Despite all the ups and downs of the market, ATS upholds the values of heritage aims to bring inclusive financial growth to Indians

Despite all the ups and downs of the market, ATS upholds the values of heritage aims to bring inclusive financial growth to Indians

Abhishek Dubey • New Delhi 

Since its inception in 2004, ATS’ commitment has centered on providing the highest quality of diversified financial services while maintaining integrity and empathy to the benefit of all its clients as well as community members. Stemming out of this pledge, Aditya Trading Solutions Private Limited or ATS has forayed its vision, which is an ambitious and comprehensive initiative that aims to make ATS into a full-fledged Asset Management company. Within a short period, ATS has turned out to be South India’s biggest commodity broking company. Having a record volume of 1500 crores and an average of over 1000 crores daily volume, this full spectrum investment management house has been specializing in Investment and asset planning, securities broking, commodities broking depository participant, distribution of financial products (Insurance, Mutual Fund, Credit card and Loan), Wealth management, and Finance advisory services. ATS offers this deadly combination of Investment platform clubbed with Research services through which they not only channel your investment into the market but also advise you on what to invest on or not, of course there is an element of risk that comes with their advice but it is provided as something optional to clients. Backed by updated and state-of-the technology, ATS offers solutions across all interfaces including web as well as mobile apps. Through its 25 branches and 300 plus employees, ATS is serving in excess of one lakh client accounts in more than 100 locations throughout India.

ATS is not only caters to only the rich but also aim to bring inclusive financial growth to all citizens of India. They reach out to the ordinary people and teach them the importance of being financially educated. They also guide clients to invest as being partner of successful companies with long term objectives.

“Small or large, our commitment is to create value and maximize our client’s return on investment through all market cycles. ATS provides our clients with best asset advices which help in planning for success in each client’s life. ATS nourishes different approach on organization culture. With a flat structure, fast-paced and entrepreneurial to the core, we pride ourselves on the culture of independent thinking and executing – professional who will make a difference to the clients they serve,” Vikas Jain told TCM.

As sources of revenue, ATS presently has commissions, Value added products and services, Asset management fees, PMS Profit sharing and Advisory Fee to count. Though the company’s present revenue stream is predominantly retail. They are also in the process of building boutique investment banking for the SME sector. Their venture into insurance broking is also taking shape and they expect this to be a new revenue channel in immediate future.

What are the business problems ATS hopes to solve through its services? – The CEO Magazine threw the question to Vikas Jain, MD of ATS. Mr. Jain, who comes from generations old business family of Varanasi, replied:

“ Even after 70 years of independence, large section of Indian population still are unaware of the long term saving potential of equity based investments. This malaise has led generation of financial instability and pauperism among the lower income group who do not have access to financial products and services. The lower income category has been living under the constant shadow of financial duress mainly because of the absence of savings. Presence of financial services and products aims to provide a critical tool to inculcate the habit to save. Availability of adequate and transparent credit from formal banking channels shall allow the entrepreneurial spirit of the masses to increase outputs and prosperity in the country. With India’s growth story unfolding, there is a need to raise resources for companies to fuel the capital needs of the economy and also ensure that the benefits of growth percolate to bottom of the socio-economic pyramid. There is also a lack of enthusiasm from younger generation towards equity investments. The younger generation, in the age group of 26-35 years, accounts for one-fourth of the total demat account holders.”

“At ATS, we are trying to bridge this gap in our economy. We aim to reach out to the young and upward mobile citizens of India, educate them on the benefits of long term equity investment, covering the risks in their lives through various types of insurances; bring to the them the best forms of credit though home loans, personal loans etc,” he concluded.  

Commenting upon the company’s road map, Mr. Sunish CV mentioned, “As India is moving digital at a fast pace, and the target segment we focus is young, we have to reach out to them in the area they move around which is Online. We are constantly striving to build the best online platforms and communities to engage with the young generation of India.” 

In 2004 along with his ex colleague Vikas Jain, Mr. Sunish CV started scripting their success story- Aditya Trading Solutions Private Limited (ATS). In 2007 ATS became the first broker to cross 1000 crore daily volume from South India. Becoming NSE and NCDEX member, ATS opened their twenty-fifth branch in 2012. For them it was breakthrough, when they finally received CDSL CP member ship and PMS license in 2015.

Before starting his own, Sunish CV served Chemoil Corporation USA, the biggest bunkering company in the world of that time and traded against big trading houses like Goldman Sachs, Sempra, MSCGI, Prudential and Fimat. Mr. Vikas Jain started his career in 2001 with Chemoil Corporation, USA in Trading Department taking care of OTC (Over the counter) desk and hedging Crude Oil inventory by taking opposite positions in various international markets such as NYMEX, Rotterdam and Singapore.

ATS is expanding their network into Tier II cities and even to towns. Recently they have launched a theme called CashBuddy through which they want to address any financial help a client of ATS is looking for.

“We basically aim to become the “best financial buddy” of all our clients. We would like to be the best friend of our clients who can guide them in matters of financial services, be it on savings products, insurance products, loans or tax planning. Each of our offices will have product experts and relationship managers who will be able to help our clients in any matter concerning to his financial goals. Currently we are focusing on the South India. Once we consolidate our position in South we will expand our financial fraternity to the entire India,” the owners-duo informed TCM.

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