Espying the cornerstones of Integra Micro Software Service’s growth strategy as a global brand

Espying the cornerstones of Integra Micro Software Service’s growth strategy as a global brand

The business world has become flat and is aggressively evolving- it has extended beyond the geographical boundaries. New horizons are being unmapped to identify fresh growth opportunities. Organizations are traversing beyond their national markets and the established players are continuously under the threat of losing their crown to fast emerging companies. A consistent global brand positioning has become the dire need of the hour and companies are burning the candle at both ends to sustain their brand identity. Scaling a local brand into an international icon is one of the most daunting challenges which organizations face. Either brands are washed away by the waves of complexities or they hang tough in the competitiveness of global markets. One such globally recognizable icon is prosperously engraving its growth story on the global landscape. With its bedrock laid on the unshakeable principals and values of the parent company and driven by passionate technocrats, Integra Micro Software Service made its advent in the corporate world in 2004. An ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI DEV/3 certified company, IMSS stemmed out from Integra Group to concentrate on software services as Talent as a Service (TaaS) and give its customers a hand in shortening their software development lifecycle, reducing the cost to let them focus on their core areas while bringing value with agility to them. Over the years, the brand has gained a firmed position as a software development house, nestling 250+ software engineers with over 15 million person-hours of experience and has emerged as one of the most talented and trustworthy partners for leading mobile manufacturers, VAS providers, FinTech companies, Enterprise and Public sector.

IMSS’ Brand Philosophy

We want IMSS to be a brand which people can relate to, want to befriend its personality and feel more loyal to the company. We can describe this as a journey to finding our true brand personality. We are not inventing or creating the personality, but focusing on the existing inherent one and building this up so that people can see the brand under a clearer light.

IMSS believes in “customer first” attitude while offering services in the areas of Application Services, Enterprise Mobility and Testing services. To drive future growth, IMSS developed expertise in RPA, Machine Learning, Automation and Blockchain technologies. Since its inception, IMSS has refined its expertise in IT services by fostering and deploying its team with global competence in terms of technologies, skills, processes and deliveries. IMSS’ unique proposition includes maximum reusability of scripted components, application modules, utilities and ease of maintenance. Till date, the organization has served vivid customers across multiple domains and is still, cherishing long-term relations with some of them for over a decade. IMSS’ rich clientele is adorned by numerous industry giants including, Motorola, Samsung, Mahindra Comviva, Vodafone, Cognizant, Philips, ABB India, Alcatel Lucent, 24[7], Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and many more. Long-term success for any brand comes with the ability to have a strong and good vision about the future. IMSS forecast about what the brand’s future should look like, say, in the next 10 or 20 years. This long-term view of the brand direction helps its marketing managers avoid incremental and short-sighted steps, develop a creative and holistic view of the brand and not overwhelmed by unexpected circumstances. IMSS ensures that it is purpose driven, motivates employees and is capable to adapt organically to realize the future the organization is striving for.

Brand Strategy

Strong brands do not just focus on customers; instead, they focus on their employees. IMSS believe that’s it is where the results come from and by making sure all employees appreciate brand values and are dedicated to those values. Brands are no longer limited in how they can connect with consumers and today they are dynamic, interactive and lifelike. IMSS encourages people to think like they are the brand, build brand behavior and empower them to create a robust brand experience by providing a framework for employees to make the IMSS brand a living, breathing entity designed to deliver meaningful results to its customers. The organization ensures that the customer perception of the brand is not blurred so that they understand its differentiating value proposition. “Knowing what customers want from our brand, ensuring that we consistently exceed those expectations” – this is helping us in customer retention and maintaining profit margins.”

Area of Expertise

  • BPM & RPA
  • Enterprise Apps & Mobility
  • FinTech & Blockchain
  • ChatBOTS
  • IoT & Data Analysis
  • QA & Testing
  • Resource Augmentation
  • Technical Consulting

Fostering talent

Customer delight, respect for the individuals, trust and integrity are the roots of IMSS’ culture which define its prowess. A vibrant culture prevails at the organization where peer celebrations happen regularly. The organization stands as a diverse company with people from different backgrounds and the culture unites them all and drives towards the future. The work culture at IMSS represents a set of loosely defined policies which give a sense of direction to the employees and guide them through their decisions. One of the key factors of IMSS’ culture is the healthy competition amongst the employees which drives them to perform better than their peers. It also brings everyone on a common platform to encourage collaboration, enhance problem-solving and promote healthy relationship – all of which are extremely important to keep the employees energized and motivated. A defined reward and recognition process is followed here to award the best performers and encourage learning.

Journey Ahead

While consistently maintaining double-digit growth rate for the past 5 years and migrating from a brand leader in testing to a holistic software service provider, IMSS is at the cusp of a revolution and has exciting times ahead. Indian market is preparing itself for Industry revolution 4.0, as most of the large scale and medium scale organizations would like to increase the operations efficiency, faster go to the market and deeper employee engagement by automating the processes by deploying software agents, BOTs or IoT enabled solutions.

“We believe that by 2024, the market needs automation engineers rather than software engineers alone. There will surely be a major boost with a maturity of newer technologies and automation which in turn will drive the next big boom in the software industry. The world will transform in unimaginable ways in the next 10 years and how we move now will set the foundation for the long-run in the future. Many of the mundane and menial jobs will be automated and as a whole, the entire work culture will get exciting and this is the future I am leading IMSS into. We wish to further evolve our brand from a software services house to a software solution provider. By 2020, we are aiming to become a 75 Cr company. We are looking to increase global presence. Increase market visibility for the brand by providing solutions in the areas of RPA, Blockchain and Data Analytics.” –Mr Sridhar Karra, Chief Operating Officer

Piece of advice

Innovation, customer focus with business sense should be the mantra for success

Driving Leadership

IMSS is reaching new heights under the mentorship of industry visionaries like Mr Mahesh Kumar Jain, Dr V. Gopalakrishna, and Mr. P. Ravi. The company’s operations are managed by Mr Sridhar Karra, its Chief Operating Officer. Apart from the top management, the organization nestles smart and talented teams headed by competent and committed people with decades of experience in the industry.

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