

Dynamic Leader behind Roha Dyechem

Mahesh Tibrewala,

Non-executive Chairman

Starting in the company as an intern in 2008, Mahesh was put through the grind by his father Mr. Ramakant Tibrewala. From commercials to other aspects of finance; from sales to marketing; from HR to quality control: he was made to go through intensive training in all departments of the company. After 2 years of training, he was absorbed in the sales division and started visiting customers across the world, giving him exposure of different cultures and thought processes. This travel has been his biggest learning curve and has sharpened his vision for Roha Dyechem on a global scale. Having proved his abilities in the sales division in 2 years, his father slowly backed out of the day to day operations and handed over the entire Commercial department to him. After an initial few months of struggle, Mahesh found his feet and made the most of this opportunity to showcase his skills and develop as a leader in the organization. Under his stewardship of the commercials department, Roha Dyechem, today has more than doubled revenues with profits having grown almost 4 times.

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