StudioXP: the Brand leader thriving on out-of-the-box concepts and their outstanding delivery

StudioXP: the Brand leader thriving on out-of-the-box concepts and their outstanding delivery

With increased globalization of Indian economy fueled by innovation and prolific advancements in technology, diverse industry landscapes are being swarmed with legion of players. In such a disruptive business scenario, the average consumer holds the ultimate power to drive business success with a vast array to choose from. Moreover, consumers, today, are enabled with social and mobile technology at their fingertips. This gives them the freedom to expound about their experiences with a company’s service which plays a very crucial role in building perception for a business as a brand. Hence, the fact that organizations with customer relationships in fine feather enjoy sustainable growth goes absolutely indubitable. Since time immemorial, the key to nurturing good relationships with customers has beengrounded on the one and only concept –trust; that emanates from the age old business virtues of great service, transparency and integrity.

In this issue dedicated to recognize some of the most trusted brands in the nation, The CEO Magazine presents the story of StudioXP Management Consultants narrating about the company’s emergence as one of the best brands known for their unfailing reliability. StudioXP is ideally positioned as a frontrunner in Design and Construction Management Consultancy having been at the vanguard of innovation and inculcating best practices in the industry.The firm’s grand portfolio enveloping a broad spectrum of solutions for Interior Design Consultancy, Project & Construction Management, Cost Audit Consultancy, and Design & Build services largely caters to Corporates and Commercial sector.

StudioXP’s exclusive image as a trustworthy brand stems from the entire team’s uncompromised commitment to deliver on its promises with excellence. In a short span of time, the company has successfully hit the topspot carving a niche as one of the most preferred destinations for flawless and end to end management of large scale projects.A clientele that stands out being adorned with several global giants from diverse industry verticals bears testimony to this fact. Some of them who have entrusted the StudioXP for their critical needs time and again includeCentrum, Dell, HCL, Jakson, Huawei, Ericsson, Kronos, Fortis Healthcare, Reliance, Sahara and many more.

The foundation of StudioXP was laid in 2011 with the mission of bringing to the clients’ table a wide array of innovative solutions that would be delivered tailor-made to ensure a great customer –experience.The initial spark that fueled the founder, Koheli Puri’s entrepreneurial journey came from herprofound insight that found its way in her deep understanding of the norms of corporate world. She could foresee the dire need for harmonious interplay across resources in organizations. During a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Koheli shares, “While working as a professional in corporate Industry in various reputed organizations, I always found them biased towards either process oriented or people driven approach. Being a good administrator, I always wanted to strike a right balance between people and process in an organization. This could only be possible with a venture of my own.”

Making of the brand

Thus, the journey began with the founders’ campaign to build a powerful team with every member adding to its dynamic expertise while standing by the core values of Accountability, Commitment, Innovation, Responsibility and Quality. The foremost challenge Koheli faced was to find right people for key positions; who can align themselves with the Company’s Vision and Mission. However, it didn’t take much time and soon the operations began from the state-of-the-artoffice space located in Patparganj, New Delhi.The core team leveraged its profound expertise rooted in rich industrial experience to develop unprecedented solutions geared to serve every critical need and overcome every pitfall usually prevailing in robust and successful management of grand projects right from their conceptualization to completion.

With a very strong and dedicated team onboard, the firm thrivingly cracked the code to success in the initial phase of its journey. The core team’s impressive confidence backed by its rich and diversified industrial experience coupled with convincing value proposition led to association with a very prestigious clientelein the year of beginning itself. It got to work with brands like Fortis, HCL, Citibank, Huawei, Dell India and many more for some their significant projects. Each and every project proved to be a milestone; winning a lot of applauds for the delivery of excellence. This nurtured the team’s motivation to keep up the good work and continue to deliver as per commitment.A steadfast devotion to outstanding performance became the foremost strategy on which StudioXP fundamentally banked upon for business growth. Themotive was to let the work speak for itself and this eventually translated into perfection and preeminence; bringing more business through word of mouth referrals.

As they say, no great success was ever achieved without failure. Traversing the entrepreneurial journey was never always smooth for Koheli. There were hurdles that curbed the proactive growth of the firm. However, her unfaltering adherence to the purpose always kept her motivated to win over circumstances. She says, “It never happens that all your approaches are fruitful for the company’s future aspects but the ones in which we fail in our goals, do teach us a lot and become stepping stones for our forthcoming endeavors.”

Studio XP’s seven year longincredible journeychalks up phenomenal success having pulled off several distinguished projects. Some of the major ones that sharply demonstrate the firm’s supremacy have been the Customer Experience Centre for HCL and Kronos;Sports Bar for Kronos at Okaya Towers and Epicuria the Food Mall, acknowledged for design innovation and creativity. One of the greatest accomplishments has been designing and management ofa property of Crown PlazaHotel Group, an international chain of hotels in Noida. The project registered StudioXP’s leading presence on the international platform withmassive recognition for an unparalleled and innovative Guest room design. The firm was recently chosen to do a peer review of U.S. Architects designing a facility in U.S. for one of the renowned corporates.

With such prominence enabled with a pan India footprint, today, StudioXP has been crowned an industry leader. The sustainability of this leadership in Indianpanorama is consolidated by the trust factor that enwraps brand image and resonates with the clients; radiating from the firm’s pledge for excellence.The firm has been acknowledged with numerous accolades on prestigious platforms for Innovative design and Project Delivery. The award of ‘Brand Image & Brand Leaders in India – UAE business forum 2017: Industry – Interior Design’ has been the greatest achievement that opened promising avenues for StudioXP’s global leadership. The firm was chosen for this recognition among topnotch service providers across Asia & GCC.

Words of Wisdom

“Be receptive to clients’ feedback to cater to their needs well; deliver what you havecommitted!”

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