Sunmatic Technologies: knitting innovation and excellence in solutions to break new grounds in digital marketing

Sunmatic Technologies: knitting innovation and excellence in solutions to break new grounds in digital marketing

Digital revolution has sparked a metamorphic transformation in the world of marketing which entails substantial evolvement in consumer behaviour; significantly reshaping the credos of trust that drove relationship of a brand with a consumer and his loyalty. With a multitude of channels available for customer engagement, what turns out to be the greatest challenge is establishing a great brand presence and visibility. Moreover, amidst such a fierce competition fulfilling what customers expect requires an extremely careful strategy and execution; specially, when consumers are empowered with a lot of choices for their needs. With revolutionised marketing methods facilitated with robust social networking, the consumers now hold the ultimate power to give acceptance to a brand; and build or break its image. Such an aggressive scenario has compelled businesses to work their ways through agile strategies. They are jostling to survive, to sustain and reach the top. However, they mustn’t forget that the cornerstone to customer loyalty still remains the trust, which being redefined, dictates the need for adaptability with constant advancements along with and towards bestowing a great service and experience to the customer.

Sunmatic Technologies’ emergence as one of the most trustworthy partnership for online marketing & technology services stems from the firm’s groundbreaking expertise in customer acquisition through online marketing channels. Sunmatic’s branding as a techno-financial expert to businesses bespeaks of flawless end-to-end management of assignments ensuring clients best return on investment at peerless costs.

What positions Sunmatic at the forefront of innovation and performance excellence is that the firm thrives as the only entity in this space that provides performance based marketing campaigns on Google Adwords at one third of the costs at which it is available in the market. In its small journey, the company has successfully carved a niche as one stop digital marketing shop for verticals as diverse as Insurance, BSFI, Real Estate, Health Care and Education. Some of the topnotch players from Insurance sector adorn the company’s rich clientele.

Besides, the company operates two online subsidiaries namely and While brings to the customers’ table a multitude of online decision making tools and information to guide them on the right decision on insurance, advocates ‘Every Rupee Counts, Keep Saving’ and offers information along with best deals on offer on Travel, Loans, Healthcare and education etc.

With avid and highly skilled online marketers bringing to the team profound prowess, the firm is on a mission to empower businesses driving their sales high and fetching the maximum value for them. During a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Krishan Dwivedi – Founder & Director at Sunmatic shares, “The biggest challenge businesses face today is to get the right customer for their product at the lowest possible cost; herein, lays our expertise. Performance is the core of our existence. Our entire team is driven by the goal of enabling growth for clients with new customer acquisition. Our unparalleled competence in online lead generation involves development of cutting-edge products and marketing tools dedicated to boost sales propelling engagement and conversions for our clients.”

Sunmatic’s journey traces its roots to a point of time in Krishan’s life when his entrepreneurial passion was ignited by his zeal for digital revolution. An MBA from Welingkar’s and a serial entrepreneur, Krishan was well versed with consumer behaviour and buying patterns. Soon, the core team began traversing the path of success under dynamic leadership of the founder with the promise of delivering perfection consistently; strictly adhering to innovation and the key values of highest standards of quality, integrity, transparency and client centricity. In line with the vision that sparked this journey, the team kept a steadfast devotion to grow as the most reliable services provider. “Customers are the reason we exist. They are our only source of funding. So, whatever we do is always focused towards achieving our customers’ goal.”

Sunmatic took its baby steps catering to the needs of clients from BFSI vertical. The company’s initial phase witnessed every challenge that a startup is exposed to yet the major one was earning clients’ trust and getting them onboard. However, the robust team with confidence backed by mastery rooted in rich experience succeeded in earning trust of the clients with their remarkable efforts. At the beginning, service offerings included email marketing and SMS marketing. The high dependency on third-party vendors made it difficult to hand over the quality of the work that was committed to them. “We had to make a tough call to offer our clients a better solution to help them generate best quality sales leads and a platform which has scale. Within 6 months we shifted our entire platform to search engines like Adwords and social media marketing where we can measure, optimism and scale.”

This proved to be a turning point in Sunmatic’s journey as it led to its establishment as an emerging leader providing ingenious, proven and highly-effective solutions at pay for performance advertising model at one-third of the costs of what prominent advertising or media agencies have been charging.

Speaking of the company’s image as a trusted brand, Krishan shares, “Our un-compromised focus on innovation, creative excellence, and superior customer service driven by the motive of delivering maximum value to clients has translated into our outstanding performance. Today, we thrive as a strong brand in the market. We could come so far in our journey because of the faith and trust bestowed upon us by our clients. We want to be acknowledged as the most trusted destination where clients can come to for their marketing and brand building needs. Holding tight to our pledge, we envision reaching a paramount position so that every stake holder; be it clients, suppliers, vendors or employees take pride in being a part of Sunmatic.”

In the years to come, Sunmatic is set to follow a strategic roadmap that manoeuvres its fast paced growth towards expanding footprints across some more business verticals.  Beyond that, plans for extending reach into US and UK online performance marketing space are soon to unfold.

Words of Wisdom

“Focus on cash flow of your business from day one. Begin your journey with the questions why you want to do it; how are you going to do it and what should be done to avoid failures. The road to entrepreneurial success requires unyielding determination and hardwork; so be prepared!” – says Krishan Founder & Director at Sunmatic Technologies

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