Providing futuristic Information Technology services with cutting edge Technology: Infinity Labs

Providing futuristic Information Technology services with cutting edge Technology: Infinity Labs

We are living in an era of Information Technology. We get to see new advancements in this field every now and then. It was almost unrealistic two decades back to even imagine of any software or application which would make a machine capable of speaking like human beings. For these advancements, we should be grateful to those IT companies which have literally transformed our lives. Infinity Labs is one amongst those few visionary companies which have completely shaped the lives of millions of people with the help of its experienced and highly qualified team of techpreneurs. The CEO Magazine got to know an in-depth knowledge of IT and Software Solutions by Infinity Labs, the company which is considered a market leader in the IT domain. In an exclusive chat with Mr. Rakesh Goyal, CEO of Infinity Labs, we bring to our effervescent readers an interesting and inspirational insight of this burgeoning technology giant.

Infinity Labs is a pioneer in providing its services in the spheres of Automation, Network Design, IT Security, Cloud Computing and Virtualization. It has the privilege to serve the largest telecom companies in India. Apart from this, its excellence can be corroborated by the fact that it developed automation workflow for four companies listed among Fortune 500 companies. The company has been working with a mission to streamline the convolution of networking for many years. This has led it to devise and empower the best Automation and Orchestration ambience and contrivances. The smart work and technical soundness of the company makes networking effortless, swift and out-and-out for its clients. Company boasts of having a big team of more than four hundred smart working employees. These team members are imbued with technical excellence and sound knowledge of rapid changes which are taking place in technological world. Its workforce is spread across some of the mega cities of India which includes Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and NOIDA. Its focus on building robust knack and strong will to establish long term relations with client has earned it clientele who are spread across India, Middle East, United Kingdom and the USA.

Differential Factors

The Company understands the existence of cut-throat competition in market. It also recognizes the fact that providing services with similar features that its peers are already providing will hardly incentivize its clients. In order to stay relevant and on top of it, the company has sharpened its focus on the prevailing cracks in the IT and Telecom space. It works with the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) of its partners to pinpoint the cracks and chalk out the plan to solve a problem. The promptness of its work and an approach to build tailor-made automation solution for its clients places it apart from its peers. Moreover, it caters its services with eyes on complete lifecycle solution ranging from design to services.

Being an avant-garde in the world of Telecom Automation, it is equipped with several products which help telecom operators along with its OEM vendors to automate the on boarding and migration of new devices. Its products are equally beneficial for its clients in the Operation space where these products help its clients to make a host of changes. These changes are made in the space of configurations, IOS upgrades, patch application and compliance check & implementation. The Company has a unique product named Automanix which has benefitted various service providers in India. This led to stimulation in the positioning of these service providers, that too, without any human intervention in completely automated mode.

Milestones and Accolades

Automation was the pillar for the company during its inception in the year 2014. Since then, it has been moving ahead on its path of success. It shares some of the interesting achievements with much vigour and excitement. The CEO of the company, Mr Rakesh Goyal described an instance where the company was assigned with a task of migrating 1500 devices in worn out condition. The client was amongst the largest service providers in Middle East. The assigned time period for whole the project was estimated at three years. But Infinity Labs brought down the time period to a mere three months period. The client was elated.

Apart from this, the company has key cable operator in US as client. It has deployed similar solutions with service provider in Mexico. Moreover, it has recently created an IoT solution for a sugar factory and it has a strong belief that such used cases have significant impact on its customers. The factory owing to its huge manual controls was prone to human errors which would result in financial losses. Automating that whole process has helped them save money. Moreover, it has helped them avoid any financial loss.

Recently, the company has chanced upon the Education sector. It tied up with Pune University and Digibharti to launch a Web Portal to provide digital lectures for their students. Company has assessed that over twenty thousand students are being favored from this solution.

Rakesh Goyal (CEO)

A successful journey expanding more than two decades of working experience in IT and Telecom Industry, Mr. Goyal is right on top of achieving customer success through people leadership, business management and customer engagement. He is a veteran Technology and Services leader having specialization in global consulting delivery. He has a passion around new business models, global execution, talent development, disruptive innovation and deep customer intimacy.

Words of wisdom

“Follow your passion and don’t be afraid of failing.  Always remember that dreams and ideas are worthless if they are not backed by the sheer courage to deliver. This is the right time. Go ahead and be successful.”

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