CAPIOT Software: Helps companies accelerate their digital transformation journey

CAPIOT Software: Helps companies accelerate their digital transformation journey

CAPIOT Software was established to help organizations to connect their information, automate business processes, and leverage the connected information and analytics for better decision-making that helps them stay relevant in a highly competitive and disruptive world. The firm’s digital solutions are built on top of an innovative, enterprise-grade Data and Analytics platform called ODP (Omni Data Platform) that uses advanced Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning techniques. A decade ago, these business solutions that are provided today would cost close to a million dollars each. With technological advancements coupled with innovative products, solutions and services, CAPIOT now offers them at a fraction of the cost and 1/3rd of the time. As a technology leader, CAPIOT has democratized the digital solutions and made them affordable for all sizes of businesses.

Our Editorial team spoke to Anil Kshirsagar, Founder and Executive Chairman of CAPIOT Software, here are the edited excerpts.

In today’s world, digital industry always seems to be in motion. Pertaining to the statement, how the company maintained its momentum?

CAPIOT is a relatively young and dynamic company with highly talented employees motivated to solve challenging problems. We have grown phenomenally and exponentially in the last four years, and we also build strategic partnerships to serve the increasing demand from various industries. We are nimble enough to innovate and update our skills and knowledge through training programs at every level.

What competitive advantage does the brand enjoy and why it can’t be copied?

CAPIOT’s heritage is our ability to design rock-solid enterprise-grade systems that deal with big-data (volume) and fast-data (velocity). Our core team has had the privilege of working with the largest companies in the world at a global scale to design systems that handle massive volumes of customer and financial data in a highly secure fashion. Built on the back of this foundation, our flagship product (Omni Data Platform) is among the best in the industry in terms of ease of use and versatility to build micro-services and APIs that allow any organization to organize and analyze their data in real-time.

Brief us over the products/solutions offered by the organization.

CAPIOT offers several innovative products and solutions for various industries, including Customer Onboarding, Escrow Deal Management, Automated Underwriting, Master Data Management, Partner Integration, Customer Experience Management, Order Orchestration and Spend Analytics using AI/ML.

Please throw some light over CAPIOT Omni Data Platform.

CAPIOT’s OMNI DATA PLATFORM (ODP) brings unprecedented simplicity in enabling businesses to design, govern, analyze and distribute data in real-time. ODP is a secure, API-first, high-throughput, cloud-ready platform that businesses can harness to unlock the real potential of data while identifying opportunities and threats and improving efficacy to make the enterprise truly agile.

Our customers are using our platform for a variety of solutions from risk management to process automation, compliance, payments, e-commerce, logistics notifications and many many more.

Who are your clients and how do you work on your long-term relationship with your clients?

We currently work with companies worldwide across many verticals including banks, insurance companies, capital markets, travel, logistics, retail, educational institutes, telecom, and healthcare. We work with a combination of well-established brick-and-mortar businesses who aspire to transform digitally, and tech-first companies who are competing against the status quo. We go the extra mile from the sales cycle until the solution is delivered as well as post-production to make sure the end result is top-notch. Today, one of the India’s largest retailers ensures it delivers product, price and inventory information in real-time to its customers, ensuring there will never be a negative experience. A logistics provider that caters to over half of the delivery from majority e-commerce players, delivering millions of shipments a month, ensures that tracking data is delivered in real-time to the end customer. And one of the India’s largest banks that previously sent SMS offers to the customer with little context and relevance, today, uses advanced matching algorithms to send real-time offers that are relevant, that create customer delight.  We are also working on a Spend Analytics Platform for one the largest private US universities to help them categorize addressable spend using AI/ML techniques.

We are keen to know the secret ingredient behind your success in creating a vibrant workplace for the ‘creative minds’ associated with CAPIOT.

Our company has been built on the culture and values that were inspired by the experiences working at some of the greatest companies in Silicon Valley. At CAPIOT, we believe in equality, respect everyone and taking ownership, and everyone is a CEO of their small part.

What does it take for someone to be successful?

Obviously, good IQ, a collaborative approach, appreciating differences of opinion and being truly passionate about making a big difference to themselves and to the company.  The most successful employees are those who consider themselves to be owners, not employees. They figure out how to make customers successful and simultaneously expand our own offerings.

The Road Ahead

We will continue to make investments in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make data smarter. We are currently working with several of our customers to enable machine-learning algorithms to augment human intelligence by making recommendations in real-time. The next big release of ODP in 2018 will have native B2B capabilities to enable partners to communicate electronic and digital data using several message formats and protocols.

Mentors and Guidance

With our corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, at the heart of Silicon Valley, we are fortunate to have access to the greatest minds in the technology industry to mentor us.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

Don’t be afraid of dreaming big. Hire well, set executive direction, empower every single employee to be successful, trust them, respect them and get out of their way. Create a good culture that marries creativity, discipline and a customer-centric focus. When you do this, the dream will come true automatically.

Dynamic leadership

Anil Kshirsagar, Founder and Executive Chairman

Anil Kshirsagar, a golfer by interest, an engineering graduate from prestigious IIT Bombay and post-graduation in Industrial engineering and management from SUNY Buffalo, is one of the key founders of CAPIOT Software. Prior to CAPIOT, Anil was part of the initial executive leadership team at TIBCO, an industry veteran of over three decades of experience in providing business solutions to corporations. He helped take TIBCO from a few dozen to over 4,000 employees with $1B revenue.  Anil also has worked for several large companies like Ford Motor Company where he was one of the key leaders who led the standardizing Engineering Workstations for sixty thousand engineers.  Anil has started several companies including CAPIOT Software.  Anil was the co-founder of IIT Bombay’s US alumni association as well as of the Global Pan IIT movement.  For IIT Bombay, as the founding president, he helped raise several dozen million dollars to start various schools like IT, Management and Biosciences.  Anil is now on the Alumni Board of both IIT Bombay and UB representing several lakh alumni worldwide, along with UB’s Dean’s Advisory Council to guide the direction of the School of Engineering.

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