“For Customers, RUOSH is an expression of themselves and their styles, and it is something that we take pride in”

RUOSH: shoes that speak quality, class and attitude

“For Customers, RUOSH is an expression of themselves and their styles, and it is something that we take pride in”

A scoop of words with Mridumesh Rai, President – Group Office Sara Futura and an ‘accidental retailer’

Surprisingly, his journey with the brand Ruosh (r-o-o-s-h) hit the road as a customer! And today, this man captains the ship as the President-Group Office Sara Futura. He is Mridumesh Rai, a man of simple words, who is easy to reach and doesn’t play the ego card and undoubtedly, can leave a mark on anyone while jovially talking about his visions and ideas. Mridumesh’s coupled with the group in early 2017 with the mandate of significantly scaling up the Lifestyle Business of the group. Samar Lifestyle, Group’s management entity into Lifestyle retailing has transformed from retailing Ruosh to a strong portfolio of brands like Florsheim, Attilio, and Love Moschino with couple of other international brands signed up and ready to launch business in India in 2019. With a play across price points and categories, this lays a strong foundation for growth of Samar Lifestyle Business, across all channels.

Sara Suole is an eminent leader within the Indian footwear export horizon, well known for manufacturing shoes for brands like Clarks, Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole, Gabor, Cole Haan. Proudly shouldering deftness in the shoe manufacturing, Sara Suole brought its own line in 2011. While sewing finesse, fine craftsmanship and quality, things just snowballed for the brand and today, RUOSH has positioned itself as a Global Indian brand known for its premium leather handcrafted shoe(s) range. Today, RUOSH caters to every inch of a global Indian customer’s accessories. Authentically Indian, the brand understands the desideratum of the discerning Indian customer who enjoys quality, workmanship, and performance.

RUOSH: a confluence of quality, workmanship, and performance

Product Attributes

Ruosh designers carefully select elements that embellish the shoe’s aesthetic appeal while also providing superior comfort.


Conceptualized & designed in the brand’s design studio in Florence, Italy


Crafted from one piece of leather for a snug fit and that exclusive seamless look.


Crafted using leathers with exquisite textures & finishes like Two-Tone, Burnished & Patent.


Handcrafted using 100% real leather


Hand stitched for high flexibility and a snug fit


Crafted using milled leather which camouflages the wrinkles


Built-in full cushion in-sole for all-day comfort


Especially designed for wider feet to ensure a perfect & comfortable fit.


Suitable for irregular surfaces & provide extra grip


Made from light & flexible soles for all-day comfort.


Product Line of The Brand

  • Work, Occasion, Casual and Open Footwear

Combining top quality and craftsmanship,

RUOSH as a brand nestles a rich history of shoemaking experience. “A Ruosh product is a combination of tradition and experience of shoemaking as well as our understanding of the evolving lifestyle of India consumer to create a perfect pair. Master craftsmen breathe life into every shoe that bears the RUOSH logo. We strive to maintain that perfect symphony between modern techniques in shoemaking and the traditional finesse of handcrafted shoes. In fact, our moccasins are still hand stitched in the traditional way. It fills us with pride that every shoe that sits in our stores is of unmatched quality. And with the right attention and a little care, you can enjoy your pair of RUOSH shoes for a very long time. We are proud to be ‘premium shoe stylists’ in a crowd of ‘premium shoe manufacturers’.  Mridumesh sketches the adroitness of the brand in few sentences.

A conversation of Inspiration! A perfect title for the candid conversation with Mridumesh.

We sat down with the leader to soak up more information on RUOSH.

Here are the edited

Excerpts of the candid conversation.

Why is RUOSH so successful in the industry? What are the secret ingredients? 

Ruosh was conceived by our MD, Mr Kayum Dhannai, who is passionate about beautiful shoes and that philosophy has been driving the brand since its inception. Ruosh literally means Passion in Sanskrit, and since the brand launch this was reflected in our products, store ambience and customer service. This very sharp and consistent positioning around Design and Craftsmanship has given Ruosh a unique identity and established it as a thought leader be it introducing Tans and Brown in 2011 or Cork Footbed Sandals in 2018. This focus on product excellence has been the key to success of Ruosh.

We strive to keep ourselves abreast of evolving needs of discerning customers and ensure each of the product carries the Ruosh signature of Craftsmanship, while guaranteeing comfort and unmatched quality. This relentless pursuit of finding the latest in footwear technology to combine with shoe craftsmanship and matching it to needs of modern “Multiliving” customer is our success mantra.

What makes RUOSH different compared to any other brand?

In a category where most of the brands have focused on providing only functional benefits to the consumer, Ruosh recognized the aspiration of Indian consumers to have aspirational lifestyle and brought it alive in footwear. Today Ruosh is the default choice of anyone aiming to make an impression, be it in the board room, ball room or beach party.

Driven by the philosophy of “Beautiful by Design even our core products have design details to elevate the everyday while our SIGNATURE products like Classics and Club/Occasion/Wedding range are a celebration of the art of craftsmanship and engineered sophisticated design. Overall it’s our products, that make us different and our customer’s favorite.

What does RUOSH have in store for 2019? Any new launches to look forward to?

As part of our internal Ruosh2.0 project we have gone back to the drawing board to create a product range that meets the Urban Indian customer’s need comprehensively. Today Ruosh offers products for Men and Women, we offer Shoes and all other accessories like Belts/ Wallets/ Bags etc. and for all occasions from Work to Casual to Special Occasion.

Our biggest collection of SS19 would be AIRCUBETM. It is a unique collection of dress and dress casual shoes for men on the go. Aircube is the next generation of comfortable shoes with an Airpad at its heel which gives one unparalleled comfort until long hours of being on one’s feet. We have recently launched ERGOTECH, a revolutionary comfort technology that’s designed keeping in mind the natural movements of the human foot. Every ERGOtech shoe is designed to provide supreme comfort and style. Suited up FROM OFFICE-HOURS TO AFTER-HOURS, we want to make those wee long office-hours a cakewalk. Leap forward with ERGOTECH, RUOSH’s answer to all your comfort woes. This is not just an innovation, it’s a hand-crafted revolution. The new ERGOtech shoe sports a specially engineered sole for greater flexibility. It offers a contoured footbed with extra bounce for supreme comfort. Finally, it offers a perfect fit, exclusively developed in Italy. So, now you can waltz from office-hours to after-hours with effortless ease.

We also went ahead and hand-crafted the RUOSH ERGOTECH shoe in classic designs. Choose from a Double Monk or a lace-up, these pairs are truly most-wanted thanks to their dual tone shades. Just buckle up this Tan Double Monk and let comfort sweep you off your feet!

Another creation, CYGNA is all about comfort, with a cork footbed that takes shape of your foot, providing a fit as unique as your foot, while keeping your feel looking very stylish.

Ruosh has been a category leader in driving shoes and our new range of driving shoes comes in range of attractive design with play of colors across contrast soles and dual color uppers. A hit amongst the young and stylish Ruosh customers, these are perfect from both functional and lifestyle perspective for those long drives or an urban evening out.

Further, we are coming up with a new concept, RUOSH lover’s club to hear stories of our customers and their love affair with RUOSH.

India is a very diverse market with huge opportunity in every consumer segment. At the same time we recognize that it’s imperative for a brand to have a sharp positioning.  Hence, we are creating a portfolio of brands which will establish Samar lifestyle as a leader in the footwear category in India. We are growing well and have built enough benchmarks. We are ready to create a few more!


During a professional stint of almost 2 decades, Mridumesh has donned various roles in the retail and manufacturing industry while working with leading Indian and International lifestyle brands like GAP, Park Avenue, The Children’s Place, Next UK and Globus etc.,. A keen observer of consumer behavior and retail trends across the globe during his travel, Mridumesh considers himself a student of retail and believes consumer behaviors across the globe are more similar than people normally tend to believe.

He is passionate about Travelling and is a flirtatious Reader J!

Favorite Shoe from the brand


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