Esaplling sets a new benchmark of innovation through its unique electronic products

Esaplling sets a new benchmark of innovation through its unique electronic products

Esaplling Pvt. Ltd, a leading firm that optimizes technology and solutions through electronics things for over hundred enterprises, is a brainchild of a first generation entrepreneur Mr. Satya Patri. Strategically located at a commercial township in Pune, the company’s major focus on LED, AC, Cooler and HVAC Turnkey solution positions its strongly among the market. They have established landmark of success in major sectors like Pharma and Aviation Industry being the most critical sector.

Esaplling specializes in providing quality consumer electronic products at an affordable price targeting affordable income group. While the company has experienced significant growth and success since its inception, their philosophy remains the same. They work with their clients to deliver quality products at competitive prices, meeting their required specifications, timelines, and budget. They attribute their own success to the success of their customers’ products they have delivered. Established resources, extensive industry knowledge and strong supplier relationships enable Esaplling to deliver quality products for clients. They are able to provide a cost effective solution for most electronics manufacturing requirements in India – they are available to discuss your specific needs through multiple modes of communication.

Implementing electronic solution in domestic Engineering industries, corporate and retail businesses, is a challenge on account of various factors, which Esaplling has successfully achieved by adopting customer centric approach rather than traditional product centric approach. They are first one who have offered highest ever warranty period in all product category to enrich customer satisfaction to next level, they do have PAN India service network and toll free access to address service issues if any.

 Esaplling’s experience across industries of BFSI, Health Care, Media & Entertainment, IT companies and others translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates time-to-market for clients. The company delivers compressive services to hundred businesses and for homes requirements as well. Esaplling’s efficient and flexible world class electronics manufacturing process zero down risks of project failures and creates robust electronic solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

Esaplling invests in its staff by providing the ongoing training required for the latest manufacturing technologies and equipment, allowing the company to supply cost effective products to customers. Their comprehensive team of hundred plus professionals includes highly motivated technicians, supervisors, and customer managers, as well as operators, assembly and support staff and others.

Customer relationship

At Esaplling, they continue to grow in technology and capacity; they understand the importance of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with their customers. They attribute their own success to the success of their customers through the products they have provided to customers. It’s a concept and working philosophy they don’t take lightly. An emphasis on communication allows their team to gain total understanding of their client’s requirements.

Mr. Satya Patri, in a chat with The CEO Magazine

About key official/officials

Esaplling is empowered with more than 100 + industry top notch and industry experts, who have been part of concept to product stage and OE’s having experience more than 20+ years experience on the same product line 

As you look toward the future, what do you foresee for the future of business continuity?

IOT would be the next generation plat form for all consumer electronics industry along with self digenesis logic, so that user can experience the comfort with worry about the product tech challenge. Esaplling already implement such technologies all recent product category and self digenesis, ticket generation for service engineer visit been enable with all high end models.

After 2018 Q2 Company will start implementing the same once Beta test is over.

How did you plan to make your mark in the industry?

Consumer electronics side will have all large and small products and Esaplling also has a focus towards automotive air conditioning, which would be launched at early Q2 product line. 

Talking about the future, what route map has been laid out for the company’s journey ahead?

Dream is to hold a major market share by 2020 and rule the Indian and overseas market with the limited product range.

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