BHARGAVA PHYTOLAB’S unique combination of nature& technologies brings difference in Patients’ lives

BHARGAVA PHYTOLAB’S unique combination of nature& technologies brings difference in Patients’ lives

It is a natural tendency of human being to be better than whatever he/she is on current stage. In 1920, R. S Bhargava Pharmacy was founded with a vision to bring a remarkable change in medical treatment through premier homoeopathic medicines.

Evolution, which is a fundamental law of human nature, has also been central to the value system of R.S Bhargava Pharmacy since its very inception. From humble beginnings in the year 1920, R.S Bhargava Pharmacy, has developed into an integrated global pharmaceutical company and en-route earned the loyalty of millions of people within and beyond India. Throughout its journey, the company has been anchored by its promise of providing safe and modern treatments to people of all sections of society.

As per the growth of R.S Bhargava Pharmacy, its brand identity has evolved massively. The best way to signify the evolution of R.S Bhargava Pharmacy, is by its brand name, which now is well known as BHARGAVA PHYTOLAB. The new name retains “Bhargava” as a tribute to the trust & satisfaction of millions of customers in over 30 countries. The word phytolab is simply one descriptive word for our tag line “Inspired by Nature and Driven by technology”. They come together as “Bhargava Phytolab” and bring to you a healthier tomorrow!

The company has been providing is solutions through a unique combination of nature and technologies. Scientifically, it follows the heart of Modern Physiology. Bhargava Phytolab aggressively practices Quantum Mechanics and uses purified extract based on Nano-doses for powerful results. The manufacturing facility of the company is the largest state of the art homoeopathic manufacturing unit in Asia.

It is spread over 1, 20,000 square feet which is equipped to handle 4,00,000 tablets; 80,000 units of liquid orals; 25,000 external preparations; 25,000 pounds of mother tincture all in one single shift.

Serving general products to consumers is not a big deal, to come with innovations and perfect solutions bring rays of hope and give new energy to the sufferers. Bhargava Phytolab is the 1st homeopathic company to have 45 AHUs (Air Handling Unit) which ensures a “zero contamination” tag in the manufacturing and production department to have high quality finished medicine. It is also 1st in the homoeopathic Industry to carry machines and technology that currently are not exposed anywhere in India like the Linear Bottle washing machine, Tropical Blister packing machine, pillow wrapping machine, multiple punch tablet machine, fully automated cartonator machine and many more.

Major Milestones of the company

In 1920: RSBP (now known as Bhargava Phytolab) started it journey.

1922: The company starts its production and Manufacturing facility with single remedy medicine and generic formulation.

1941: DR.J. S Bhargava joins the company and starts the branding and marketing.

1965: Dr. J.S Bhargava writes a book on classical homoeopathy “secrets of Bio chemic and Bio combination medicine”.

1981: RSBP now in hand of third generation is ready to touch the new skies in Homeopathy.

1985: RSBP starts branded formulation like tablets and liquids.

1990: RSBP has grown manifold and is now producing a wide range of drugs including Mother Tincture, dilution and branded formulation. The research & development comes up with faster acting & effective medicine for various physiological systems.

1995: “Kid flame” is launched. It is very well – received as a treatment for kidney stones and becomes well known product of RSBP.

1997: RSBP starts expanding its wings outside the country beginning with export operation in the sub-continent.

1999: The Company now registers its product in Latin America.

2001: Spondin is launched. RSBP’s branded formula becomes the only effective remedy for pain and associated symptoms of cervical spondylosis and remains unbeatable for more than 14 years.

2002: Another milestone is achieved with the start of operations in CIS countries.

2003: RSBP diversify into herbal cosmetic range by the name of “Bio valley”.

2006: The company further broadens its portfolio by launching its ophthalmic product category.

2012: The company’s commitment to quality has made it succeed in achieving GMP and ISO certification and approvals from health and regulatory departments of various countries.

2013: RSBP became Bhargava Phytolab

2013: Bhargava Phytolab, gets recognized and certified by Health Canada achieving Canadian GMP standards which is regarded as one of the highest standard driven platform for manufacturing of medicines.

2013: BP launches Bio chemic and Bio combination and ethical tablets into blister packaging over the conventional bottle packing in homoeopathy. This Blister packaging with hygienic, tamper proof, high efficacy and high patent compliance won confidence of doctors as it was seen first time in homoeopathic industry.

2015: Spondin stands out as a top seller in its own segment.

2015: Ague Nil for dengue was launched and in just 2 month in the market it proved to be No. 1 selling brand in its own segment.

2016: Bhargava Phytolab achieves another milestone by achieving High GMP standards of Malawi and Philippines. With this achievement the company gets equipped with 3 international GMPs along with Indian GMP.

Awards & Recognitions by Bhargava Phytolab

  • Leaders of Tomorrow: Certificate of nomination given by India mart.
  • Global Achievers award for young entrepreneur given by Indian Achievers Forum.
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Kingdom Of Cambodia Nation Religions King.
  • DIPLOM was awarded to the participant of International Exhibition.
  • IPHEX recognition

Bhargava Phytolab’s solutions have been implemented in all over the world. However, it has a strong presence in Asian and European countries. Having head quarter in India, Bhargava Phytolab caters to key markets for product supplies and also keeps a close eye on global technology advancements. Behind these remarkable achievements, a team of 750+ people have been utilizing their potential with high zeal. This is the team of skilled, talented and expertise people. For providing the benefits of it throughout the world, thousands of distributers are available to serve the products. More than 10,000 retail outlets are there to expand the service and a big number of approximately 20,000 doctors are associated with Bhargava Phytolab to well concern of medicines.

Key Executive

Mr. Karan Bhargava (Director & CEO)

Karan Bhargava is Director and CEO of Bhargava Phytolab. Karan has earned his bachelor degree in Pharmacy from Jamia Hamdard and holds a Master degree in business Administration (MBA) from Symbiosis institute of International Business, India. As a leader, he is responsible for his leadership, management and development of more than 3000 homoeopathy products and cosmetics in more than 30 countries.

As a GenNext entrepreneur, he has the charm to foresee the possibilities of time. He believes that you can create something exciting when you combine old stuff and new stuff in the right way. As per Mr. Karan’s belief, Bhargava Phytolab tries to work with new technologies keeping in our mind the principles. No wonder, Bhargava Phytolab has been doing stuff, which was never seen in the homoeopathic industry.

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