Evolving businesses’ DNA with its distingué market research capabilities: Golden Hills Capital India Private Limited

Evolving businesses’ DNA with its distingué market research capabilities: Golden Hills Capital India Private Limited

Data is the heart of every business which has been keeping them alive since their existence.  As we are moving further into the digital era, this crunching of numbers in the frame of research and analysis of data is experiencing an explosive surge in the last years than the yesteryears combined together. Market research is evolving by combining the traditional form of research with the newly emerging forms of research like Social Research and the more powerful Data Science Research. To address this market opportunity, Suresh Raju, an IIT Madras Alumnus possessing two-decade experience in financial industry founded Golden Hills Capital India Pvt. Ltd. back in 2014. Since then, the organization has been safeguarding  businesses from turning into deaf and dumb by providing them a vision driven by its expertise across the entire research spectrum with skills spanning financial analysts, business management & strategy experience professionals, data scientists and technology professionals with skills in Python, R, ETL tools, Tableau and other relevant programming tools and software.

Constructing an easy way for organizations, Golden Hills provides an in-depth disciplined approach intoresearch and analytics. Over the years, the organization has crafted a niche for depth of its strategic analysis ability to understand complex structures with a comprehensive suite of solutions ranging from consulting services to institutional grade research, efficient data management, and decision-enabling analytics enhanced by machine learning architecture. Golden Hills gamut of solutions ranges from data management & reconciliation, portfolio analytics, risk solutions, back-testing of investment strategies, identification of “alpha” generating trading strategies, equity research reports in financial services segment to opportunity mapping and landscaping, competitive analysis and business expansion strategies in the consulting space. Added new flavors are the advanced analytics capabilities built on the foundation of big data, machine learning and predictive analytics that enables businesses to draw accurate & relevant insights from millions of seemingly incoherent data points and gives them the edge that is essential to succeed in the fast-evolving world of modern technology.

Capabilities to leverage and apply new technological breakthroughs to one’s business

“We are a young company that has evolved over the last 4 years by working on solutions for challenging and complex problems of our clients. We started out as a small group of individuals, that serviced the data management and core analytics needs of hedge funds. We have transitioned into a diversified solutions provider catering not only to financial services industry but to the larger group of companies ranging from consumer product companies to consulting firms to marketing analytics and to healthcare analytics.”-Suresh Raju, Founder

Since its inception under extensive market research domain, the organization has been offering itsdiverse set of services, tools, and techniques to help clients understand markets, customers, industries and regions across the globe. With its roots in Hyderabad and arms branching out in New York, Boston, Hong Kong and London, the organization combines its domain expertise and collaborative work environment to cater tailor-made research and real-time insights and decision-enabling analytics, which distinguishes Golden Hills’ prowess.

Today, the world is surfing on fast-paced technology, hence demanding high levels of speed and flexibility. With the ever increasing volume of information and complexity of data, utilization of decision-enabling analytics/research becomes critical to identify trends/patterns and to manage risk for delivering target performance.

Golden Hills’ entrepreneurial and innovation-driven culture fosters collaborative development backed by research models based on market intelligence and the organization’s approach as a co-sourcing partner, all together has harnessed businesses to trust the organization with their valuable data and insights to help its patrons to understand and gain market insights to develop, design precise plan of action on a focus group.

Areas of Expertise

Golden Hills’ portfolio covers the entire gamut of research/analytics tools and solutions including dedicated research, decision-enabling analytics solutions and quantitative support to investors, fund managers in the financial services sector and to FMCG companies, Marketing, Healthcare companies. The services are well furnished with accuracy, high quality focused analysis & research driven findings to spot market opportunities, to implement processes in a systematic manner and to identify areas of operational improvements. Golden Hill’s enjoys expertise over:

  • Traditional Market Research

Quality research is the foundation of smart decision-making, be it for a portfolio manager looking for investment opportunities or for a manufacturing firm looking for avenues to expand. Golden Hill’s seasoned team of analysts combines external databases and independent research to provide comprehensive research and analysis. The organization’s fundamental research allows investors to develop an understanding of the key value drivers and competitive landscape within an industry.

  • Social Research

Social media research includes a set of tools and techniques for extracting and analyzing data from social media channels and the Internet. Golden Hill offers services for aggregating social media data related to specific events or issues and supporting analysis along spatial, temporal, thematic, and sentiment/psychosocial dimensions for collecting and analyzing data in real-time.

  • Data Science Research

Data Management & Reconciliation: In a technology-driven world, data management & optimization are keys for businesses to thrive and innovate. Golden Hill’s data management &reconciliation services allow clients to focus on their core business while we provide comprehensive data management solutions.

Descriptive Analytics: A summary of historical data to yield useful information, data aggregation and data mining methods organize the data and make it possible to identify patterns and relationships in it that would not otherwise be visible. Querying, reporting, and data visualization methods are applied to yield more insight.

Predictive Modeling/Machine Learning: Organization’s portfolio optimization, user behavior modeling solutions, predictive model/machine learning solutions enable clients to analyze and understand their existing data and build next generation of real-time predictive models and to develop strategic road-maps for the evolution of their business.

Expansion Binge and Journey Ahead

With an organic growth, the organization has been regularly fine-tuning and bringing new approaches to data research for the clients and has successfully earned a rich clientele of over 25 hedge funds and asset management companies in the financial services sector. Walking towards the future, the company is envisioning providing “Next-Gen Market Research” to its clients with combining Traditional Fundamental Research, Social Research, and Data Science Research into a single unified view for its clients. With a lot happening at Golden Hill’s data laboratory, it is valid that the organization holds a bright future ahead for sure.

The Founder’s Periscope

Suresh Raju


Suresh’s professional stint includes 4+ years of advisory, research/analytics support toa $700M hedge fund based in Boston and catering more than 3 years of quantitative, analytics and risk management services to investment management firm in New York City. He has been held responsible for analyzing and advising investment strategies for 20+ different hedge funds. He chaired as the General Partner at TVS Capital Funds, a $150M Private Equity fund for 5 years. An MBA graduate from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Suresh has also gained an experience of 6+ years of Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank’s Technology Group, Boston; whereby participated in over 25 transactions from IPOs, private placements, debt financings, M&A transactions, LBOs across the technology sector.

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