Business Data Gathering: The massive way to boom your business

Business Data Gathering: The massive way to boom your business

Founded in April, 2015, CloudSignals has been working consistently in the space of Fast data based on real-time analytics. Mr. Vivek Sharma having seven years of work experience with various technology companies, is one of the perpetrators and is the core founder of the company. Vivek has a vast experience with United Health Group, Nagarro etc and have worked in delivering complex technology solutions to a lot of diversified industries from Healthcare to Consumer electronics and International government bodies.

 Let’s know more about CloudSignals  CloudSignals has been working with offices in Noida, Gurgaon and London. Soon, we are going to expand our team in Sydney, Australia. The main objective of the company is to be gather data from various sources in desired time, be it an enterprise system or IoT enabled machine network. This collected business data is curated for knowledge and actionable insights which are then used by management to take quick actions for businesses. We curate this data for various forms of analysis and deliver interesting insights onto the mobile devices of the customer using CloudSignals mobile app which has quite familiar interfaces similar to any social networking site. We have basically evolved as an enterprise information network where information is presented in form of easy to consume feeds. In addition to these posts, we also enable people of who have interests in the particular insights to be able to comment and collaborate on these posts. We look forward to be seen as a global leader in insights creation and delivery space for enterprise companies. Our mission is to provide smart and intelligent solutions globally to enterprise companies with the right combination of technologies in IoT | Analytics and Mobility on Cloud. We are working with an objective to make discovery and consumption of complex business facts/insights as simple as a cakewalk and easily adoptable by any company as per their needs, without the need to invest into heavy analytics resources, be it hardware/software or human resource.

How does it work?

CloudSignals integrates with your exiting business software/infrastructure to read business data using our proprietary data capturing bots so as to generate machine learning based knowledge about your business. This knowledge is then utilized to monitor your business processes like a diligent manager who is trained on your business history. Once trained, CloudSignals engine then monitor your entire business in an autopilot mode and keeps you posted with feeds related to process progress as well as any risks/exception alerts based on your subscription choices.

We have a unique way to provide our service in which our tools are having machine learning at core of the offering where most of the processed and data is monitored via an artificial intelligence enabled algorithms and then results are delivered over a private social network. You may imagine it to be your private social network where you are getting feeds about your business in an auto-generated mode how you get feeds about your friends and family members on Facebook.

We are devoted to provide our service to customer in subscription mode to pay a per user subscription fee per month to use the service without getting into any long term commitments and contracts. It enables SMB companies also to experience the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence at a fraction of cost what otherwise they would have to invest in setting up the whole dedicated infrastructure.

We are pleased to provide our services to over 20 customers across India and 3 other countries as well. Some of our patient customers are Stylohomz, CT Plastics, Discovery Logistics etc. A very small team of 10 people have great skills have been working for the company with “zeal & zest” and its great to see them utilizing their 100% potential to grow-up the company while keeping customer satisfaction at its core.

In today’s competitive market, team is successfully empowering the company while there are some other companies working in the similar space like, Maven systems in India and from USA. End of this year we are planning to go for some seed funding that will be deployed to expand into more international geographies.

Tremendous effort and innovation at the core of DNA of the company has enabled it to be nominated for Prime Ministers Startup India event in January 2016 amongst top 2000 companies out of 1.5 lac companies who applied for.

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