MacleGrafics aims to be a US$ 250 Million Company by 2020

MacleGrafics aims to be a US$ 250 Million Company by 2020

In 2010, MacleGrafics started its journey and establish edit’s headquarter in Bangalore, India with a team in Singapore as well.

MacleGrafics Pvt. Ltd is a 3D, Gaming, CFX, AR and VR studio with a prime focus on delivering unique products far exceeding the client’s expectations. MacleGrafics aims to become the top studio in the entertainment industry leveraging its expertise in the past along with its unique creative solutions and a world class team.

MacleGrafics started working as a design firm creating various designelements for clients such as Brand design, creative ads, Concepts etc. Over the years, it started focusing on its prime goal which was to become a top studio in gaming and VFX by creating only unique products and not only catering to the service industry. The quality of its work has been appreciated after each delivery and it was offered to MacleGrafics aim tobecome a top studio by bringing the essence of India into its IP. The diverse culture and history in India can be captured to create a USSP to the likes of which has not been seen in the world. By 2018, it has planned to have its first demo presentation in E3 and a full game will follow in the coming years. As the company is being empowered day-to-day, it has aim to become next 250 million dollar company by 2020.

MacleGrafics has been working with the help of a team in which, the employees are highly talented, skilled and utilizer of 100% potential. The company provides services like 3D Visualizations, Gaming, VFX, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality etc. All the services are being provided with newer and innovative products. The company is highly concern to deliver its services either on time or before. Even, the company is well known for its creativity and ability to think outside the norm.

The company always thinks to bring new changes in the entire world in the terms of gaming.  Gaming in India is growing gradually and it is not considered as a viable career opportunity. The company is highly concern to change the mindset of people in positive way and it wants to bring the world of gaming in all its glory to India. The diversity of games that can be created based on India is vast and it wants to bring that experience to the world.

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Key Executives 

Anup Jain (creative director)

As the founder and creative director of MacleGrafics, Anup has always had a Creative edge and pays meticulous attention to detail and makes sure all the Products produced meet the world standards. After completion of his Entrepreneurship, Anup set out to change the way games are perceived in India.

Kalgudi Aravind (Head, Operations)

The operations head at MacleGrafics, Aravind grew up in the humble African

Countries of Zimbabwe and ever since an early age, he was always keen in computer gamesand made his first game in DOS at the early age of 13. Heoversees all the operations at the studio and makes sure all projects will meet their deadlinewith the quality and perfection.

Avik Jain (team lead)

Having worked in the top gaming company in India, Avik leads the modeling team with his precision skills. He started his career at a very early age and hewas a part of the team that created the first gaming level in India by studentsand since then his skills have grown which enable us to create quality efficient products.

Sanjay M Dhariwal (board of advisors)

Sanjay is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has authored more than 25 books including books like Guide to Value Added Tax (the first book on KVAT). He has won a lot of prestigious award for his work and social causes.

Having great leaders with the company, it has already served its services to more than 500 clients and provided its services to reputed clients like Accenture, George P Johnson, Samsung, Indegene, Prestige, B L Kashyap, Pigeon Group, Sesame Street, Snow City, HoysalaBuilderds, Hyva IT, VRL Automation, Funworldand few big clients who have always appreciated its work.

Major Milestones ofMacleGrafics

After its tremendous effort and remarkable services, the company started wining biggest projects competing top studios in the world. It has successfully completed R & D on Augmented reality and virtual reality among the first to develop AR and VR prototype.

Awards & Recognitions received by MacleGrafics

The company was nominated for the best creative UI/UX design for entertainment industry and had been recognized for its game Last Hope in the USA. It has also won 3rd place at MDevelop augmented reality engine.

Now, with devotion and enthusiasm, Macle Grafics is going to develop First AAA title in India and develop augmented reality engine with new creation and innovation.

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