Leading the way as India’s premier Managed office space provider and HQ as a service offering Skootr: Redefining the paradigm in India’s flexi office space Industry

Leading the way as India’s premier Managed office space provider and HQ as a service offering

Skootr: Redefining the paradigm in India’s flexi office space Industry

Putting full stop to cubicle life, Co-working spaces are providing a new way of working for the young Indian workforce. Workplaces are veering, primarily to meet the new demands of the way millennials approach work in the youngest start-up nation of the world, India. Wavering way of work has interfered with traditional approach to work. Today, with businesses focusing on human experience, digital drive, continuous innovation, operational excellence, and financial management, the call for collaborative workspaces are in view. An oasis from regular workplace and work routine, Co-working space are building the community of passionate, collaborative people who are gathering, creating, building and are sharing their ideas & innovations with the world.

The current is flowing and as the co-working space is expanding its wings, a pioneer, by the time mentioned, is going out in the front with a recorded growth of 2000% in just two years!

Puneet Chandra, Anuj Saxena and Ankit Jain -the trio and the founding team, who were into a real estate consulting business observed the mishmash of the commercial real estate industry. From finding an office space to operating it, there were several inefficiencies which were bleeding organisations of their money, time and manpower while take significant focus from their core businesses, hence something agile and flexible was required. With a motive to run Real estate as an outsourced service and to take over from the traditional ways to modern, the team created the brand Skootr, a kick-start point for businesses.

Skootr, India’s number one managed office space and customized private office company stands as a pioneer within the Indian real estate industry, and is renowned for creating ad hoc workspaces for large corporate brands, startups and small companies. Office spaces at Skootr are fully managed and built to demand plug and plays shared flexi spaces.

Designed with a blend of innovation and technology, Skootr delivers safe, secure and technologically advanced office infrastructure nationwide. It dispenses unimpeachable technology-based service and infrastructure according to present growth-oriented entrepreneurs and corporate world.

Also, locations are in easy to access areas with comfortable and high-quality finishing.  These places have technological superiority for its two business models- Skootr Managed Plug & Play and Customized Ready-to-Move Managed Offices. Whether, a person is the single owner of his business and he is looking for a shared area, a private domain, or if she wants space to accommodate its huge number of employees, Skootr fits for all business needs. A business gets all the facilities here from a nationwide network of services, with all the community, collaboration and cost benefits of a co-working space while preserving their culture and ethos. Skootr essentially helps organizations graduate from co-working spaces to become employer brand of their own while enabling them focussing on their core businesses and growth.

With an international support system, Skootr allows you to concentrate on your core functions while maintaining international standards of office operations. When you are seeking office space, why compromise with the limited services, when Skootr provides you with various extraordinary facilities while enabling you to invest more capital in your growth.

Area of Expansion

From being a routine part of those who do freelancing, work remotely, or run startups to fulfilling the need for small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs, self-employed, or even staffs working for different companies to share costs and to network, coworking has aged, exquisitely. During the publishing of this report, Skootr has expanded its wings over five major cities of India. Since its inception in 2016 the company has grown rapidly and nowadays managing 200000+ sq. ft of spaces. The team is striving hard to make the Plug & Play Managed Office as a benchmark in the Office space and co-working market in the country.


Skootr bestows firms with their private offices as per their distinct requirements so that they can focus on their core business goal and put to use their resources (money, work-force and time) for their growth while take their office management worries away yet preserving their culture and ethos.

The firm also offers HQ as a service where an organization can outsource their entire office operations to Skootr at all locations in India where-in the offices operate in a plug and play environment, and the focus of the entire organization remains on their core operations and business, while Skootr manages everything required to run their office operations as per the international standards.

Major Business Problems, Skootr Resolves

Consortiums squander lots of resources in managing their commercial real estate and leases. Skootr eases out the management work of these and saves these resources, which can further be used to focus on their business objectives. There is an immense demand from numerous international and national firms that are growing geographically, and hence, the need for convenient spaces that Skootr fulfils.

What Makes Skootr, Unparagoned?

While other coworking service providers deliver corporations plain vanilla with plug and play environment, Skootr focuses on presenting the customized private office spaces that are designed as per their requirements, specifications, and standards.

It helps business owners to get the advantages of a co-working place like cost saving, collaboration spaces, and community development while following their own culture and preserving their ethos. It can be said very firmly that Skootr is the only organization that offers outsourcing facilities in this domain in the Indian market. Cost effectiveness comes handy with the brand Skootr as it allows companies to rent out prime spaces at relatively affordable costs.

Organization’s outreach

Skootr is managing six offices in Gurgaon, three in DLF Cyber City and three in other parts of Gurgaon. Enjoying a nationwide presence, the firm manages two offices in Jaipur, one in Delhi (Connaught Place), another two offices in Noida and PAN India. And that’s just the tip of the brand which is self-funded and has approximately 90+ clients from all parts of the country.


As the only company serving its clients in managed office space and HQ as a service, Skootr’s biggest challenge remains to educate the market of this new category of customized private offices outsourcing spaces.

Major Milestones since inception

The management at the firm is immensely proud for creating and managing HQs of three big MNCs.

Road Map and Future plans

Skootr is at advanced levels of planning to mark its presence in 50 micro-markets in 12 major cities of India at some important international.

The Brains behind the Brand

Puneet Chandra

An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology and Management, Puneet hones more than 15 years of experience in the Indian real estate space. A hands-on business leader armed with the standards of excellence, Puneet’s thought leadership and innovative thinking has played the strings perfectly. A dreamer and a doer, his guidance has cultivated fruitful succession for the brand.

Anuj Saxena

Anuj’s Pilotage and decades of experience in services has anchored the firm’s presence very well in the industry. Spearheading the community. Collaboration and services function of the company across the country since its incorporation, he is the face behind the happy clientele of Skootr. Dynamic in his approach, he is always willing to measure the extra mile to ensure his members are comfortable.

Ankit Jain

A result oriented, enthusiastic and decisive management persona, Ankit holds proven success in real estate & channel sales horizon with 15+ years of experience. He has been an instrumental part of Skootr team and currently looks at the acquisitions, financial, legal negotiations and feasibility analysis of acquisitions done by the firm.

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