DILABS: the frontrunner delivering excellence with innovation in avionics

DILABS: the frontrunner delivering excellence with innovation in avionics

As reported by India Brand Equity Foundation, the aviation industry of India is poised to be ranked as the third-largest aviation market in the world within next three years. Technology has been the bedrock of this industry since its onset and it has been the key to the evolution in this space. Not to mention, aviation industry is one of those trades that has been immensely touched by IT revolution in the recent years. The proactive focus on innovation rooted in technology has been pivotal to the metamorphic growth this sector has achieved.

Datasol Innovative Labs (DILABS)has been a frontrunner in the field of design, development, qualification and production of airborne quality systems for military applications, Smart Multifunction Displays (SMFD), Man Machine Interfaces, Inertial Navigation Systems and Automated Test Equipment (ATE).The firm is uniquely positioned as one among the few high end technological companies with excellent capabilities in designing and manufacturing Ruggedized Military and Avionics Systems qualified to Military standards. DILABS’ profound expertise that spans more than a decade is geared towards building innovative products leveraging the best of the technology for avionics industry. The firm is anAS9100 Rev C certified and CEMILAC Certified Company; which is symbolic of the company’s uncompromised focus on quality and demonstrates its steadfast devotion to what it envisions. Being a home to an expert team of highly skilled and qualified professionals, the firm thrives as one of the pioneers who indigenized development of highly advanced products for consumers of Defence and Avionics. DILABS’ takes the credit of designing and development of some cutting edge products in this space. It boasts a rich clientele that is studded with giant players like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bharat Electronics Limited, All Units of Defence Research Development Organization, Aeronautical Development Agency and Indian Air Force.

Milestonic journey

DILABS was incorporated in 2002 with the prime vision of making a significant contribution to the Avionics industry. Walking down the aisle of success, the company has hit several milestones that have paved the way for its monumental success towards achieving its vision. In the initial phase of its journey, the company began with design and development of Signal conditioning boards and gradually shifted to Complete Test Rigs for different Aircraft LRU’s to be tested on the ground before being fitted on to the aircraft.This enabled the firm to take a giant leap as it exposed the team to the actual aircraft LRU’s and the technology incorporated into these systems. Soon, the company began making some mock up units for an Aircraft simulator and designed Multifunction displays for an aircraft simulator. The company was involved in the design of the first IJT mock up for HAL which was showcased in one of the International Air Shows in Bangalore. During a chat with The CEO Magazine, Mr. Venkatesh Rajagopal, Founder & Chief Executive Officer briefs about DILABS’ journey, “In due course of time, we were approached by Defence and Avionics customers to indigenise various aircraft systems which were till then being imported by them from various foreign companies. This fuelled the desire for innovation and we took a step forward entering into indigenization of products. We have developed a range of products for HAL.Our first product was a Signal Conditioning Unit which was designed by HAL. We took up the production of this Unit in 2004. This experience gave us an insight into the stringent quality requirements for the Avionics and military industry. This prompted us to go in for ISO 9001 certification to establish a good Quality Management System in the organisation. Our next product design was also for HAL and this time we got an opportunity to design a technologically challenging product for the ALH. The ISIS (Integrated Standby Instrument System) is an instrument which gives Attitude, Altitude and Air data indications to the pilot as a Standby instrument. We are probably one of the very few companies across the globe and probably the first Indian company who have ingenuously designed such a product which involves high end technological design which combines Sensors and INS algorithms. The success of this product was very well supported by HAL in offering us assistance by many flight trials on the ALH which gave us the required data to fine tune the algorithms.”

Today,Datasol leaves a mark in the industrydesigning products indigenously, having specialized inDesigning and manufacturing of Ruggedized Avionics & Military Systems, Cockpit Display and Control Products, Inertial Navigation and AHRS Systems and Automated Test Equipment & Test Jigs. The company has supplied more than 750 units of its inhouse products which are flying on various aircraft platforms like LCA Tejas, ALH, LCH, and IJT etc in Indian Avionics Industry;and on Military Radar Projects – Akash, Shilka, and QRSAM etc.

The leadership behind the Success

Venkatesh Rajagopal – Founder & Chief Executive officer @ DILABS

Mr. Rajagopal has been the major guiding force driving the team to perform its best towards realizing the company’s vision. He got the first break in his career in 1989 with Dynalog Marketing Services.  Here is where his passion and interest for avionics grew.  Having been here for about Seven years, he moved on to working with companies like Cranes and thereafter Trident Software.  He realized his ideas and thoughts were not being implemented. To gratify his passion for entrepreneurship, he decided to start on his own with a vision in the avionics field.  In 1997, he along with few others started Datasol a marketing and trading organization wherein they dealt with marketing of products related to avionics.  His quench for avionics did not end here because they were only marketing products in India.  He wanted to do something innovative and need based projects in the field of avionics. This paved the way for the foundation of Datasol Innovative Labs (DILABS) in 2001.

M S Visweswaraiah – Technical Director

Our technical team is headed by M S Visweswaraiah a M.Tech from IIT Bombay.  He has about 38 years of experience in design, development, testing and engineering of State of the Art, High Performance Embedded Processor (Multi-Processor) Systems (both hardware and software) involving Mission Critical technologies.  He has served for twenty-three years in the DefenceResearch and Development Organisation, Government of India, at Aeronautical Development Establishment at various levels and took voluntary Retirement as Scientist ‘E’ in November 1996.

Since then he has been associated with DILABS and heading the design team.  He is involved in the design of Smart Multifunction displays, Standby Instrument systems, Signal conditioning and processing systems.

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