Rigil Biotech shines bringing in Steviocal – India’s first completely natural zero calorie sweetener packed with enormous health benefits

Rigil Biotech shines bringing in Steviocal – India’s first completely natural zero calorie sweetener packed with enormous health benefits

The dawn of this century witnessed the world stepping into an era of entrepreneurship, driven by Innovation and taking it to a new level. This fueled the entrepreneurial desire to break new grounds with innovative strides towards addressing some critical global problems. The CEO Magazine dedicates this issue –‘Brand of the Year’ to chronicle such stories and celebrate the efforts of some of those remarkable startups that will shine in the universe of entrepreneurship for their phenomenal endeavor towards addressing some challenging issues that we face.

One of these gems, Rigil BiotechPrivate Limitedpioneered the development and integration of the total supply chain for promoting the business domain for Stevia products in India,the diabetes capital of the world. Incorporated in 2004, the company aimed to introduce Stevia based natural sweetener that brings a host of health benefits over other artificial sweeteners; and is must-keep not only for diabetics but anyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Years of research on developing a compelling product fetched rewarding results with the launch of Stevi0cal ‘Naturally Sweet’ – India’s first zero-calorie, zero-carbohydrate, non-glycemic response sweetener. The product answers the dilemma that people face while using sugar or artificial sweeteners in their food; and is a great solution to their need for much more healthy and natural choices. Recounting the initial phase of the company’s journey, Mr. Shivendrra Srivastava – Founder & Managing Director at Rigil Biotech shares, “Rigil Biotech took shape in 2004 with the vision of developing Stevia based sugar substitutes that would ensure numerous benefits to people’s health in prolonged use.The activities related to promoting Stevia based Natural Sweetener had to be undertaken in different phases, which would essentially be determined by the evolving market scenario for such products in India.The first phase involved manufacturing of Stevia based natural sweeteners in India and initiate R&D activities for enhancing the product attributes and development of new product variants.The objectives lead to development and premier launch product Stevi0cal ‘Naturally Sweet”.

Stevi0cal – the ‘Next Generation Sweetener’

  • Leaf Extract derived from one of the most health restoring plants on earth
  • CompletelyNatural Sweetener with no health related warnings of any kind
  • Zero Calories
  • Boon for diabetes and obesity
  • Significant reduction in Blood Sugar Levels
  • Suitable for cooking & baking at high temperature (246˚C)
  • No artificial/synthetic coloring or flavoring
  • Pleasant Taste
  • Anti-bacterial properties – inhibits tooth decay and gum disease

Having obtained a firm footing in the Indian market, Rigil Biotech has built an impressive portfolio that is symbolic of its grand reputation in this journey.  The company under the brand name of Steviocal has offered new products that are aimed at fulfilling diverse consumer needs. Speaking about the exclusivity of these products, Mr. Srivastava adds, “Steviocalproducts offer a new dimension to thenatural taste.The strategic focus on Product Development & Formulation helps us in developing industry specific product solutions. These natural sweeteners have already replaced the high-calorie table sugar from homes, hotels, railways, airlines, restaurant chains, hospitals and such places. Steviocal products also have a wide applicability as a food additive for a broad spectrum of industries including Food Processing, Pharmaceutical & FMCG (tooth paste, mouth wash, Low Calorie Drinks and such).”

Steviocal’s clientele is studded with corporate giants and big players of Modern trade outlets, pharmacies, leading online retail chains; hotel chains and hospital chains; as well as leading Indian Railways caterers such as Shatabdi and Rajdhani. The most prominent ones include Food Hall, Future Retail, Spencer’s, Tata Trent, Hypercity, Natures Basket, Reliance CNC, Fortis, Max, Apollo, Religare, 98.4, Apollo, Med plus, Healthkart, Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal, Shopclues, ITC Hotels, Oberoi Hotels, Leela Hotels.

Mantra that drives Steviocal’s Success

Rigil Biotech leaves an indelible mark in the Indian healthcare landscape by providing innovative and groundbreaking products that meet demands of millions of people successfully. At a time when awareness about Health and Wellness has broadly influenced consumer preferences, the company invests the best of its efforts towards creating cost efficient, high-quality and sustainable products that encourage a healthy lifestyle. Speaking of Rigil Biotech’s R&D success, Mr. Srivastava adds, “Health and Wellness is hugely shaping consumer preferences; offering innovative health product solutions involves a three-pronged strategy: influence the health conscious end-user, ensure quality and availability, and continuous R&D efforts for developing more innovative health products.”

Steviocal has been doing a lot of groundwork towards launching more products for convenient usage of this zero calorie natural sweetener. The products in pipeline are – Stevi0cal Liquid (Natural sweetener liquid drops developed having purest form of Stevia), Stevi0cal-Spoonable (Natural sweetener designed for use at home to spoon and sprinkle right amount of sweetener in desserts and home preparations), Stevi0cal-Baking Blends (Baking Blend combines natural sweetener with other low calorie sweeteners for use in baking application) and Stevi0cal Tea (Green Tea and Masala Tea combined with natural sweetener).

Unfolding the future

The company has already conquered a significant portion of the market. This has been largely driven by its strict adherence to innovation to this space coupled with heightened awareness in people about going natural. Rigil Biotech has been treading on a well planned path towards achieving what the company has envisioned. Keeping a strong focus on Research & Development, the company would bring in new products in the niche categories wherein the company has first mover advantage. Also, it will venture into new variants. Speaking of some more plans of Rigil Biotech, Mr. Srivastava briefs, “We will pursueproduct development in the niche category. Hence, increasing the awareness level for Stevia Products in generic and branded form is one of our prime concerns towards promoting the consumption in institutional and consumer segment. Also, we have been investing on promoting Stevia cultivation through suitable models. This would enhance opportunities for the product in domestic and international market. We are all set to set-up an extraction plant. We are keen on pursuing Research & Development in the area of extraction, plantation and developing new formulations for Stevia products so as to ascend the value chain and increase the competitiveness of the products of Indian origin in the international market.”

Inspirational leadership

Shivendra Srivastava – Founder & Managing Director @ Rigil Biotech

Shivendra has a Master’s Degree in Physics with specialization in Electronics. He did his MBA in International Marketing. He started his career in the field of International Business Development, and Sales & Marketing with special projects on developing New Markets, Product Development, and start-up Operations. His entrepreneurial journey was not an accident, it was a conscious call to do something innovative, and contribute his bit to the society. There have been no drastic turning points on this journey; everything has been gradual and achieved through sheer hard work, learning and improving along the way. That it requires patience and huge self-motivation to reach this level goes without saying.

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