Rachit Mathur; The corporate Superman behind India’s preeminent gathering ground for sales superheroes-Avenue Growth

Rachit Mathur; The corporate Superman behind India’s preeminent gathering ground for sales superheroes-Avenue Growth

If you invest in good customers and market, you will definitely yield good growth. Customers are the lifeline of businesses. Prosperity and profit of any business depend on the presence and increase in good customers. Hence, customer acquisition plans top marketing campaigns of any business. This process of bringing new customers to a particular brand, product or service demands deep dive on-the-ground research and expertise. But what if you are entering into a new geography? To knock out the hurdles in the process of customer acquisition and to create a pool of seasoned sales professionals or what he calls ‘growth specialists’, Rachit Mathur with his past entrepreneurial journey experience carved out a new platform; Avenue Growth in October 2016. The CEO Magazine interviews Rachit Mathur for the special edition “30 Most Successful Entrepreneurs to watch in 2017”

Edited excerpts

What was the acumen behind Avenue Growth?

I have been a big supporter of outsourcing and lean organizations. During my professional voyage, I witnessed that 9 out of 10 companies fail to deploy a large on-ground sales force due to their inability which as a consequence leaves corporates to harvest large revenues. Post my stint at Zimmber I wanted to do something which would add value to organizations and businesses and the concept of Avenue growth was born then by me and my friend Dilkash Malhotra. Our mission was to help businesses’ growth into new markets without investing a fixed cost on the sales force.

What are the business problems Avenue Growth looks after?

Avenue Growth offers a Customer Acquisition solution which helps accelerate the growth of companies through an on-demand direct sales force across the country and channelizes them to enable companies to reach out to customers across India. Avenue Growth acquires new customers in a unique way. We help the business reach out to new customers and increase their sales in a very effective way. Our qualified Growth Specialist represents your Brand and helps achieve higher sales. My past entrepreneurial journey of FindYahan persuaded me towards manpower fulfillment across various customer categories. FindYahan was a hyperlocal retail-facing business with each case unique. However, after the company’s acquisition, Rachit, looking to do something different, came across success stories of various customer acquisition platforms in various countries.

What makes Avenue Growth unique?

Uniqueness is in our concept. We understand the market and sales process very well. We place ourselves in our customers’ shoes and then devise a solution for them. We possess power to grow any business in any geographical boundaries without investing into a fixed sales force. We handle everything from lead generation to sales and provide added values connected to branding and market intelligence. It is a compliment, not a substitution, to your in-house sales solution.

The platform enables skilling and provides opportunity to become freelance sales professionals. All training modules are online making it possible to train and board people from remote locations.


Avenue Growth

Throwing some colors on Avenue Growth’s Team, what do you look for in an employee?

Our team is our strength, hence we always try to hire the best and enhance their skills. The first thing I look is his attitude-is this a guy I can spend 8-10 hours one on one and go out for drinks…if yes then I move onto the more technical aspects.

What are your responsibilities as the business head?

My biggest responsibility is to make sure each and every colleague to mine is aligned with the overall company’s vision and mission. One out of tune person can hamper the growth significantly. I spend a lot of my time in meeting current and prospective clients-understanding their pain areas and what we can do for them.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Set realistic expectations, build a sustainable business, solve real and a large problem, have your vision clear and believe in it, keep meeting and talking to seniors and industry leaders-learning is an endless journey.

The man behind Avenue Growth

Rachit Mathur

Co-Founder & CEO at Avenue Growth

Before incorporating Avenue Growth, Rachit Conceptualized and Launched FindYahan, a hyperlocal marketplace for services in 2012. This got acquired by Zimmber in 2016. Then he set out for Avenue Growth with his friend. This seasoned entrepreneur has been presented numerous accolades including:

Zimmber DNA Award

Innovative Entrepreneur Award by CNBC

Winner of Big Online Business Idea -Season 2 by NDTV

Global Youth Leadership Award

By 2020, Avenue Growth plans to on-board more than 1 million growth specialist to serve all sectors across the length and breadth of India. “We aim to be a lean organization throughout and keep our overheads low. We are using technology to manage our freelancers and provide valuable insights to brands. We want to further strengthen our technology, increase our presence, and eventually explore the Asian market,” says Rachit.

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