“We are here for a change and we will, truly in spirits and deeds. Watch us as we evolve as a great technology company with a cause to change the world with innovative technology”

Suresh Elangovan.

The establishment of a brand is validated when it serves its purpose of delivering the services, needs, expectations that it intended to, diligently of the end-user and Mindlogicx has aced that game.

The well-established brand name, Mindlogicx is the brainchild of Suresh Elangovan, the Founder and chairman of the company. Under his successful supervision, the company has serviced over 5.5 million users over the years. It has established itself as a robust, scalable and trustworthy brand for any exam conducting bodies for carrying out their high-stake examination processes, be it paper and pen-based or online exams or test prep exams.


Suresh Elangovan, the Founder of Mindlogicx is an engineer by qualification, software architect by profession and a perfectionist by practice, he lives by the code of conduct to build technologies that have a soul and connect with the customers giving a human touch to the whole user experience. Above all, he is the architect of the world’s first integrated examination management system called IntelliEXAMS® that has created a market that never existed before.

Kunal Mondal, Director (Technology Interface), Mindlogicx, is a strong techno-commercial professional who straddles between technology & business effortlessly. With 2 decades of industry experience spanning across various roles, he has worked in both Indian and International assignments in domains like Education, Logistics & SCM, CRM, Agri Marketing & Traceability using Open Source, Oracle and Microsoft technologies

The company today serves the clients with its innovative product suite called IntelliEXAMS® which is simply a “must-have” for a trusted technology platform to address pain areas such as QP leakage, impersonation, and scams during the evaluation, tampering of transcripts and high-stake certificates, etc.


The products and solutions offered by Mindlogicx deliver sustainable value to the customers and meticulously meet their requirements by offering state of the art technologies. Their technology suite diligently addresses the examination related scams.

Suresh states, “We have created a global footprint in the EdTech domain with our innovation-driven products and services. We anticipate the changing technology and design our solutions and products to be future proof. We are a ‘One-Stop-Solution’ to Automate Examination Process seamlessly. Over the years Mindlogicx implanted their technologies to large universities, school boards, and international schools and added significant value to the clients.”

The company also offers the best of its class technology solutions for knowledge management & delivery, skills enhancement, and social connections through an intelligent platform encompassing all the stakeholders –tightly integrated and interwoven as the single largest technology platform known as VEDAS®.


The idea to build an integrated examination management system (EMS) was coined during 2008 when the company found there was a dire need to build a technology to address societal issues. The company created a mark that never existed before and thus became the pioneer in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Today, the audiences of the brand are students who take high stake exams in the universities and school boards. They have expanded their target audience by rolling out services for non-academic segments such as recruitment boards, coaching institutes and even corporations that want to conduct assessments in a distributed environment.

“The target audience is from closed-loop market segment consisting of large universities mandated to conduct exams and award degrees and students of school boards who have to get into higher education institutions” further adds Suresh. 


Mindlogicx uses all digital marketing techniques like SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Paid Campaigns, PR along with offline things like attending global EdTech events. The online assessment is a significant technological advancement that has evolved over the years in the education system. Conducting examinations in a distributed landscape nowadays are not painful and cumbersome as it used to be before since the technology has revolutionized the whole examination delivery ecosystem. Conducting high stake exams using technology has become easier today as it addresses the pain areas.

Suresh affirms, “Using our technology Exams can be conducted on cross platforms such as Windows OS, Android OS, and iOS, besides enabling the users to adopt the same on multiple devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and mobiles, etc.” 


The industry continues to evolve with the advancement of technologies in cloud, IIOT, mobile apps, etc. With the advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and NLP the industry is geared for a real game-changer.

At Mindlogicx, it is sincerely believed that the industry should change with the pace in adopting the technology progressively. The pace of technology adoption is not in pace with the technology evolution for which there need to be policy changes besides the change in the mindset of the academic administrators and policymakers. It’s hard but doable.


Suresh clarifies, “For a matter of fact we don’t see any serious competition in this market segment since we have pioneered the product and continue to maintain a near-monopoly in the market by continuous innovation and new product offerings and deliveries such as cloud-enabled, a mobile app powered, etc.” 

The hurdle for the company was mostly of sensitizing the clients while they launched the product but that is given now and they are known as a company that can truly add value to the clients by way of bringing in transparency, efficiency, and ease of operations while conducting the high stake exams in a distributed environment.


It’s all about identifying the need and filling the void! Mindlogicx has been extremely innovative and continues to be so – in rolling out products and business models as well. And hence they are associated with Universities, International Schools, Coaching Institutes, Individual Tutors, School Boards, Recruitment Boards & Competitive Exam Boards, corporate who want to conduct paper and pen-based exams, online exams and test prep exams in a distributed environment.

Innovation is in the DNA of Mindlogicx. Interpreting knowledge and powering competency of the clients using innovative technologies is their mission. As a corporate, they believe “we need to make the change that we have been looking for” and they are committed to doing so.


Since the products and solutions offered by Mindlogicx deliver sustainable value to the customers and diligently meet their requirements by offering state of the art technologies and continue to innovate, they believe and are confident of achieving the status that they rightfully deserve.

They are ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management Service (QMS) and ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security and Management System (ISMS). They have been recognized with Red Herring Asia 100 Award Winner in September 2016, Manila, Philippines, “The Best Solution of the Year” instituted by itVARnews in June 2016, Emerge 50 Award winner from NASSCOM in 2015 and more. 


“We follow certain value system that is closer to our heart such as innovation, value creation and ease of use with the best breed of technology like cloud, mobile app, and IIOT” avows Suresh. 

The compliances at Mindlogicx are of international standards that ensure zero tolerance to breach of data, the sanctity of the exam process. They offer data on-demand through the cross-platform and seamless transition across multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, etc.

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