Hexxa Geo Systems Integrators Pvt Ltd.: A pioneer to paramount technology enabled business transformation for its clients

Hexxa Geo Systems Integrators Pvt Ltd.: A pioneer to paramount technology enabled business transformation for its clients

With rapidly evolving and changing business environment, a large number of organizations today find themselves struggling with complex technologies implied to fuel up the growth of their business endeavor. The hodge-podge created by the struggle caused are addressed by Integrated business software suites, thus enabling the companies to overstep the hurdles that were holding them back from taking their business to the next level of profitable growth. Raajesh Mehta, a veteran entrepreneur understood the pronounced need of lining technologies with the business world and brewed up Hexxa Geo Systems Integrators Pvt Ltd., India’s emerging IT System Integration Company holding a strong legacy and 19 years of domain experience in High-End Networking and Low Voltage Systems.

Formally known as Geo integrators Pvt Ltd, Hexxa was incorporated in 1998 in Surat, Gujarat. Hexxa’s focused study site requirement, do designing of solution and expertise research and development as per the client’s requirement enables the company to collaborate with enterprises in creating an integrated, enterprise-wide IT platform keeping in mind customer budget, updated technology and future up-gradations in mind.

Creating a niche in the market: Hexxa’s Key Differentiators

A strong backbone of Team work, implementation of the latest technologies, adoption of the latest trends and solutions and expertise in System Integration turned out to be the key resources of Hexxa’s success. The other key pointers that set Hexxa apart include:

  • Strong pre-sales team to give a differentiated cost effective solution to customers
  • In-house Trained installation team
  • Focus on Solution based business
  • Capability to take Turnkey projects with an in-depth research of the entire project

Product Portfolio

Hexxa assures its customers of delivering excellence and value through its unique offering of cost-effective products, services, and solutions that are specially designed to meet diverse requirements of modern enterprises. The company offers below-mentioned Solutions:


The integration involves an exhaustive study of all parameters, considering relevant analytics and thus designed to meet the complete technical requirements.


Reporting of access, of all authorized and unauthorized personnel, with integrations of softwares and panels for proper logs and reports, to increase security, reduce risk and optimize other facets of the performance in the organization. Systems designed with scope for futuristic Expansion.


Integrating high-end networks with active & passive components and providing firewall protection to block unauthorized data access.


Systems are designed to provide solutions from conventional, addressable to the protection of Data Centers and High-End Fire Zones, with Active and Passive Operations Panels making the complete system preventive.


It includes basic analog/digital announcement systems and advanced conference systems and Evacuation Systems.


Point to Point Connectivity, Point to Multi Point Connectivity & Wi-fi Hotspot.

Known for its strong Technical know-how and good implementation, Hexxa’s system integration solutions are already yielding great benefits for its are authorized partners including Infinova Crop, Cyberoam Authorizes Gold Partner, Honeywell International India Pvt Ltd, Marit, Crisil Rating, Samsung Smart, CommScope, Achievement Registered Partner- APC

Revenue Model

  • Government sectors where Hexxa guides them in designing the Solutions and then picking up orders based on its technological know-how.
  • Turnkey projects of Defense where the organization has mastered knowledge of the process and solutions which are rarely present in the market.
  • After Sales Services

The team

Hexxa’s team numbers more than 140 skilled professionals. The culture is more towards a family culture where everyone works as if it is their own family business and puts their best towards the growth of the organization.


With the growing IP technology, Hexxa started growing in the spectrum of Survellience systems which by then was sprouting up with the movement of Analog CCTV to IP and with its expertise in Networking; Hexxa was able to gain the upper hand in the CCTV market.

In the last few years, company’s focus has been more towards government and Defence projects. The company got a good breakthrough in 2014 with an order of around 30 crores and since then there was no looking back, till date Hexxa has been successful in bagging good order from the defence and the government segments.


  • Tech Vapi 2014,
  • Hikvision Achievers Award 2015,
  • Business Leaders Summit & Awards 2015,
  • Pelco Gold Partner of the year 2015,
  • CRN Xcellence Award 2014.
  • Skoch Order of Merit 2016

Brain behind incorporating Hexxa

“Good and Bad times will come, be strong and Stable. Nothing is permanent.”

Raajesh Mehta

Founder & CEO

Hexxa Geo Systems Integrators Pvt Ltd

A man with great vision, Raajesh Mehta embraces truth and spirituality with a kind of dedication. Prior to starting his entrepreneurial journey, Rajesh was associated with an integration based organization in Mumbai name “DataLine Integration PVT Ltd” which was mainly into Integration of Networks and had a major experience over there on the technical and commercial front. With his risk taking capability, being an entrepreneur has always been Rajesh’s passion. So he interwove his passion and experience and took the decision to go ahead with his venture.

Nikhil Suratwala


Hexxa Geo Systems Integrators Pvt Ltd

Mr. Nikhil Suratwala is an accomplished Director of Hexxa GEO with a strong background in Market Research and Development; put his persistent efforts to bring customized solutions for the clients.

Pranav Mehta


Hexxa Geo Systems Integrators Pvt Ltd

Mr. Pranav Mehta has vast experience in sales aspects, looks after the Pre-Sales aspects, sales reach and post-sales service management of the company.

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

The company numbers a current turnover of approx. 20 Crore. Over 15 Crore has been crossed out from the future target of 40 Crore by 2017-18. The company is further planning to reach 100 Crore by 2020.

Striving on its vision to be a billion dollar company providing world class solutions in the field of ELV systems globally and in turn creating maximum value for its employees and shareholders, Hexxa Geo Systems Integrators Pvt Ltd. is now looking out for a few good orders in near future from Air force and other defence segments. The company is planning to initiate its overseas business by the end of 2017 by starting with Oil and Natural gas business at Abu Dhabi. The registration process is already undergoing.

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