From the very independence of the country, the Indian primary sector including agriculture, poultry, and fishing has been contributing the highest to the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) providing raw materials for other sectors. While over the years, various brands have entered the industry, a two-decade-old path-breaking brand, Anmol Feeds co-founded by the visionary Amit Saraogi in 2000 has revolutionized the industry.

A novel brand in the industry, with a single unit in Muzaffarpur, Bihar offering livestock solutions to farmers, Anmol Feeds sustained its brand growth in northward trajectory while being in sync with its high standards. Today, the brand is an ISO Certified Company with its corporate office in Kolkata and manufacturing units in different states across the country. Anmol Feeds has undertaken measurable efforts to nourish India’s livestock, poultry and fisheries and enable farmers to lead a life of prosperity.

In the largely dominated unorganised market that addresses merely the tangible benefits to its consumers, Anmol Feeds launched NOURITURE with its new product packaging and a modern logo as a flagship anchor brand to disrupt the market which promises intangible and tangible value to the defined customer base.

One of the leading names in the poultry, cattle and aqua feed industry, Nouriture is a corporate brand created to embrace change to ensure progress while bringing all stakeholders and associates under one umbrella and function as a leader brand. Nouriture aims to be in connecting at all touchpoints of rural entrepreneurs and farming community to help them grow their business by providing tailor-made solutions for livestock farming.

The Team

The brand has been ensuring its growth with thought-led marketing and strategic tie-ups along with ensuring efficient and seamless end to end communication with its strong and robust team. Being identified as ‘Brand of the Year’ recognises the effort put in by the team of Anmol Feeds who have worked tirelessly ensuring brand awareness in the changing dynamics of the livestock feed industry. Delivering the solutions across India, the team of 1000 employees caters to 19 Indian states working with more than 50,000 farmer families.

The Business Model

Having travelled across the globe, Amit Saraogi, Managing Director, Anmol Feeds has gathered distinct business acumen which helped him leading the brand with an approach that constantly encourages innovation and evolution in building the brand further. With an aim to meet the inherent demand and supply gap, the brand has been providing farmers with the compound feeds leading to a consistent rise in their income and the produce. Being in the industry for over 20 years, Anmol Feeds has developed specific core competencies to understand the challenges faced by the farmers and thereby offer solutions, enabling the farmers to make commercial gains from livestock farming.

The Target Audience

Nouriture has been working with farmers with knowledge-based advice and solutions along with ensuring that they eventually accept and adopt modern farming techniques like the use of compound feeds in livestock farming for improved profits. The brand helps in bridging the gap for the rural entrepreneurs and farming community crafting tailor-made solutions for livestock farming.

Amit Saraogi, Managing Director, Anmol Feeds sharing his views on delivering value-driven products, states, “While the livestock farmers are warming up to the idea of using the compound feed to boost their income in a structured manner, the brand is supporting them with the timely product delivery, after-sales support and technical knowhow for livestock farmers.”


Internet of Things (IoT) based feed systems may enhance the flow of detail throughout the various steps of the food chain when the farm, feed mill, processing plant and consumers are connected. The technology scenario is India being in the nascent stage holds the potential to meet the farmer’s problems. It benefits in monitoring or collecting information through a single source to farmers. The technology enables mirroring of the demand with the feed availability along with providing insight for necessary changes in diet strategy by measuring environmental gases, excretion on land and other biological and chemical parameters.

Transforming as a Brand

Over the two decades’ journey, the brand has changed the narrative of the industry with the modern technologies innovative practices and policies for improved breeding, feeding, animal health care, management and trade. It continues the journey with a progressive, eco-friendly and sustainable production mechanism of animal feeds, aiming at achieving progress and prosperity for all its stakeholders. With innovative campaigns to reach out to the target audience ensuring rich dividends, the brand has also started a new chapter with a new state-of-the-art-plant at Panchla, West Bengal for aqua feed.

Internationally the brand has promising growth opportunities in countries with economies based on agriculture like Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

The Industry Remodelling

Over the decades, with the rise in disposable incomes, there has been a rise in demand for animal protein worldwide including livestock, dairy and fish. Aligned with becoming more organised, the industry promises an optimistic amount of growth potential. As per the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the demand for food by 2050 might grow by 60-62%, production of animal proteins is expected to grow by around 1.7-1.8% per year between 2010 and 2050; meat production is projected to rise by nearly 70-71%, aquaculture by 89-90% and dairy by 54-56%. The growth figures imply that production requirements might double by that period and the brand is focusing its efforts to realise the potential.

Core Values Shaping Anmol Feeds

Committed: The brand has an unwavering commitment for enrichment, uplifting progress and future-readiness along with a commitment to the livestock farmers.

Compassionate: Understanding the farmers and their needs along with safeguarding and boosting their well-being is ensured in every action of the brand.

Inclusive – The brand works with consumers, stakeholders and employees to achieve the collective goal including everyone in its quest for success and glory.

Open Minded – The brand is open to embracing new thoughts and ideas, understanding farmers’ problems and finding innovative solutions.

Reliable – In the course of its journey, the brand tends to take a sense of responsibility and reliability towards its partners, stakeholders or consumers.

Expanding the Success and Milestones

Driven by Amit Saraogi’s leadership skills, the brand has a string of prestigious awards including ‘Dream Companies to Work for Award 2019’ by World HRD Congress & CHRO Asia at Mumbai, ‘West Bengal Best Employer Brand Award 2018’ by CHRO Asia, ‘Best Upcoming Fish Feed Miller Award’ 2018 by Aqua International, ‘Prestigious Rising Brand of Asia 2018’ by Herald Global at Dubai, ‘Manufacturing Excellence for MSMEs Award 2016’ by BCC&I, ‘Best SME of 2014 by the Telegraph INFOCOM SME’, and ‘Emerging Asian Feed Miller Award 2013’ in VIV Asia at Bangkok.

“We have experienced a very exciting two-decade-old journey, learning a lot from the challenges encountered. We are now working towards building onto this legacy in order to achieve further milestones in our next phase of growth.” Amit Saraogi

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