DelCure unveils 43 brands, improves the accessibility and affordability for Patients launches innovative medicine in Pediatrics and Orthopedics Segment, joins hand with Akums Drugs

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Indian Pharmaceutical industry has made rapid strides in last decades. The industry has witnessed massive growth which today occupies an important position in global pharmaceutical market. In the early 1960s, India government encouraged the growth of drug manufacturing by Indian companies with the Patents Act in 1970. Presently India is the largest provider of generic drugs worldwide. India’s pharma sector is likely to grow over three-fold to hit $55 billion in the next five years. The Indian pharmaceutical market is valued at $15 billion and is growing at 10%. Branded Generics are drivers of this market. The market will further grow with increased consumer spending and improving penetration of healthcare across the country. Despite the advantages, the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry faces some unique challenges. The industry is quite fragmented, product pipelines are shrinking coupled with changes in regulatory scenario, for a new company to establish in this space requires a lot of innovation and a new thought.

Pharma Veteran Prashant Kumar Pathaks vision was to build a pharma company that puts the accessibility and affordability of healthcare in the country above everything else and delivers it through innovation in all possible areas. With a focused strategy to convert this dream into a reality which involved leveraging strong indigenous manufacturing capabilities already available in India and introducing the differentiated high quality products in the Indian market through international collaboration with innovator companies from the USA, Switzerland and European nations, Prashant Kumar Pathak incepted DelCure LifeSciences Ltd (DLL) in 2013. This full scale pharmaceutical company started working with a vision to become the most respected, uniquely positioned leading pharmaceutical company in the chosen areas or specialty verticals in India and abroad with distinct value based characteristic. 

Prashant Kumar Pathak, the CEO and MD of Delcure Lifesciences Limited, brings over three decades of experience in pharmaceutical industry in Sales & Marketing, International Business, Supply Chain Management & Operations. Before starting his own, Pathak served as Chief Executive – Global Formulations with RPG Lifesciences and Senior Director – Sales & Marketing with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. He has well-rounded experience of integrated business value chain, capabilities in unlocking emerging market advantages with experience of running business arms in APAC, Central & Latin American countries & Africa. During his professional career he has managed large number of in licensing assignments and brought new products to India and has been instrumental in collaborating with institutions of repute in the country and USA.

An avid reader having interest in classical music, Pathak is a science graduate by qualification, has been through the training on SFE & SFA by IBC Singapore and Sales & marketing Management at ASCI, Hyderabad. His voice can be heard often at various national & international level events.

Currently his company DelCure employs over 500 people across India to reach its target customers and 79 brands to effectively succour the growing needs of patients.

Commenting upon company’s culture, Mr. Pathak said “At DelCure LifeSciences, we strongly believe in promoting the purpose of Happiness and creating the culture of Helpfulness for one and all in the company and the society alike, and in this pursuit we are guided by our firm belief in the value of Truthfulness.”

“Delcure LifeSciences Limited, has entered into strategic long term manufacturing collaboration with Akums Drugs & Pharmaceutical Limited, country’s largest WHO-GMP certified formulation manufacturer, known for state of art facility & capable of manufacturing all dosage forms of high quality medicines.” Vineet Razdan, BU Head at DelCure LifeSciences told The CEO Magazine. Unique products are the defining characteristic of Delcure LifeSciences Limited. Use of new technology has ensured better drug delivery & improved  patient health.”

Products of DelCure

DelCure has entered with two major specialties Pediatrics and Orthopaedics, backed with a vision to fulfill existing gaps in the therapeutic sub-segments of Orthopaedic, Pediatrics, Respiratory, Otologicals, Nutrition and Dermatology.

They have unique products and innovative 1st time products in their kitty like:

In Paediatric Nutritions:D-Liq – India’s first Micellized Vitamin D3 drops that increases 25 (OH) D levels 5 times more as compared to other existing brands.

In Paediatric Dermatology: Bubby – India’s first Syndet with Jojoba Oil that not only balances moisture but also Oil levels in Baby’s Skin.

In Paediatric GI:  Esole – India’s first esomeprazole sachet form that can be safely given to infants above 1 month.

In Otologicals: Lidozone – India’s first aqueous base ear drop with Lidocaine & Phenazone that gives relief just within 5 mins of instillation.

In Allergy:  Delpomont – India’s first Montelukast suspension for Children.

Upcount – Unique combination of Carica Papaya , Tinospora Cordifolia,    Goat milk extract & Vitamin E to restore vital count in Dengue, Malaria, Chemotherapy & Thrombocytopenia cases.

In addition to this, DelCure also has other innovative brands like UDCAment (UDCA 125 mg suspension), Moga (India’s first organic Moringa Oleifera brand for immunity & convalescence), Soferi (Haematinic with Methylcobalamin)

Differentiated products include:


DelCure’s future plans include involving new generation of Doctors through direct and customize communication, adopting newer automated Technology and building need based customized research partnership with practitioner and medical academicians.

Speaking to The CEO Magazine, Mr. Prashant Kumar Pathak, founder of DelCure said, “We look forward to cover more geography and doctor specialties. DLL is currently exploring to launch certain innovative medicine in Gynecological and Dermalogy Segment. Highest quality medicine is commitment from DLL. We are currently working on to create a platform to showcase quality which will be visible to consumers. At DLL we believe the future need of patients will not only be restricted to getting a good quality product, but also certain value additions. Keeping the same in mind, we want to emerge as a central player in technological innovation that will aim to help make treatment cost effective, convenient & shorten delivery time to customers.” 

Delcure LifeSciences Limited in a short span of 3 year has thus carved a niche in the pharmaceutical space. As the industry is going through a change, existing business models having a limited role in future, DelCure LifeSciences Limited is posed to gain significant foothold with its unique advantage and lead the next wave in this sector.

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