An up-close with Prashant Lohia: the man behind India’s seamlessly integrated first Retail Specific ERP software, Ginesys

An up-close with Prashant Lohia: the man behind India’s seamlessly integrated first Retail Specific ERP software, Ginesys

The retail industry constantly strives to balance out the cost while luring in more customers. Considering the soaring level of competition in the industry, the scenario of maintaining their costs at low with high revenues has turned into a matter of life and death for most retail companies these days. To win the race of bagging the maximum number of the customer, companies are taking aid to employ technology to bring efficiency in productivity and profits, thus streamlining their businesses. During this phase of adopting new technologies in retail business, operating a retail business without efficient ERP software is no easy feat. This disruption of a streamlined process in automating employee, customer and inventory management in the way of selling goods has become the need of the present time. The urge served as an inspiration for the outset of a business leader to provide an effective ERP solution for enveloping the entire retail value chain; from manufacturing to distribution to retail.

Ginesys sailed out its journey back in 2006 in the retail horizon where customized solutions were just opening up. With time, Ginesys excelled towards success and reached heights in its own by launching India’s first Retail Specific ERP software, a generic Retail ERP solution while keeping the Indian retailers and brands in mind. This philosophy has bestowed the company to incorporate the best practices of retail industry into their solutions. The organization has grown from a customer base of a single retailer, a team of four people and one small office in 2006 to nurturing relationships with 500+ big retailers, 125 + people and 5 offices, including 10K sq. ft. Center of Excellence in Kolkata and the corporate office in Gurgaon.

Mastering Excellence

“We always give importance and involve our customers in the future roadmap of our product through an industry first idea portal. This is in line with our customer first policy in each and every aspect of our business operations.”

Constant Innovation is something that makes Ginesys exclusive, standing ahead from the clutter. Along with Innovation, the organization has also made it a priority to ensure that the customers get the best service possible in terms of support for any problems they might face in the future. In an effort to further simplify the post-purchase journey for its customers, Ginesys has incorporated an excellent support team, in-house implementation team and a Proactive R&D team, all of whom are dedicated to making life easier for its customers. The organization equips retailers with a Flexible, Real-time and Scalable solution, which ensures that the software is perfectly capable of handling business operations even after rapid expansion, making it a durable solution. This, in turn, enables retailers to go about their business activities with no hindrances from organization’s end. The management ensures that Best Practices should be inherited in the systems since it caters to the needs of Market leaders and thus, these practices are infused into their businesses, making them more efficient and stronger. Cultivating the best practices in its solutions, Ginesys ensures that its clients get the best features available to them.

Nurturing the retail industry with its deftness

From last 12 years, the organization has been refining its offerings at every step to ensure that the customers are able to smoothly drive through any barricade or disruption in the industry. What retailers yearn for an efficient ERP solution is an effectual customer support since any hindrances can have a huge impact on their day to day business activities. Ginesys’ world-class after sales support ensures that there should not be a single instance when their business faced a hurdle due to software. Valuing customer’s need, the organization has introduced its very own idea portal which allows both stakeholders as well as customers to provide suggestions which can be taken into account. Ginesys has carved out a niche for itself as a brand partner to leading Apparel and Lifestyle brands, retailers and franchisees and also Supermarket and Convenience stores. It caters to over 500+ big retailers all across India like Manyavar, Soch, Mufti, Being Human, RS Brothers V-Mart etc. Providing his insights on Ginesys’ business continuity, Founder & CEO Prashant Lohia adds, “Brick and Mortar Retailers often tend to dismiss customer personalization as a strategy reserved for e-commerce businesses. A good majority of customers are likely to switch brands if the company doesn’t take an effort to personalize communications to them, and this is very important in today’s competitive Retail market where the customers have a wide array of alternatives that they can choose from. Hence Retailers can no longer turn a blind eye to this and quick action is expected if they desire success. The technology for Personalization in Retail is a brand-new frontier and it is up to the Retailers to push the boundaries and innovate. Even though this is an investment, Retailers can never really go wrong with creating a better brand experience for their customers in mind and implementing a Retail ERP software like Ginesys will help them achieve this. Opportunities to create a unique and personalized experience should be taken without fail and the Retailers that do not personalize will find their customers taking up a relationship with another competitive brand.”

Establishing Milestones

Preceding year endowed Indian Retail Industry huge changes, counting implementation of GST which brought about the need for drastic change. This was something that Ginesys foresaw and decided to tackle this challenge head-on. In order to help their customers and their respective ecosystems, Ginesys came up with a GST return filing solution, EaseMyGST, which was fully integrated with Ginesys and assisted in clearing out all their queries and dilemmas about the new GST regime. The organization successfully tackled all the bottlenecks that the implementation of GST brought with it, and all the customers were able to go about the business activates without any hindrances.

Apart from this, the organization has received various awards such as

  • Quality Customer Service Enabler: India Retail Awards 2018
  • Quality Customer Service Enabler: India Retail Awards 2015
  • Quality Customer Service Enabler: India Retail Awards 2014
  • SI Brand of the Year 2014 Retail Software: Silicon India
  • 100 most talented Retail Professionals- CMO

Future Ahead

“Here at Ginesys, we are rapidly embracing the web and our main aim is to make the entire solution work in the browser. We are also working on Mobile integrations, e-commerce integration and deeper CRM integrations which will be beneficial for our customers. We are also in the process of rolling out Cloud POS. We also have ambitious expansion plans in terms of Geography, Industry, and Portfolio.”

The man behind translating a dream into reality

Prashant Lohia

Founder & CEO

“Our dream is to become the first choice of all the Retailers from Fashion & Lifestyle and Supermarket Segment when a retail ERP software comes to their mind.  We try hard to learn from our mistakes and the practical examples of life and try to incorporate the same in our work life.”

Prashant is passionate about designing flexible systems that not only solve the business problems but also infuses the best practices of the industry in the businesses. Prashant is a CA, CFA and MBA from ICFAI and his love for technology-driven business efficiency were what motivated him to start Ginesys and develop a world-class retail ERP system. His expertise in Retail Software Solutions and Retail Business Consultancy has had a huge positive impact on how Ginesys has grown over the years. Prashant is also a strong believer in maintaining a perfect work-life balance and hence dedicates his free time towards badminton, logical games, and Long-Distance Marathons as well.


“The Journey from a small software company to become one of the leaders in retail ERP segment was a roller coaster. We had faced many challenges right from convincing the Indian retailers to adopt technology to changes in technology along with the changes in regulations for retail industry and incorporating the same in our solution. We have taken every challenge as an opportunity and with the support of our dynamic team & their hard work; we successfully overcame all these hurdles.”

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