There are many IT Solutions and services companies, and then there is Quest informatics. Since its inception, Quest informatics has carved out a nichein supporting Global Fortune 500 organizations in their aftermarket requirements.Beaming with pride, Mr. Rudresh S. Basavarajappa CEO & Chairman, Quest Informatics and Satheesh SrinivasaCo-Founder and Managing Director, Quest Informaticstold us,”We have more than two decades of successfully offering world class aftermarket services and solutions. What is unique to us is combination of deep domain expertise blended with proven technologies leading to affordable and apt solutions that drive the desired outcomes for our clients.”  The company has won several accolades including Aftermarket brand of the year by Silicon India magazine in 2015.

Company’s approach and work ethics

At Quest, it has always been pursuit of excellence.  The company with its vision of to becomethe world class aftermarket product playerplaces a very high premium on its people and their development. At Quest it is not group of employees, but a cohesive committed family with strong Indian ethos with global capabilities.  Excellence is derived by continuous maturity of the design and development process which has helped Quest win more customers.

Hands which weaved the success story of Quest Informatics

Rudresh S Basavarajappa,

CEO & Chairman, Quest Informatics

 Mr. Rudresh has infused his two decade consulting, design experience and world class solutions for OEMs, markets and dealer structure over India, USA, Sweden, Italy, China, UK, Singapore and Australia. Under his leadership, Quest Informatics has developed enterprise class solutions including Aftermarket ERP, Field Service Management, Support Desk System and Remanufacturing Management System to name a few. These products are deployed in major automotive and construction equipment companies across the globe.

Satheesh Srinivasa,

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Quest Informatics

He initiates the strategic and corporate initiatives leading to long-term growth, profitability and industry leadership of the organization. He aims to lead the company to be an expertise-led customer centric organization. 

Products and services which make Quest Informatics stand out of the crowd

The company has developed world class software products like After Market ERP, Field Services Management, Remanufacturing (REMAN), Special Tools Management, and Electronics Parts Catalogue (EPC).

Quest Informatics services cover Warranty Management, Animations, Part Judgments, Tool Design services, Technical Publication Method & Time Study, Spare Part Engineering, developing e-Learning Content, and Customized Software Product Development.

We don’t hire employees; weon board a new family member!

When asked about the company’s work culture and employees overall work-life balance and growth, Mr.Rudresh S Basavarajappa said “We are like a coconut, soft core Indian values inside and professional global business practices outside.”  He continues “Right from outset, Quest has embraced the values that are enshrined in an Indian family. Two elements define the ethos of our company: customer centricity and all employees being treated same irrespective of the hierarchy.” He neatly captures the company’s values in 3-words.  Professional – Reliable – Experienced. 

The work culture at quest is a blend of deep Indian Culture with Global contemporary flair.  Their working environment may be informal, but the outputs and services provided by them are outstanding. Importantly, teams pursue a democratic process wherein solutions are discussed in a transparent manner and even a junior person can take the role of reviewer or idea generator. Managerial exposure is designed to support associates moving in leadership areas, while certification is the preferred route for others. Some are also encouraged to pursue external courses supported completely sponsored by the organization. Importantly, the professional development is a continuous program wherein the line managers take the call. While the program is supported by corporate HR, it is the managers who recognize what areas to improve and support their associates. On the career growth front, on average every employee sees a scale jump almost each year and level jump in every 2.3 years.

Happy employees every day whack the negativity and discouragement away

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.” At Quest they have a simple reward and recognition system. Profit is shared with every associate. On the recognition front, employees are recognized in multiple ways to ensure that each individual is motivated to achieve higher echelons of success. Some of employees have been awarded through Employee Stock options, cash incentives in recognition for the wonderful accomplishments achieved either inside the organization or at the customer workplace. Apart from this, the company do tag employees who have completed 5, 10, 15 years with the organization.Passion for the unknown, quest for excellence, and quick understanding of the business requirements have been the hall mark of the management style of working. Quest Informatics is one of the few organizations that have been practicing holocracy principles even before the term was coined.  

Progress is nothing without changes; we may lose something good but may achieve something great

Quest Informatics has always been an adaptive organization. Company has transformed many a times in products or solution space, with no changes on their domain and values front. Thanks to company’s strong domain expertise and team ethos, it has come out of failures stronger and adapted itself to the newer environment to overcome any future challenges.“We accept our failures openheartedly and use that learning to build and better new capabilities that open door for new opportunities.” adds Mr. Satheesh Srinivasa

Quest– A happy place celebrating good work life balance.

Most of the time there rests a stressful scenario in IT industry-oriented companies, Quest stands against such norms.  TheOrganization’s Foundation day is celebrated on Ayudha puja day, a day synonym with tools and instruments that are key to human progress. The company celebrates Annual sports & Talent day contributing a whole day in playground than in front of workstations. Every single participants work hard to be the best in the event they participate.  This event celebrates multi-cultural milieu of the organization and their diversity.

New shoots are signs of growth and diversification. In 2015, Atarw Technologies started as subsidiary of Quest informatics.  Last year, the company opened its first overseas office in USA.  The company is now working towards the goal of entering into 100 Crore club by 2020 with the vision of to be recognized as the best Aftermarket solution provider globally.

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