An integrated corporate service partner for its corporate and individual customers as a whole, Timesol has been a reliable service provider with high levels of commitment and integrity and has persistently accomplished tailor-made services to suit the needs of the growing customer base with flexible platforms to avail their services.

In 2002, under the sensible leadership of the Managing director, S. Bhaskar, the company was incorporated on one basic motive to provide the right balance between the personal and professional life of an employee working in the corporate. It started as a concierge service provider and with a foresight expanded its portfolio into the fields of Travel services, Facility Management service, corporate support service, and Human resource services. From the date of inception, Timesol has grown from being a concierge desk to an integrated premium corporate service provider.


S. Bhaskar comes from a humble background, he has a Postgraduate and he began his career with TVS in 1984 and he moved to Titan Industries LTD to handle facilities in the year 1986 and from Titan he moved to BPL as head of facilities in the year 1998 and after working in the corporate admin and facility fields for more than 17 years he analyzed that time is one of the key factors for achieving a happy work and personal environment.


Timesol is a company that believes customers come first and ensure that they get what they want, when they want and how they want it. They believe themselves to be the ‘Brand of the Year’ as every company’s reputation is based on the product or services offered Timesol is a one-stop solution for all the corporate/employee and individual needs. With a wide array of services, the company has developed a service line to cater to the needs of the organizations from Start-up to a well-established organization to individuals, all.

“The brand came into existence to provide a solution for time; with 17+ years of experience in the corporate segment, I understood the hardships the employees face when it comes to managing their time. Timesol is a combination of Time and Solution, we effectively manage the time of our customers/clientele” added Bhaskar. 


Timesol caters to the needs of all the segments of the market from SME to FMCG to MNC and individual customers. The company provides cost-effective and timely services, without compromising on its deliverables for the customers/clientele to ensure an unparalleled level of satisfaction. They share a bond with their clients developed through transparent operations. The company has grown over the years based on the goodwill the brand has earned. The strategies are incorporated into the branding and the social media portfolios of the organization.

The market for the service industry is very competitive, the major hurdles that an organization faces in this market condition is that of manpower attrition; the cost spent on training and inculcating the skills required to provide a niche level of service would incur a cost and when the trained manpower moves on it creates a void in the system and the cost incurred goes as loss.


Technology nowadays plays a greater part in the lives of every individual; an innovation that happens in an industry is either through new technology, an old problem or a Big Idea. Timesol offers technology with ease of access. They have an integrated premium service with multiple touchpoints through their call centre and their website.

“It is necessary to think in new and different ways, research and development and sustainability are the factors that determine our success, opening new opportunities for growth and greater profitability and transforming our business from help desk concept to one-click access to our service to corporate employees, corporate and residential properties” avows Bhaskar. 

The success of the business is quantified by two major factors the trustworthiness the clients have on services and the loyalty of its employees. Timesol as an organization values its employees and encourages an open door policy where every employee is given equal preference.


Timesol provides its customized services to all categories of clients be it an SME, FMCG, Manufacturing setup, Retail, Real estate or MNC. They thrive on the proposition of growth and expansion, the company never stops in developing new strategies that would give an easy reach to client services. Transparency and service excellence is the core ethos when it comes to clients.

Bhaskar further states, “Timesol is the only organization that provides a combo package of concierge and AMC to the SME and the Residential segment that provides a cost-effective solution for the clientele to handle their assets at the same time have their works effectively handled without any hassle; we are also in the path to provide services 24/7 with a call centre to take up any request at any time for any of our customers/clientele.” 


The success of any business doesn’t depend on the time; it is purely based on the right product/service, the right plan of execution and the right attitude to carry out the business. And carrying this ethic, Timesol has earned a number of cookies under their banner i.e. “The Best Corporate Concierge Service – India” by Lux life Magazine, “The South India’s Most Promising Brand” by the Global Real Estate Congress and “Top 10 Facilities Management Companies to Look For-2019” by the insight success magazine.


Timesol creates a specialized array of services that helps them maintain the status of the ‘Best brand’ and balance between its client’s personal and official life that increases efficiency in business administration and to ensure that Timesol provides unmatched services operating in four major dimensions of business;

Family reliable and cost-effective Concierge services for employees, Corporate Support Services to maximize the efficiency and the profitability of a company with on-site support service, Facility Management to provide a custom-made service to suit client needs, and Human Resource service to keep the cost of manpower and the bordering activities at a marginal rate with an increase in the influence of the work that is done.


The company envisions being globally renowned for complete service solutions for individuals and corporate entities. They have ethics and professionalism imbibed in core values prioritizing the client needs adhering to required standards building long-term relationships by expanding expertise.

“A happy and satisfied employee is an engaged employee. We take pleasure in being the pioneer in introducing retail AMC that supports the brands to handle their assets from furniture to fixtures through a handheld device. Everything the retail stores need to provide the ‘WOW’ feeling to their customers can be handled by us, upholding their brand value” proudly states Bhaskar.

The organizations that prevail in the market are the ones that can adapt to the change in conditions and that which can provide any additional value to the customers and clients and that is what Timesol is all about.

“The advent of technology has given start-ups a place to expand and compete in the market,” wraps Bhaskar.

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