Ex Microsoft and Intel alumnus Ramakrishna Chiniarlapalla fronts Spoors Technology to be one-stop shopto build futuristic mobile workforce 

Ex Microsoft and Intel alumnus Ramakrishna Chiniarlapalla fronts

Spoors Technology to be one-stop shopto build futuristic mobile workforce 

Located in the city of pearls – Hyderabad, and fronted by an Intels’s insider Ramakrishna Chiniarlapalla, Spoors Technology Solutions is known for its flexible, domain-agnostic, and cloud-based solutions. These solutions help businesses maximize productivity by digitizing end-to-end enterprise workflows and processes. Right from the time of its inception in 2012, Spoors has almost been on a meteoric rise. They have grown leaps and bounds. Organically and inorganically. Over 120 national and international companies have chosen Spoors. Spoors has become a partner of choice of biggies like Mahindra Finance, L&T Finance, Make My Trip, TVS, Xiaomi, Godrej Agro, Goibibo, Redbus, Xerox, Global Pharma, JK seeds, Neospark, Pick Me and Vasu Group. Owing to its growth in recent times, Spoors is striving to be a one-stop shop for enterprises aiming to build a futuristic mobile workforce. The rise and rise of this firm is a result of hardwork, dedication, passionate zeal and deep industry knowledge of founder Ramakrishna Chiniarlapalla.

Ramakrishna Chiniarlapalla, founder and CEO of Spoors, is quite confident about thesuccess.Hereturns from Intel’s US office to India to work as Business Intelligence Director at Microsoft in Hyderabad.Around this time he witnesses an overall negligent attitude in vendors across sectors. In 2010, he starts Ayansys – his first entrepreneurial venture to provide custom mobile solutions. In 2012, he starts working on Spoors and formally registers Spoors Technology in the month of April, 2013.

Bonafide technocrat Ramakrishna Chiniarlapalla begins Spoors with a team of a few hungry individuals like CTOTirumala Rao Bokka, COO Vijay andChief Sales and Marketing OfficerRamanan Subramani,who want to express their knowledge with flare and freedom in the digital technology solution arena. Since the formation of the Spoors, they have grown into a team of forty five with a million dollars in revenue. The firm that values ethics and transparency, has established a sense of transparency to showcase the company performance along with finance figures and expenses on a monthly basis during theirall hands meeting. This goes to show that the culture they have is one that promotes transparency and responsibility.

“Communication in business plays a vital role, where even a small issue can escalate in no time. With a clear transparency of communication flow in different levels of organization and easy chat feature to instantly clarify doubts, we can decrease the chances of any miscommunication in the organization,” Ramakrishna Chiniarlapallaasserts.

Spoors Technology in a nutshell

Genesis: Spoors is founded by ex-Microsoft and Intel employee Ramakrishna Chiniarlapalla in 2013. Headquartered in Hyderabad Spoors has established presence in Africa, Singapore, Europe and the rest of APAC.Spoors enters the Global Market,starting from Global Pharma in Myanmar, and Ncell in Nepal in 2014. Recently the firm has rebranded itself. A lot of changes also take place in Spoors. The reflection can be seen on the web.

The firm has on-board partners like TVS, Xiaomi, Clear Trip and Godrej Agrovet . East African entities like Medon International and Njoro Cannings are also in this list.

Clients:Mahindra Finance, L&T Finance, Make My Trip, TVS, Xiaomi, Godrej Agro, Goibibo, Redbus, Xerox, Global Pharma and Vasu Group

Pocket-friendly solution: Spoors offers services at a competitive national and international rates, wherein customers can choose between a per-employee subscription model or a perpetual license for a very large workforce. EFFORTplus enables anyone to easily adapt to the features of Spoors’ platform. It can be easily used even without any technical knowledge.

Spoors’ services have scaled from tracking and monitoring to a holistic workflow management that can handle even the most complex enterprise processes. EFFORTPLUS is the biggest egg in Spoors’ basket. The moment a client is on-boarded, Spoors’ tool Effective Field Force Optimization Reporting Toolkit or EFFORT, with its nifty features, can enable productivity and improvement individually. It allows for rapid configuration, deployment, re-configuration, and re-deployment of forms and workflows on the fly.EFFORTPLUSwhich is compatible with Android and iOS both, allows rapid configuration, deployment, re-configuration and re-deployment of forms and workflows in a jiffy. Its simple set of mobile APIs can seamlessly integrate with any existing application in an organization.

The fluid nature of this SaaS based Platform EFFORTPLUSenables anyone to easily adapt to the features of their platform. No special skill or technicalknowledge is required to access it. This can be easily customized according to the need ofany type of industry or organization.

Being asked to talk about their key services, Ramakrishna Chiniarlapalla says, “being a complete Enterprise DIY, only one of its kind in the world, Spoors’ is integrable with multiple solutions like SAP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Finance for GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance).Our solution augments productivity, increases transparency and thereby maximizes growth for an organization.”

“Our pricing is one of the strong differentiators as we offer a plethora of features for the price of a burger or coffee! We have made the investment opportunities quite amenable to our client partners. Irrespective of geography, anywhere across the world, we are most competitively priced product with amazing features being offered on a completely Enterprise DIY platform.”

“It is much easier to track your employees when they are bounded by four walls. But what if they are miles away? With our EFFORTPLUS platform every manager can have now privilege to monitor the activities of their whole workforce at a glance regardless of where they are on this planet. They can track the route taken by each and every employee on the field and learn the time spent on every customer visit,” adds Ramakrishna Chiniarlapalla.

Spoors: a troubleshooter

  • Problem:) Piles of files are pending on the desk and desktop of stakeholders delaying the whole process of organization. ii.)Manual allocation or unrecorded allocation of tasks in an organization.
  • Solution:Digitizing all pen and paper process and making it traceable, scalable, optimizable with an option to automate the whole process according to any type of organizational process or structure.

2) Problem: For any B2B or B2C company the crucial aspect and the pain of every manager is to understand where they stand today, what their employees are up-to, and is their clients being treated well, in short it is the lack of real time visibility of work flow in an organization.

Solution: Fast and easy approval through Spoors’ real-time data visibility and instant actionable platform with option to notify managers and stakeholders. With a real time visibility, an organization can achieve unbelievable growth through a much thoughtful strategic management driven by data.

  • Problem: Bunks or beach side holidays in the name of field visit.

Solution: Easiest way for managers to spoor their employee’s effort towards organization and trace their commitment for the allocated task; helps organizations to increase the number of task completion per customer.

  • Problem: Problem of fixing the crack and satisfying the pissed off customers.

Solution: Best way to strengthen your bond with the customer by giving them option to happily spoor and evaluate the status of their claims.

  • Problem: Everyday use of paper made documents, receipts and forms contributes to another Axe for Mother Nature. Also the trouble of reams and reams of data typically present in emails and excels that makes it nearly impossible to mine through.

Solution: A contribution for the silent revolution of saving mother nature by digitizing all pen and paper process.

Quoting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ramanan Subramani, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Spoors says, “We can’t make bricks without clay. Organizations need the support of quality data and provide them in real-time when possible. Spoors EFFORTPLUS ensures quality data, available in real-time when connected and also provides for offline operations when needed. When data quality is ensured, data analysis, insight mining and therefore revenue impact is a cakewalk. We work on the clay to make the bricks.”

Spoors has received a dozen of awards. The awards speak volumes of the impeccable quality of services, commitment to customer’s interests and matchless passion and professionalism of Spoors. Soon after creating a market identity in India, Spoors has established presence in Africa, Singapore, Europe and the rest of APAC through MOUs and channel partners. Spoors now plans to expand its client base in these countries and overall, scale it up by 100%. This year Spoors has undergone a massive rebranding and repositioning effort to position itself in the Enterprise Activity Management space with a Tagline of Driven by Data. The company is aiming at getting the revenues doubled if not tripled in 2017 along with market expansion outside India. Having carved out a clear roadmap, the firm has been working on its key priorities for the years to come which majorly covers evaluation of strategies and their reframing.Now Spoors eyes brand building and communication strategies to attract investors and scale its tool, EFFORTPLUS to the next level by building robust intelligence using data from clients.

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