Manhaday Consultants: Avant-garde in investment banking firm focused on SME / MSME sector

Manhaday Consultants: Avant-garde in investment banking firm focused on SME / MSME sector

Of late, India’s economy has seen a stable growth for last couple of years. Our economy has been successfully registered among one of the fastest growing across the globe. The surge in economy invigorates the burgeoning class to spend and this makes corporate to invest capital in their sectors which could yield the best outcome possible. This is where the need of seasoned investment bankers comes into play. There are a lot of such players available in the market but only a few have managed to find place in the heart of clients and gain respect. Manhaday Consultants is one such firm which has carved a niche in investment banking domain.

Manhaday is a trailblazer in the domain of investment banking. It specializes in growth advisory / strategy advisory business. It raises fund in the form of debt and equity, facilitates Mergers and Acquisitions, establishes Joint Venture, forms international tie-ups in Technology sector. Apart from this, it has helped many international companies start their business in India under India Entry services. In recent past, it has kicked-off Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services. Owing to its professional service with expertise and knowledge, it dived into the SME and MSME sector. The company was very much aware of the need to work actively in this domain. Its competency has helped it fit in this dynamic ecosystem. Moreover it caters its services to old asset businesses like Manufacturing, Real Estate, Pharma, Hospitality, to new business sectors like E-Commerce, Digital wallet Online B2B etc. The company is quite dexterous for its capabilities in Growth and Strategy advising, Fund Raising, M&A, India Entry and CFO Services.

Though, company had to face a few challenges initially. Even after tapping into known ex-clients from its working days of the promoters, it took its clients a bit more time to adjust to the fact that the company was no more a part of the big names it used to work with. The moment it started delivering success stories the clients came to understand that individuality has nothing to do with big company names, excellence is all individual. It emerged victorious in creating comfort zone for them and now due to this it has clients throughout the nation. The company has been focusing on global avenues among mid size investment banking firms for the purpose of Acquisitions, Foreign currency loan, Joint venture and Technology tie up etc. It has, for this, joined hands with good number of M&A networks in Japan, Singapore, Korea and Western Europe. Apart from this, it is having an understanding with a lot of investment bankers and market consultants in many countries. It helps the company take local mandates who are looking for international opportunities in the services it offer. Although, the company is service-oriented but some of its services are product based for which there is a professional fee. 

Differentiating Factors

The company possesses terrific execution capabilities. It has skill in formulating information memorandum / DPR that attracts equity and debt funding. It adds value to the transaction process through tailored structuring, negotiation and execution. The company has consistent, fast and reliable delivery capability. It practices right pricing and has success based fees which is benchmarked with value creation. Apart from this, it has a big network of relationships. The company has large lender and investor network to expedite the process and increase chances of success of a challenging mandate. It has a network of private equity and venture capitalist. It has corporate relationships across India.

Making clients shift for a better tomorrow

Nowadays, most of the SMEs and MSMEs are bound with an emotional urge which makes them avoid the thought of changing their lenders as they have been attached with them for one or two decades. They don’t shift even while being offered better products or services and better Rate of Interest. The emotional attachment with the lenders pushes them into a comfortable zone. This is where Manhaday plays a crucial role by making its client realize the importance of switching for a better tomorrow. Moreover, it helps them at bringing in management professionals. It derives the strength from understanding a client’s financial status. If and when required, the company reduces lenders, changes products and streamlines their treasury. Apart from this, the company has mastered the art of understanding business gaps and growth opportunity with a different mindset.

Milestones and Accolades

One of the key achievements for the company was helping a client who was in the market for almost 6 months. Manhaday was mandated to raise debt for this textile unit in Maharashtra. The company identified a particular lender who not only lent for this particular project but for several other projects too in that group. The banker became a long term lender and as of today  has given more than Rs. 300 Crore to the group. Both are going strong. Moreover, it is on the verge of closing a transaction for a technology tie-up for an engineering manufacturing firm based in Maharashtra. Initially, the client hesitated to sign the mandate but when he saw the value and long term growth opportunity he happily signed with the company.

Future Plans

The company is optimistic about the future of its company given that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of our country is growing at 7% for next couple of years. Adding to that, the central government initiatives like Make in India, Start up India, Digital India and GST has offered humongous opportunities. The company foresees an increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), foreign companies putting up plants, Startups getting foreign investors and Technology up gradation for manufacturing companies. The investment required for Railways, Ports and Airports is more than couple of trillion dollars and here is where the SME and MSME will benefit in a big manner.

Key Executives

Mr. Uday Hegde has done his MBA with International Business as his specialization. He has been in financial industry for more than 25 years. He has worked in senior management positions in Banking and Financial world for 15 years and for last 10 years he has been in advisory business. He is a regular speaker at Start up, SME and MSME events and earlier he use to come on TV. He has excellent relationship with promoters and senior management in Financial Institutions, Corporate and Equity world. He is also a member of local business chambers and individually represents a peer to peer exclusive advisory board group from London for SME / MSME.

Words of Wisdom

The market is crowded with consultants and good old days of everybody becoming an investment banker and finance consultant will be a distant past. Now besides having Professional qualification and knowing investors, there may be a need to have some new license like merchant bankers and RERA in real estate in the near future. Young generation should work with some IB firms, gain knowledge under somebody, have patience, keep on learning, take risk and make their presence felt.

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