Gold Star Power Limited: Engineered to move you ahead

Gold Star Power Limited: Engineered to move you ahead

Batteries have been there, done that, and has powered almost all walks of life- from smartphones to air conditioners, from automobiles to automation, and from solar energy to wind energy. Hence, hardly any untouched area left behind. India’s battery manufacturing industry recorded a growth of more than 25 per cent in the last year. Moreover, in 2019, it is well poised to show a similar growth rate. Today battery technologies have positioned themselves as the new front line in the power revolution. The tide is coming in and as the battery manufacturing industry embraces the flood, a question strikes: Who has powered this growth, who has been the growth magnet behind?

If there is someone worth the avowal, it is Gold Star Power Limited; a confluence of tune, security, and continuous evolution. A team with a strong partnership, dedicated workforce, flourishing from years and revenue counted in millions. It is just the tip of the leader’s iceberg whose mettle in delivering high-quality products by controlling the procurement of standard raw material, monitoring the process parameters, maintaining appropriate measures to manage hazardous materials, and complying them with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements is widely accepted in myriad industries. Today, Gold Star Power Limited enjoys a prominent position in the manufacturing of future-powered batteries and products.

Chronicles: Watching the footprints of the great

Renowned as India’s only manufacturing leader having a fully integrated unit and production facility at a single place under single control spreads over an area of approx. 125000 Sq. Ft. beneath its umbrella, Goldstar has gained eminence for manufacturing and delivering quality products under the flagship brand- “GOLDSTAR”. Its manufacturing facility is equipped with requisite infrastructure including machinery, other handling equipment to facilitate the smooth manufacturing process. Since its inception in 1982 with the sole intention, vision, and impulsion of one man, Shri Mulji Pansara, and until date, the group runs on the same unshakable principles and solid values that have anchored the organization firmly. Muljibhai is the founder and chairperson of the Gujarat Small Scale Battery Association and President of Federation of Indian Small-Scale Battery Association for West Zone. In the year 1982, the ‘Battery Man’ of Gujarat, Shri Muljibhai entered into Battery business while keeping roots of Agriculture intact. He has been the guiding light inspiring and leading the Goldstar to unmatched heights and has revolutionized the battery manufacturing industry through the company.

Though this industry was a new business for him, he never missed the boat, because of his vision, and determination. His strong belief in hardworking, honesty, quality consciousness, and healthy business practices has put Goldstar at a prominent place in the industry. Having the goods, integrated plant, and quality driven products are the major strengths at Goldstar. The firm has successfully travelled around 35 years of a long journey from a Partnership Firm to a well-managed corporate.

Shri Mulji Pansara and Shri Amratlal Pansara are the key promoters of the company. The company started its journey with the manufacturing of battery plates and gradually moved to the manufacturing. Later in the year 2006, Navneet Pansara, son of Mulji Pansara joined it as Director, and since then he is involved in all day-to-day activities of the Company. In the Year 2007, Mrs Dhruti Pansara, wife of Mr Navneet Pansara too joined Goldstar and she is taking care of the financials of the Company. In the year 2008, Vishal Pansara, younger son of Mulji Pansara joined in the family business, who currently leads the marketing department of the Company.

Vendible Items of Corporation

The product range covers various types of batteries including:

  • Automotive Batteries for Car, Tractor & Heavy-Duty Trucks.
  • Tubular Batteries for Inverter & Solar Applications
  • SLI &Tubular Batteries for E-Rickshaw
  • SMF VRLA Battery for Ups Application]
  • Motor Cycle Batteries

The entire team endeavours to maintain safety on its premises by adhering the key safety norms. Goldstar’s manufacturing process integrates from the procurement of raw materials to the final testing. Currently, the Company caters to all three segments of market viz. exports, domestic/after-sales market, and OEM.  The manufacturing unit, Goldstar Power Limited is located at Hapa, Jamnagar on Jamnagar-Rajkot Highway, and Gujarat with an integrated plant wherein Battery Scrap and discarded batteries procured from dealers and retailers are converted to finished product.

Revenue Model

Our Company’s major revenue is from the sale of Battery and Lead Plates various measures ranging from 20AH to 200AH in various segments.

Feathers in the Cap of Goldstar

  • ‘Emerging SME Stars Award’.
  • ‘Skotch Order of Merit Award’ for qualifying amongst TOP 100 SMEs in India.
  • ‘Bharat Udhyog Ratan Award’ at International Business Council.

Major Clients

The Goldstar has a widespread customer base with its domestic customer base situated in various regions of the country and the international customers situated across varied countries like Uganda, Nepal, Lebanon, Dubai, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan etc. Some of its major clients include Amaron, Export Business, and Westside.

Future Road Map

➢ E – vehicle Battery is the major goal to cater maximum market with E- Rickshaw Batteries.

 ➢ Goldstar is planning to develop and cater maximum International Market and exporting to various countries like West Africa, Dubai, Lebanon, Nepal, UAE, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan etc.

➢ The company features an installed capacity of manufacturing 50,000 batteries per month and if demand for its batteries increases, then it will plan to increase its installed capacity of around 1, 00,000 batteries per month.

➢ It has a manufacturing unit in Uganda (Africa) and is further planning to cover the maximum market.

➢ It is planning to manufacture GEL type Solar Batteries, UPS Batteries, SMF Batteries, E-Rickshaw Batteries with Deep Cycle Technology.

Dynamic Leadership

Navneet Pansara, Managing Director

Navneet Pansara, aged 32 years is the Managing Director of the Goldstar. He has been directing the association since January 19, 2006. He is a Bachelors of Business Management from Oxford College of business Management having the experience of over a decade in this Industry. Navneet is currently looking after overall management of the Company including general administration appropriately with his leadership skills and future predicting qualities.

  • Navneet Pansara, 32, Managing director of the company and looks after day to day operation of the company and key role in formulating business strategy. He is Bachelor in Business Management from Oxford College of Business Management and joined the company at the young age of 21 in the year 2006. He has not only set up an Industry for himself or family but also contributed a lot towards the betterment of battery Industry in Gujarat and Pan India.
  • Since he has inherent all virtues of Mr. Muljibhai, he has effectively taken over charge of the company from day one. He is a very good negotiator and very stubborn in financial commitments. These qualities of him have not only given financial strength to the company but also developed a very good goodwill among supplier and financer of the company.
  • He, being MD of the company takes care of Marketing, Finance and assists team in Production also. He has developed strong database and vendor base over the period which enables GOLDSTAR to take any challenging task without any hurdle of procurement side. His financial assessment and goodwill have helped the company to sustain worldwide recession, Demonetization and many other financial problems.
  • Besides a good financial planner, His soft nature and easy going approach have helped Company HR by maintaining good rapport with all staff member, understanding their need and helping them. He has aimed to take GOLDSTAR at Level where ‘GOLDSTAR’ becomes synonyms for Battery.

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