Around a decade old endeavour, Engphil engineers an extensive range of customised, good quality turnkey solutions to meet the needs of leading brands. A one-stop solution providing brand has been delivering exclusive support meeting Electrical and Mechanical requirements throughout the entire value chain. Headquartered in the city of the future – Dubai, UAE, it has been a self-made brand which has paved the path to its current success in the industry equipping its target audience with a complete package. Engphil is the exclusive automotive lube distributor of ExxonMobil, distributor, sales and service partner for Danfoss and re-seller of major other European based brands in the United Arab Emirates.

Facing various challenges in the industry, bridging the gaps of demands and assuring quality to ensure purity, a brand established by a group of technocrats, it has positioned itself on the top since inception in 2010. What makes the brand unique is its commitment to providing services spanning the entire value chain, from the moment a customer makes the first enquiry to disposal and recycling of the product.

Knowing the Founder and Chairman

Mr. Ashwith J Shetty – a serial entrepreneur and an alumni of Manipal Institute of Technology is the Founder and Chairman of the decade old Engphil Group with operations and companies in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and India.

A Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, he has successfully started and mentored business across several verticals among them being products for distribution in B2B as well as B2C, engineering services, manufacturing & GIS IT services.

Team members mentored by him at Engphil are now ready to take on major responsibilities and propel the group to its next phase of growth.

Knowing the CEO, Engphil

A seasoned leader with more than 25 years in the industry, G. V. Nair has earned qualitative expertise in various areas of trading and commerce. Over the years, he has contributed to various areas of Business Management, Finance, Audit, Human Resources and General Management. The man has been a part of various international organizations in executive positions since the inception of his career.

He has been associated with the Clariant, a Swiss Based Multi-Billion Dollar Specialty Chemical Company at their GCC headquarters in Dubai, Deloitte and Andersen Consulting as Business Advisor.

Currently leading various businesses in UAE, the leader has been catering to business segments in diversified roles. Apart from holding the responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer at Engphil, also lead as Managing Director of Satori a Paris based aircraft parts manufacturing and MRO Services Company.

The man has expertise in international business relations, strategic planning, organizational leadership, mergers and acquisitions, budgeting, cost management, new business development, process design, strategic alliances, corporate and investment finance, systems and technology utilization, performance improvement and it goes on.


Engphil has articulated and aligned objectives and strategies embracing best practises to achieve business excellence. The brand has been integrating sound quality management principles into all its activities and at all levels of the organization. The business model has been designed to drive actions with a desire to serve the customers and deliver superior value. The brand has been working towards result-oriented processes ensuring the efficiency and delivering enhanced value to customers.


Being associated with the brand, a client may receive an entire range of solutions that satisfy the customers are designed to perform under rigorous operating conditions. Quality, being a point that is never compromised the brand ensures solutions that improve and boost the client’s operations. Having said that, the team at Engphil offers to the clients, products, systems, solutions and services to increase the reliability of their systems or raise productivity in a factory.

The brand ensures not only quality products but quality in its business dealings. A key to achieving success in the market is to be an expert in every aspect of the business with a team of professional and qualified staff to back the brand. The Engphil team helps businesses yield success with its highly competent designers along with the sales consultants & after-sales service engineers.

“The term ‘Quality’ for Engphil is to achieve strong and creative partnerships. We work effectively together with all partners in our supply chain to ensure that not only does our designed solution, but our entire package, exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers,” shares G. V. Nair, Chief Executive Officer at Engphil


The brand has been developing leaders with the right entrepreneurial urge backed with high expectations to achieve excellence and serving customers. The executives at Engphil are equipped with various leadership qualities including team spirit to ensure working together taking prudent risks, learning and continually improving performance. With the motivation to train, encourage and motivate people throughout the organization, the brand has been establishing and meeting the organization’s short and long term goals.


Establishing a space for the brand in the market, Engphil has never compromised to deliver its promise of ultimate quality. Hence, the products offered always comply with the necessary certification according to all relevant national and international standards. Be it existing or new products, the brand does not only involve meeting old standards but also developing new ones. Engphil’s certified products include the Electrical Switchgear, Control Panels, PLC, Panels Building Automation, Electrical Motors, Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starters, Transformers Cables, Harmonic Filters, Capacitor Banks, Instrumentation Products, Industrial Valves & Fittings, and Industrial Lubricants.


Business values guide business relationships and conducting of the association with the customers, business associates and suppliers. The brand has been following an array of corporate values to ensure stable growth over the years along with better brand reputation. An Engphilite strives to follow the fundamental values and code of conduct:

  • Creative and Forward-Thinking Approach: Seeking opportunities in the market, the brand has been delivering solutions keeping a creative and future-oriented mindset to ensure development. Engphil dares to be different, creative and unique when it comes to its operations, products and solutions. The Engphil team works possess effectively and persevere striving to improve and evolve.
  • Being Independent and Professional: Every team member at Engphil trusts his/her knowledge and skills and believes in the opportunities that they are presented with. The band ensures a professional work culture to be proud of throughout its working.
  • Honesty and Humility: Engphil supports open and honest communication and ensures respectful behaviour towards all people, regardless of their status or role. We comply with laws and regulations and keep our promises.
  • Responsibility and Understanding Connections: The brand ensures most energy-efficient & sustainable solutions with its core value of taking responsibility towards resources and while carrying out operations.
  • Reliability : We provide distinguishing , innovative and economic solutions to position us as a strong and reliable technical partners for our customers.  

“We as a brand leverage every opportunity we receive & strive continuously to improve. We are installed with the Plan-Do-Check-Act checks at every stage of work. Engphil ensures both continuous and breakthrough improvements in cost, cycle time, quality and safety.” Ashwith J Shetty

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