Transformation of a Bootstrap Digital Advertisement company into a Global Brand:iAvatarZ

Transformation of a Bootstrap Digital Advertisement company into a Global Brand:iAvatarZ

An inception that all began in the year 2008, from a small studio iAvatarZ grew into making its presence globally in the Digital Media Industry. Headquartered in New Delhi, iAvatarZ has its presence globally as well which includes countries like UAE, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and many more. With a strong client base and commendable experience over the years, it has built functional integrated online marketing campaigns for hundred of clients. Moreover,it has been a live wire in Organic Search Engine Ranking, Pay per Click Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile and E-mail Campaigns, Text Link Development, Newsletter Insert Ads, Blog Development, Social Networking Advertising and Video & Audio advertisements. It is a Digital Marketing company providing end-to-end Digital Advertising services to clients.

The founder of the company Mr. Uma Shankar Sharma worked for a Multinational Software Development firm and handled their multiple software projects in US. During the course, he came in touch with some of his colleagues in UK who were running an Advertisement network in UK and USA. He along with his colleagues discussed to start their own venture of Digital Advertising in India. It was a phase when Digital market was still in its growing stage in India. They thought time was right to unlock a higher potential by merging technology and digital media approach under one roof. In 2006, they brought a UK based company “Adrevenue- Digital Advertising Network” to India and Mr. Sharma was the co-founder & MD of the Indian operations. They successfully ran the business for more than 2 years before the parent company decided to ramp down Indian business because of unstable payment conditions in Indian market in 2008. Hence the idea for launching Mr. Sharma’s entrepreneurial project “iAvatarZ” in Digital Advertising Industry was born in 2008. It has become an entity which is more than 10 years older now. It has been profitable even after ten years without taking any major investment and this has helped the company think for longevity.

Differentiating Factors

Today, Digital Advertising market is fragmented in India. There are multiple partners who have expertise in multiple fields and that become challenge for a client. As a client, they are compelled to work with multiple partners for different solutions and then assess ROI on their campaigns individually. At the same time, Clients have fear regarding their campaigns running in dark and on unwanted contents like Adult, Terrorism and negativity. To protect the interest of a brand, clients today are looking at trusted partners who could integrate their services with some of the leading global transparency tools in Digital Advertising. iAvatarZ has worked hard in last 10 years and it has tried to solve this problem.DNA of iAvatarZ is dynamic to its core and this is one unique attribute which has helped in making it a global brand. All its solutions are whilte listed and it takes utmost care of its clients to make sure that their campaigns run to the right target audience in a safe environment. The company works with some of the leading Global Audience Platforms like Double verifier, IAS (Integral Ad Science), Sizmek and DoubleClick. It has integrated its supply with tools which help its clients in getting complete transparency. This is what makes the company different from some of its competitors in the market as it does not run dark advertising. It is building effective tools for future which could help clients measure better ROI on their campaigns.

Prominent Clients

The company works with clients spread across markets in India, Middle East and South East Asia. It has provided services to some of the esteemed clients which include the likes of Cisco, Audi, Nissan, Datsun, Honda 2- Wheelers, Reebok, IBM, AO Smith, Zee, Oman Tourism, Switzerland Tourism, HDFC Bank, Citibank, UAE Exchange and Dubai Properties just to name a few.

The company is determined to deliver comprehensive suite of digital advertising products to its clients in India and overseas. It is working with a vision to become one of the most valuable digital marketing companies in India, Asia and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) in the coming years. It is strengthening its attributes & services apart from giving its brand a modernistic approach to Digital Advertising. It is working on the idea to use advanced data and technology framework to deliver holistic solutions which could bring more relevance and transparency for its clients in the market.

The Path to become a Global Brand

The company with all its goodwill among its clients has now become a brand in this domain. Building a brand is best achieved by developing a reputation in the community for having expert knowledge within an industry. To establish a brand as a leader in the public eye, it is important to be consistent and relentless while promoting the brand’s image. As per the founder, there are three important attributes required to become a brand leader. First, you need to be adaptive. Second, you need to be disruptive and ahead of the curve. Finally, you need to drive quality solutions as per the need of the client. iAvatarZ is constantly running to achieve these attributes for last ten years. Over the years it transformed itself into a digital marketing company which provides technology and engagement based white listed solutions to its clients across markets. It is creating unique technology solutions like Augmented Reality, Motion Sensing and Facial Recognition etc. to seed brand communication to the core.

Future Plans

The company is excited and it is taking the year 2018-19 as a challenging one. It is thrilled to synergize its efforts so that it could reach new heights. It plans to bring new projects and services this year which could help it bring more meaningful bouquet of products such as Affiliate Marketing, Programmatic Services, DMP (Data Management Platform) and so on. It is looking to build on its DMP Platform which can enable it to bring more historical data driven advertising which can become a key value driver. Hence, it is getting specialists on board who can virtually become business heads in these domains and independently work on Profit and Loss of these products. At the same time later in the year, it is exploring to open new markets for iAvatarZ in the countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Indonesia and Africa etc. It hopes to make this company much bigger and larger this year.


In the year 2017, the company was shortlisted by Silicon India among Top 10 Most Promising Ad Serving platforms in India. It is a great achievement for its entire team which had been working hard and bringing more tech and data driven solutions to its clients which proved fruitful in building greater returns on their projects.

Words of Wisdom

Be patient and always have micro management with respect to your objectives. Always break down your goals in small pieces and reassess the same from time to time.

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