From a service provider to building dynamic innovative capabilities in mobile field force solutions, an evolution of KM Mobile solutions into Logic Valley


From a service provider to building dynamic innovative capabilities in mobile field force solutions, an evolution of KM Mobile solutions into Logic Valley

When two business minds fortuitously met seven years ago while queuing for a coffee little did they imagine that their spontaneous conversation about the future of mobile technology would result in the creation of a powerful niche player in the enterprise mobility space catching the attention of some of the world’s leading corporates.

Since its inception, KM Mobile Solutions has honed its expertise in deploying an array of digital transformation solutions to equip enterprises with both technology and business re-design to empower their mobile workforce and make a quantum leap forward with efficiency gains. KM Mobile Solutions has had been assisting businesses to boost productivity, optimize service delivery and strengthen relationships now for the past five years.

After successfully implanting its pioneering solutions under the enterprise mobility banner, KM Mobile Solutions began its journey to transform its offerings from enterprise mobility into mobile field force solution-focused business offerings.

KM Mobile Solutions’ approach to making both the services and product modular and easily integrated into native systems has allowed it to deploy next-generation technology at an incredible pace and at very low cost stealing a march on its competition.

Delivering future with its solutions

When it comes to Mobile device & user management, Logic Valley is a cut above the rest with its key competencies. Built on real-time status update and reporting, Logic Valley Field Force solutions is a state-of-the-art mobile application suite to keep an entire workforce on the move and deliver exceptional results optimizing the work-force through in-built decision support tooling through the organization’s comprehensive analytical capabilities. It comes integrated with a host of unique features.

From being a product-oriented company, Logic Valley’s portfolio now includes cutting-edge technology via use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Enabled Adaptive Data Transfer (AI-ADT) is the core component behind Logic Valley’s mobile application framework. Build to effectively transfer any file type (Images, Audio, Video and Business related data) via intelligent middleware technologies to organization’s back-office systems, the data transfer engine enables a more efficient and smarter workforce through processing data and running simulations real time which is utilized in Logic Valley’s Smart shuttle and scheduling solutions.

Designed to be worn on the body, the Body Lens is another crown jewel from Logic Valley’s portfolio, polished in assisting on-field behavior and misconduct with the capabilities to record, store and manage the evidence. It’s most widely used deployment is that of Police and other law enforcement officers who use this body worn video technology to both capture and stream evidence at the point of arrest.  Characterized by cutting-edge evidence management solutions with the device integrated directly with the mobile application, Body Lens not just guarantees that the truth in the event of an incident is captured, but also upholds the professional conduct and operational safety of the presiding offices and executives.

The founders’ aspirations of bringing Logic Valley in the world to build software that exploited some of the ancillary components of the smartphone such as the camera, geo-and satellite positioning technology has indeed been one of extraordinary transformation for the organization. What has been the driving force behind this transformational journey? We spoke to Gavin Megnauth, Co-founder in line with Logic Valley’s journey of establishing itself as a brand.

What accounts for Logic Valley’s uniqueness as a brand?

We are exceptionally well positioned, qualified and organized to deliver high quality next-generation mobile technology solutions which integrate into native back-office platforms at a velocity and a price-point that our customers simply adore.

We help our clients optimize their business processes, reducing costs and assets with measurable performance. We leverage industry best practices and make the most of real-time experiences to implement a solution that falls in line with the customer specifications, turning out to be the most preferred strategic partner for several enterprise clients across the world.

What do you believe are the benefits Logic Valley is serving in the region of mobile devices?

Logic Valley offers new solutions to old problems. Since the inception of the organization, we have focused our approach on creating technology solutions that are used globally and will have longevity within the industries that they are deployed. We have developed innovative solutions and software products which have given businesses a step-change in their operational performance. Our wide array of mobile solutions has been crafted specifically to address the pain points of a variety of industries. Some of our notable deliveries have been deployed in Aviation, Law enforcement, and Healthcare. By writing software natively for the device rather than using hybrid technology tools, we have been able to maximize the battery life of the mobile device and fully harness the power of modern day smart-phones and tablets. To date, we have had strong success with wide-ranging stakeholders and we believe we have created long-lasting impact with our solutions.

What were some of the challenges that faced the organization during its initial days? How did you overcome? 

There are the usual problems when a startup ventures out laterally such as finance, finding the right talent and acquiring clients. Nevertheless, the challenges have had inspired us to further evolve ourselves and be more inventive and creating value for our clients. Our work speaks for us. We are currently associated with corporate giants like Air Canada, Microsoft and Volkswagen Group. Recently, our technology-prowess was recognized as the ‘Most innovative technology’ at UK Recruitment Awards 2017. We have been one of the finalists for the UK IT Industry Awards in 2015 and 2017, competing against Microsoft, BT (British Telecom) among other global technology firms.

Brief us about the geographies where Logic Valley is currently deploying its expertise?

We have been channeling our expertise in UK and mainland Europe, USA, South Africa, India and Sri Lanka and are looking to further expand our footprint in Malaysia and Australia.

So, what’s next for Logic Valley?

We want to further varnish our technology platforms by embedding artificial intelligence-as-a-service technology into our solutions to make AI both more affordable and accessible to the mass market and make greater traction with some of our IoT(Internet of Things) solutions.  Increasing our reach across the globe without overstretching ourselves is a goal over the next few years.

Any words of wisdom or advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Stay focused on your beliefs. If you are to achieve anything worthwhile and ground-breaking there will always be nay-sayers and obstacles in your way. Decide what you want your company culture to be and recruit on cultural fit as much as capability. Deploy strategies for monitoring and sustaining the culture. Reward employees living the values and upholding the culture. Don’t be afraid to challenge what customers ask for. Become a partner rather than an arm’s length supplier.

Thanks for joining us, Gavin. We wish you the best for future ahead.

Founder’s Periscope

Gavin Megnauth


Gavin has formerly held senior IT positions with an array of large multi-national corporations including British Airways, Randstad NV, and Impellam Group.  Gavin holds a Global MBA and has been a United Nations advisor on Web Accessibility and is credited for pioneering online check-in for the Aviation Industry.

More recently, Gavin has been an advisor to large Silicon Valley private equity companies supporting them with the acquisition of technology firms as well as a consultant to a range of organizations in the UK.

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