NHT’s Hair Transplant Surgery processes a Natural Look That Lasts Forever

NHT’s Hair Transplant Surgery processes a Natural Look That Lasts Forever

India has been an eye-starin the latest age of modern scenario where many overseas people come to take various advantages from here. Among various expertise, India has also emerged as hot destination for hair restoration in recent times. Companies like Natural Hair Transplant Pvt. Ltd lead the way with affordable, world-class hair transplant surgeries and treatment options that are now available in India for both international and domestic clients. Due to the multitude of benefits India offers, the country is fast growing as a center for conducting clinical tests and treatments. Many hair transplant clinics of the country now offer hair transplant surgeries and adjunct treatments as a medical tourism package. Ensuring the highest quality treatment to all its patients from overseas, Natural Hair Transplanthas emerged as a leading name among the hair transplant service provider companies on the global stage. With an ambitious expansion plan likely being implemented this year, the clinic is poised to become the nucleus for hair transplant surgeries and treatment by offering its services to all economic categories of patients and by collaborating with other institutions in India and abroad. Founded in 2012, Natural Hair Transplant has been successful in gaining trust and word of mouth publicity by high ethical and professional standards envied by most in the industry. With strict adherence to standardized procedures, quality and highest skill levels, it was possible for the company to maintain expected quality, time lines and at the same time remain cost effective. NHT’s referred clinics are equipped with the latest method of hair transplant equipment and this truly makes them the largest and busiest doctor run hair transplant clinic in India.

The firm aims to tie up with certified and experienced doctor(s) who practice “state of the art” techniques. They have the Tele-calling team which is professional by all standards and have the knowhow of hair transplant and other hair loss matters. Importantly they are “Easy to reach” and keep a follow up with patients all through the time while he is planning for surgery and post surgery.NHT aims to provide one of the best available services at effective and cost-competitive offer(s) based on availability of various doctors/clinics and possibility of patient to travel. This is the hair transplant center where some the best surgeons from PAN India are utilizing their skills and talent. NHT’s expertise has attracted many overseas patients which in itself bring out the best of their services.

At NHT generally the procedure is done by two methods namely, Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).  The FUT method involves the extraction of hair follicles from a strip of hair-bearing skin from the rear or from side of scalp. The hair-bearing strip is surgically removed via scalpel and the resultant wound is closed with sutures. The hair extracted from the strip is then transplanted into the bald areas.  The FUE method involves obtaining individual follicular units from the donor harvesting site (body or scalp) one graft at a time using sharp circular punches. FUE being the advanced method is most preferred as it has compatibly faster healing time and almost no scars.The hair transplant surgery technique time varies depending on the size of the hair loss area, the density of the hair follicles and your scalp laxity (flexibility). On an average treatment time is between 6 to 8 hours and extends to up to 10 hours in cases where baldness is more. It could be extended to consecutive days for bigger cases. The treatment is done under local anesthesia and in few cases patients feel mild discomfort such as itching and swelling for few days for which necessary medicines are prescribed and patients are counseled in advance.

On being asked about the Milestones of the clinic by The CEO Magazine, Mr. Davinder Singh – Founder of Natural Hair Transplant spoke, “NHT started from a one man army to a reckonable force in about 3 years of time. We haven’t looked back since and are marching forward strongly and adding more location(s) to our map soon.  We have approx. 65+ happy customers each month who undergo hair transplant at various locations where we refer them to.

“The challenges we face are to take patient(s) into confidence as we are a third party who is referring them to a doctor/clinic. In such cases we make a self-assessment and take market feedback about the doctor/clinic which at times cannot be spot on.  We also advise patient(s) do their own homework regarding our recommended doctor/clinic before taking a final call.

There are also occasions where NHT has patients who want to undergo hair transplant but do not have good donor area and are therefore not an ideal candidate. In such scenario we explain to the patient that his expectations regarding results should be limited and if he gives a go ahead we then plan his hair transplant” he asserted. 

The Spirits behind the success 

Davinder Singh

An ex-Sergeant from Indian Air Force and has subsequent experience in the IT sector to add it with some handy exposure in the international call centre. This helped to analyze and execute the project NHT.  Having been brought up at Avadi a small town on the outskirts of Chennai, Tamil language as added to Punjabi as mother tongue.  A student of KVHVF and Service in Indian Air Force made understanding other South Indian languages easy.

At NHT the role is to tie up with doctor(s)/clinic(s) and take care of human resource management.

Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet is a designer and web developer by profession. Have sound knowledge of how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) work.

At NHT, Gurpreet is the brain behind how to market NHT and get in most enquiries on a regular basis. This involves online marketing on Google, Yahoo, Facebook…etc and offline advertising on various platforms.

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