ESS provides a comprehensive enterprise solutions “ebizframe”

ESS provides a comprehensive enterprise solutionsebizframe”

Transforms your organization from an unorganized data-driven reactive organization to an information-driven proactive organization

The evolution of the latest selling models in the Business world is compelling the ERP companies to look out for new marketing ways, in order to sustain the cutthroat competition. With a determined commitment to support by solving weaknesses in business processes, providing innovative, effective and efficient Enterprise Solutions, Eastern Software Systems (ESS), has emerged as a noticeable name among the relevant ERP companies throughout the country. After laying the foundation stone of a new journey in 1990 by its two founder members, the company has become a global player offering Enterprise Solutions for multiple industries across international borders. ESS is primarily known internationally for its ERP “ebizframe” which has been successfully implemented for 1000+ customers in more than 20 industry verticals and 25+ countries. ESS offers solutions into three domains i.e. ERP software, Custom Application Development and Total IT outsourcing.  ESS is ISO 9001:2008 certified and assessed at CMM Level 5.

The company helps Customers automate their core business processes resulting in  better  quality of their end products, less waste, better efficiency and higher customer satisfaction. This is particularly advantageous for startups and other companies faced with tight budgets that need to reach profitability quickly. ESS differentiates itself from many others in the field by its remarkable efforts and its willingness to support its customers in helping them improve their organizational efficiencies. . The company offers a full suite service with the help of a team wherein people are highly skilled and well qualified and put in their best efforts to deliver high value to its Customers. . The team that made ebizframe ERP a reality has a rich experience in Enterprise class Product Design, Development, Testing and Support. The team also includes Functional Experts along with implementation experts who have rich experience spread over hundreds of projects across diverse industries, business sizes, countries and statutory environments.

Some of the major differentiating factors with ebizframe ERP are:

  • Extremely friendly User Interface designed by specialized UX designers
  • Device Agnostic(Works on Laptops, Tabs and Mobiles)
  • Mobile App
  • Highly configurable resulting in faster implementations
  • User configurable Workflows
  • Web based Reports repository for end Customers
  • Deployment available on “Cloud” as well as “On-premise” model based on Customer’s choice
  • SOA (Services Oriented Architecture)
  • Great Value brought by our ERP to the customers
  • Versatile Implementation experience and process orientation in Teams
  • Built around the concept of SMAC(Social Mobility Analytics and Cloud) 

Major Milestones of ESS since its inception

Though ESS is a mid-size company, it has been a trendsetter and a role model for many companies in India.

Some of the major milestones are:

  • First to launch a completely web enabled ERP
  • First company to launch ERP on a Cloud model way back in 1999
  • First Indian ERP company to achieve CMM Level 5 in 2002
  • Rated amongst the Top Software products from India by various magazines at various points in time
  • Second company in India to get funding from Intel in 1999
  • Have built a Complex Software Product(ERP) and taken it globally successfully

The CEO Magazine chats with Sanjay Agarwala, Co-founder & Director of ESS 

TCM: What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

Sanjay: We believe almost everyone knows how an ERP can help him or her in his or her business and growth. Therefore, we will not talk about that aspect. We go many steps further by offering the customers more than just the ERP including solutions to typical business scenario based problems(e.g. Handheld based Stock Take, Mobile SFA, Backup solutions, Web Portals etc.), innovative solutions built around data capturing and interfacing with third party software/hardware etc.  Using our ERP and our innovative solutions, many customers have been able to derive great value out of our systems and improve their operational efficiencies.

TCM: Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organizations.

Sanjay: We are witnessing a new wave in Enterprise Automation, where the organization is truly connected to its ecology and leverages all aspects of currently established and proven concepts such as SMAC (Social Mobility Analytics and Cloud) and IoT (Internet of Things). Some of these are proven in individual usage domain, such as the power of Social Networking but their impact on enterprises is just starting to get felt. Our Roadmap includes building a layer of such future enablers on a strong layer of internal process optimization i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning. Our vision is focused on bringing the power of ERP, Best business Practices, SMAC and IOT to growing organizations so that they can optimize internal resources for maximizing ROI as well as become truly global through technology driven connects.

In terms of geographical reach, we are already strongly established in India, Africa and the Middle East. Our target is to continue our dominance in these geographies and look at Far East as well as Latin America to expand our operations.

TCM: How does the company build a successful customer base?

Sanjay: Successful customer base in ERP industry(and for that matter for a lot of the industries) is built around a Product which provides great value to the Customers and which is followed up with an excellent Service. ERPs once implemented, become the lifeline of the organizations. That is more of a reason that the Users should have a great experience of using the Product and the Services of the company providing the ERP. Our base has grown globally as our ERP is an architected around the concept of enabling the CXOs of the organization by making life simpler for them by taking their time and energy off the daily mundane tasks and the firefighting. This helps them focus more on organization’s growth and helps them take the organizations to the next level.

TCM: How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

Sanjay: The avenues to learn are endless. The obvious ones are there all the time- from colleagues, from clients, from reading and observing. I also learn from my passions- for example, I love gardening and growing bonsai. Both teach immense patience- a bonsai cannot be grown in a day; its beauty emerges over the years. One just can’t hurry it up!

TCM: What was your journey like to get where you are?

Sanjay: The entire journey and I hope that it continues has been tremendous. From early days as an entrepreneur where I was the office boy to CEO all rolled into one till now, has been challenging as well as satisfying all the way. Of course, both these emotions rarely co-exist. One is at the height of exaltation one day, and in the depths of despair soon after. After these many years, I am so very grateful to the people who have worked with us, to our customers and partners who have been a part of this journey.

 (Following are the various awards that ESS has won over the years)

  • Identified as Company of the Year in ERP segment by CIO Review Magazine
  • Rated amongst the top 10 ERP companies by Frost & Sullivan
  • Rated amongst the top 10 ERP companies in India by Express Computers
  • Featured among Channels Asia’s ‘50 most dynamic companies of Asia Pacific’
  • Rated among PC Quest’s ‘Top 10 world-class products from India’
  • Featured among Dataquest’s ‘Top 7 Home-grown Software Brands’
  • Among Computerworld India’s ‘Most powerful ERP companies, most powerful ERP Packages’
  • Awarded ‘Best ERP Solution Provider’ by the Computer Society of Kenya

Key person

Sanjay Agarwala- Co-founder & Managing Director

Sanjay holds a Masters in Business Administration from IIM-Ahmedabad which is amongst the top business schools of the World. Sanjay started his career with Escorts Limited where he was involved with Corporate Market Research and Planning. Subsequently he worked with CMC for five years where he was responsible for marketing of several mega projects including those to the Telecom, Indian Railways, Banking, Aviation, Education and Agriculture sectors. He was given the company’s Annual award for innovative marketing and various other awards recognitions for his performance. He had the distinction of being the youngest manager in CMC at that time and was Regional Marketing Manager for North. In 1990, Sanjay along with the other co-founder (Mr. Anil Bakht) came together and decided to set up Eastern Software Systems.

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