Anemoi Technologies: Reaching your organizational goals with innovative, managed technology solutions.

Anemoi Technologies: Reaching your organizational goals with innovative, managed technology solutions.

In the age of technology and innovations, progressive companies know that technology is a key source of competitive advantage. However, understanding which technologies to choose is challenging. What are the solutions that will best suit your unique environment and how do you move or integrate owned infrastructure?

Engaging expert consultants with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of a fast-changing IT market helps your in-house team make informed decisions. Bringing in experienced advice can eliminate the unknowns and help you avoid poor decisions and costly mistakes.

At ANEMOI TECHNOLOGIES, they combine consulting, technology, and IT services to help multiple industries to leapfrog their IT infrastructure, thereby helping the clients create more competitive and sustainable businesses. The company solves complex IT challenges for growing organizations that need to take advantage of the latest technologies and build scalable systems that can adapt to changing business needs. They also have a product division which has already created three products in industries as varied as aerospace infrastructure, Healthcare, Travel & Transportation and Retail.

The company offers a wide range of strategic tech services including Consulting & Competency, wherein focused services includesCloud Solutions, ITIL/ITSM Solutions, IT managed services/sourcing, Project & Consulting, Remote Infra Support (RIM), Business Automation Project, Application development etc. Anemoi Technologies’ consultants are highly qualified, with technical certification, to ensure that they deliver best practice solutions. They are experienced at making implementation easier, more successful and cost effective.

Anemoi Technologies’ success comes with a team work and their dedication. The company has people who are performing well with great zeal. It all shows that the company has been successful in retaining a team of experts who have been associated with Anemoi Technologies for a long time.

In an exclusive interview with the company’s leadership, they attribute their success to the entire team of Anemoi Technologies.In the lounge with Abhishek Dubey – Senior Editor, The CEO Magazine, they shares their vision of creating a transformation in the world of emerging work culture and making a difference to the lives of people globally. 

Does the company have a stated set of cultural values for its employees?

The shared set of values we have defined and espouse as a way of life in Anemoi are Customer First, Excellence, Innovation, Accountability, Continual self- improvement, Integrity & Transparency, Fairness and Leadership by example

These values havebeen discussed as a way of life in Anemoi, published on posters across office. We onboard those people who align to similar value system. These become keys through his/her lifecycle in Anemoi and we feel these will be carried with the person through his/her professional life as part of good practices.

What does it take for someone to be successful here?

Understanding customer concern and tenacity to resolve, spunk to learn and innovate, energetic and sharp, updated with the happenings around both Technical and Operations, Self-help is the best help believers

Can you describe the environment here?

Energetic and reverberating with animated discussion to resolve customer concerns, technology solutions. The people are Congenial and hungry for learning and eager to contribute to discussion where all voices are equal. The team has also freedom to discuss concerns and expect due attention and consideration.

How would you characterize the company’s overall management style?

Management style at Anemoi is a smooth amalgamation of participative, pacesetting and coaching. We are open to encouragement of ideas, fearless questioning and transparent, consensus drivenas an approach to solving problems;experienced guide and support those experiencing and work towards accomplishing high standards of excellence.

What is your company’s approach to team building and career development? 

Team building in our company is with a view to problem solving, collaboration, being part of supportive group and camaraderie.

Employee Lifecycle Plan designed to manage horizontal and vertical enrichment to employee career. Fast track movements are on meritocracy.

How does your company respond to and overcome failures?

We have decent resilience to failures, we believe failures are stepping stones to success provided we learn from them and not repeat the errors which may have led to such a scenario. FTR is key, this message strongly flows top down.

What is the work-life balance like here?

Flexibility to work from home wherever the role and responsibility permits, flexibility to shift the work timings to a certain extent provided the given number of hours are clocked for fairness to all and ensure work/client does not suffer. We push for employee to take vacations and come back rejuvenated; we do not have leave carryover concepts. In instances of environmental disruption in the city, employees especially female employees are given the option to stay back home without work/leave/salary repercussions.

Does the company host social outings or events for employees?

Yes, regularly. All festivalsand annual events are celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm which is always offsite.One day towards the end of the month is assigned where all of us get together to celebrate the birthday of people in the month gone by. Soon we plan to begin celebrating work Anniversaries too. These outings and get together are opportunities to boost bondingand reveal leaders with different capabilities.

What personality traits do you look for in your ideal team members?

An ideal team member at Anemoi must necessarily have a hunger to learn, put the learning to solve client concerns, innovate and zeal to prove themselves. Collaborate and help others with tasks. Speak up, discuss things with an open mind with a problem solving attitude. Down to earth, humane and respect individuals.

Is the company’s strategic approach driven by processes or results?

As a philosophy we believe adhering to well defined and robust processes will yield results. Care is to be taken in defining stage that lead to results, revisit them, take feedback and resultant course corrective actions. It goes without saying that ultimately it is the result that counts.

Do the company’s different departments ever collaborate with one another?

Yes, collaborative working is the foundation for synergized growth and problem solving. No concern is considered in silo, efforts are made to evaluate cross references to find amicable solutions. Every employee is considered to have a pivotal role status in its function.

What is the road map and future plans of the company?

We are on a high growth trajectory with a healthy cash flow & Research and Development orientation. Unlike other startups, we have positive EBITA. This clearly shows strength of our data scientist, engineers and architects. We are bullish on multiple technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data, Software defined networks & Bio Computing. We have heavily invested in these areas during the pre-incubation stage of Anemoi. Today, in the short span of one year, we are already reaping benefits. We will continue to invest in new technologies in future also.

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