Faber Infinite ‘ramps up on all fronts’ with its unique ‘Organizational Transformation Framework’

Faber Infinite ‘ramps up on all fronts’ with its unique ‘Organizational Transformation Framework

The shared motive of adding value to the lives around and contribute to development of society inspired three friends and Organization Transformation Specialists, Aakash, Vishal and Jalay to team up and leverage their profound skills, experience and deep domain expertise to lay the bedrock of Faber Infinite Consulting Private Limited, a global management consulting organization with the mission of enabling transformation for businesses, people and communities.

During Jalay’s stint with United Nations Development Program in East African region, the trio worked together on assignments for building competitiveness in the East African industries. While working on one such productivity improvement projects at one of the Food & Beverage manufacturing organization in Kenya, they went beyond the scope of assignment walking that extra mile to support that client on aspects of strategizing and crafting suitable approach to deploy the strategies for top line growth; which was greatly appreciated by the client. The successful delivery of projects gave an impulse to the trio to reach out to more and more businesses beyond East African fraternity; which ultimately led to the foundation of Faber Infinite Consulting in 2013 with the insightful mission of filling up the vacuum in the market by offering effective world-class solutions that encompass customized growth solutions and effective implementation services for the same accompanied with unmatched return on investment (ROI) for clients.

Faber Infinite Consulting, a division of Faber Infinite Creative Solutions Private Limited, has obtained a strong foothold in the global market as a leading management consulting organization. The firm has got a reputation for its services that employ best practices for delivering profitability to clients and adding value to their business through Revenue Growth, Cost Management and Organizational Transformation/ Change Management practices.In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Jalay Pandya, Co-founder & Director, speaks about the company’s consulting practices and says, “At Faber Infinite, clients get to work with partners, who walk with them on their journey of success and go beyond limitations to achieve goals, develop insights and rejuvenate teams.Our team constantly endeavors towards realization of the organizational goals and determines totake equal responsibility of client’s growth whileassuring high returns on investment. We have been working with clientele across various sectors in Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East. Faber’s unique Organizational Transformation FrameworkÓ has a proven track record of enabling exponential value growth for clients’ business. We are passionate about achieving better results for our clients; results which go beyond financial and are uniquely customized, realistic, holistic, and lasting.”

Faber Infinite has spread its footprints majorly in Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East across key industry verticals including Automotive, Construction, FMCG, Engineering, Chemical, Food and Beverages, Plastics, Textile, Industrial Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation & Logistics, Commercial Farms, Retail, Health Care and more. The firm has already gained the trust of industrial giants who have been extremely satisfied with quality and delivery of Faber’s services; a fact which is evident from a client testimonial. One of the senior management members from INOXCVA India says “INOXCVA engaged with Faber Infinite Consulting to facilitate a change management program which primarily focused on lean process design, line manufacturing, productivity improvements, inventory management & cost reduction. Phenomenal results were then realized through the design, implementation & refining of systems & processes.”Another leader from Atlas Copco said, “Atlas Copco (India), Pune facility engaged a team of consultants from Faber Infinite to assist in productivity improvement. The successful exercise conducted by Faber Infinite improved productivity by around 33% with same resources. We are glad to appreciate the excellent service provided by Faber Infinite and we recommend Faber Infinite to any organizations who wants to conduct such exercises.”

The huge client list of the company envelops more than hundred organizations including giants as well as SMEs namely Inox CVA, Atlas Copco, Amneal Pharmaceuticals,WILO Mather and Platt, Adani Hazira Ports, Mahindra CIE Automotive, Larsen and Toubro (L&T) – Heavy Engineering, Jindal Rail Infrastructure, Bombardier, Wipro Enterprises, Alliance Polysacks,Banco Products and many more. The firm caters to all the needs of an organization from consulting to capacity development perspectives through its offices in Pune, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Nairobi, Lusaka and Dubai.

Services Portfolio

Faber’s plush portfolio encompasses a wide range of innovative and futuristic services that are dispensed through four platforms namely Consulting, Technology, Training & Developmentand Benchmarking. Let’s have a brief look into them:

  1. Consulting – Faber Infinite redefines the tenets of modern day consulting and takes traditional consulting steps further. The team, here, not only just advises clients but also works right along their side tohelp clientsunlock their hidden potential, get promised benefits and achieve exponential return on investments. The firm has developed a ‘Model for Excellence through Organizational Transformation FrameworkÓ’, which drives flexibility, control and responsiveness through Continual Improvement tools and processes. Faber Infinite’s novel offerings like LightHouse Strategy FrameworkÓ and Lean Facility DesignÓare delivering exponential results to clients in terms of top line growth and designing world class facilities, respectively. 
  1. Training & Development – Employees’ skills and competencies plays a key role in enhancing top line & bottom-line results for the organization. The company works together with the leadership team to identify training needs, and to design, develop, deliver, and evaluate employee skills to arrive at training and development plans to meet the company’s strategic objectives. 
  1. Technology – Team Faber can absolutely gaugethe requirements of clients for people, processes and technology to effectively interact so that organization’s strategic goals can be met.Faber Infinite’s Technology Solutions are instrumental in driving business growth and creating more efficient processes that contribute to increased productivity.  
  1. Benchmarking – An innovation in consulting space, Faber Infinite’s benchmarking solutionsattempts to show comparison between client’s organization with other players in the domain, and identify areas where client can improve his business performance. It also involves internal audit of the processes at any organization. It also provides in-depth analysis of organization’s strengths and weaknesses as well as charts a comprehensive road map for improving overall business performance. 


  • Team of ‘implementers – blue collared consultants’ whose delivery is focused on the real place of action approach with real people and real problems in real time
  • High quality consulting services with assured results
  • Offers a combination of fixed and performance based fee
  • Expert consultants with insightful approach hands on experience in Organizational Transformation
  • Proven track record of success

“The key differentiator of Faber Infinite is not only to equip our clientele with state of the art management practices on Strategic & Operational level, but also supporting them to sustainably implement these practices for long term gains. We take a stand for our clients and promise nearly 10 to 20 times return on the investment. It is our strong belief to under-commit and overperform. In fact, I can confidently say that wherever our team has worked on performance/ milestone based fee structure, we have delivered tremendous results and achieved more than 100% performance fees. It is the best testimonial of our deliverables!” – says Vishal Kulkarni, Co-founder & Director at Faber Infinite Creative Solutions Private Limited.

Success Mantra

Having understood the demands of modern day consulting, Faber Infinite keeps a fresh perspective towards consulting practices;itfocuses onimplementation in addition to providing ‘actionable’ consulting. The company brings in solutions for top line (Revenue) growth and bottom-line (profitability) improvement for businesses leveraging its ‘Organizational Transformation FrameworkÓ’, a concept, which not only focuses on strategy but also effectively links business strategies to operations and more importantly people. Team Faber Infinite strongly believes that People Alignment coupled with elements of focus on aspects of Strategy and Operations drives organizational success. Based on the team’s rich expertise in change management, the approach towards implementation is devised with special focus on people – as they are key catalysts for the improvement journey. 


The companyhas successfully delivered the high Return On Investments (around 10 – 20 times) to its clients within a couple of years of inception. Faber Infinite’s novel consulting solutions have enabled its clients to achieve a lot of profits above specific targets. It has empowered few of its clients to:

  • 30% growth in annual revenue for one of the leading FMCG company
  • 15% increase in YoY profitability for a leading plastic manufacturer
  • 80% improvement in manpower productivity for a textile machine manufacturer
  • 50% reduction in material velocity and inventory costs with ZERO stock outs

All this translating into direct tangible financial benefits.

Road Ahead

Speaking to The CEO Magazine, Aakash Borse, Co-founder & Director, Faber Infinite Creative Solutions Private Limited, throws some light upon Faber Infinite’s Future Plans and says, “We intend to scale up the venture at fast pace, which includes expanding presence in Central & West Africa, and South East Asia within next five years. Plans for building up team strength to hundred members will go hand in hand with the plans of expansion. We are doing all the groundwork to increase our non-consulting revenue ten times by the end of next financial year. We plan to expand our technology portfolio further by focusing on ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Smart Manufacturing’. At present, we foresee growth considering the robust pipeline of inquiries and leads in the core consulting offerings. Currently all our hands are full with orders and we look forward to ramp up on all fronts at fast rates.”

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