“Clients are the foundation of our fruitful future.”- Mithilesh Kumar Gupta, Director V2web Hosting Pvt. Ltd.

“Clients are the foundation of our fruitful future.”- Mithilesh Kumar Gupta, Director V2web Hosting Pvt. Ltd.

They create indelible marks in the industry with their significant contributions. They are called innovative entrepreneurs. These leaders do not let uncertainties dissuade them. They are the natural risk takers and are passionate about their chosen vision. We interacted with one such dynamic personality, Mithilesh Kumar Gupta, Co-founder & Managing Director of V2web Hosting Pvt. Ltd. An innovative thinker and a high-integrity energetic leader, Mithilesh is known for his create and manage successful outcomes in complex situations regards any kind of Web-based Projects on various Platform [LAMP, Microsoft]. Diverse functional expertise, with a tenacious commitment to driving profits and building a strong team. Homing a seasoned experience of more than a decade within the digital environment, Mithilesh has donned numerous roles in his professional journey- E-commerce End to End Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant, Project Delivery and Pre-Sales Technical Support. He is well versed with all aspects of project handling, from client management, pre-sales to project requirement gathering whilst also being the link between the client and the internal teams.

We wanted to learn how Mithilesh co-founded such a transformative web marketing player. We reached out for a conversation, and Mithilesh agreed to share some of his learnings.

Edited Excerpts

How does V2web Hosting Pvt. Ltd. is striking a chord within the web marketing space?

V2WEB stands for: V + V +WEB and




Stating our vision of getting customer victory by harnessing the deftness of web technology.

We incorporated with a vision to strive as the world’s leading next-generation web technology and e-commerce solutions and service provider. Holding this vision deep in our hearts and commitment, we endeavour to keep evolving, pushing our boundaries, challenging our perspectives and staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements particularly in the field of digital and social media. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting a view of our client’s needs and delivering maximum value to them and hence, contributing in their success story.

V2web is an ISO9001:2008 certified international company that prides itself in delivering scalable, responsive and robust custom web solutions. With a combination of invincible expertise, cutting-edge technology and colossal project management experience in web design, web hosting, e-business, e-commerce solutions, mobile application development, multimedia solutions and digital marketing, we have become the forerunner for any and all types of web related services. We meticulously formulate how best to reflect the essence of our client’s business in every project and enrich their internet presence, which would facilitate them to win potential business opportunities.

What uniqueness did V2Web Hosting bring to the industry?

With its electrifying presence, V2web has swirled the scenario of web solutions. What defines us and gives us an edge over the competition is our continuous upgradation, be it technology, skill-sets or state-of-art infrastructure that enables us to offer best possible, cost-efficient solutions in the most innovative manner. We are proud to be the most trusted outsourcing partner of global corporations.

Brief us over the products/services offered by the brand.

Our basket of services include-Domain Registration Services [ All Tlds], Cloud Hosting, VPS Services, Private Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server, Web Security, Web Design, E-Commerce Solution, Cloud Application Development, Business Process Consultancy. Digital Marketing Services and Mobile Apps Development services.

To begin, how is your brand-defining ‘trust’ in the market?

Knowledge is the only medium to drive business in the technology world. Hence, we have formulated our policy in delivering apt knowledge to our customer so that they get the confidence about our commitment to transparency.

In an age of mistrust, are you seeing an evolution in how consumers trust brands, or are they still for the most part doubtful?

There is an open-fire of information everywhere and today’s customer is well versed with everything.  They approach us with the information, however in bits and pieces. So, we first listen to our customer’s mind and then we share our framework to put the bits of information on a single horizon, covered with a layer of trust and confidence.

What problem does your Brand solve and how are you different from others?

We nestle in the service industry and today’s scenario of hosting services stands essentially for any business house; no one can afford single minute downtime. Many IT infra companies provide first level support as a call center person then 2nd level tech person which delays the resolution of the problem. We have tried to remodel it and at the first level itself, we have a tech person along with strong decision capability just in case if we get any issue and complain from the customer, we can resolve it on first level call.

What’s the first thing that enters a consumer mind when he/she sees your brand?

Commitment to transparency

What are the challenges that your Brand currently faces?

Big companies are putting an advertisement and offering services at very low prices as they are US based companies and they are aware of the market size of India. They are interested in to just acquiring customer not to retain customer so they are offering cheap prices rather than putting light for rendering quality services.

Whereas we work on the theory to retain the customer and for that we focus on our quality of delivery and that’s why we have a higher cost. India is a price concern country for the first-time buyer and here we face a scant affair in scaling up our clients’ number.

Who are your clients?

SMEs, Govt institutions, Individuals and numerous leading big corporates adorn our clientele.

What next for the Brand? What do you see happening in the Brand industry in 2018-19?

V2web is trying to empower its clientele by utilizing all digital tools i.e. mobile apps/website /SEO/SMO/web security /cloud on a single desk. Walking further, we are expecting to set up our web design studio in some metro cities where any SME can walk in and get all its digital requirement for his business. Furthermore, we want to strengthen our team up to 100+

What advice can you give entrepreneurs who want to venture into the same domain in the future?

Be informative and transparent. If you lack these things, you cannot retain a client longer.

What are the big achievements?

We have worked with some Govt institutions for their specific requirement of the application and they appreciated us for our work quality and optimized cost. Some of our key projects include;

  • INDIAN RAILWAY – www.railsahyog.in [ inaugurated by Mr Peeyush Goyal ]
  • MINISTRY OF FINANCE – www.nfcg.in [Inaugurated by Mr Arun Jately ]
  • INDIA INTERNATIONAL ICON – www.3iii.us [along with zee media reality show for online application process]

Also, we got featured in a leading business magazine as Brand of the Year. Our recent appreciation appeared in the list of ‘Top 500 Trustable Companies in SME Sector’

How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

Whatever I have learnt in my life is anchored on experience. Every time I fell, I stood up and moved forward. I realize practical exposure is different than whatever you learn in theory and in India it is in abundance.

My biggest dream is to build some product/services/solution for the Indian agriculture industry. I wish to build some aggregator in multiple languages which will bring farmer and end buyer in one place in a very easy way.

What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

Be knowledgeable. [ practical calculation] not informational only.

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