Acuver Consulting, a 2013 Global Supply Chain Management Venture Wisely Supervised By Seasoned Professional Turned Entrepreneurs

Acuver Consulting, a 2013 Global Supply Chain Management Venture Wisely Supervised By Seasoned Professional Turned Entrepreneurs

“Dynamic leadership is a process, not a position and a dynamic leader desires knowledge, experience, improvement in the leadership skill set. We realize leadership is not defined by the title, but by actions. A dynamic leader chooses growth each day and learns as much as possible from every conversation, meeting, interaction and experience.” Sunny Nandwani

Being a dynamic leader himself, Acuver Consulting Pvt. Ltd.’s Founder and CEO, Sunny Nandwani is an action-driven technopreneur, a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience in the domain of Supply Chain Execution, and an IIM Bangalore Alumni reigning in the supply chain management industry globally.

Today, leading the revolutionary brand behind seamless and hustle-free supply chain optimization solutions for an esteemed clientele, Nandwani has travelled the adventurous journey that took him to lead multiple roles across varied geographic locations. He has successfully taken charge of global inventory visibility, sourcing, order and warehouse management solutions for global retail clients in the USA, Europe, and Japan.

Sunny’s career navigated through ideation and implementation of digital commerce practice for multiple organizations, to become a trusted partner to several brands in retail, manufacturing, engineering, and consumer goods industries with Acuver Consulting, an endeavour in his own right. As a seasoned leader articulating his vision for creating compelling customer experiences through successful projects and offering seamless experience with Acuver.

We, at The CEO Magazine, had the opportunity to converse with the man of the hour at Acuver, Sunny Nandwani and understand the success story of this dynamic leadership development

The CEO: Sunny, kindly enlighten our readers with how did you incept Acuver?

Sunny: I put my transition from a professional into an entrepreneur as an ascent development. I incepted Acuver along with two colleagues from previous organizations who later became the co-founders of Acuver Consulting, Satyajit Jena and Mayank Gupta. At the onset, we decided to create a start-up focusing on the day-to-day supply chain challenges as a niche to target and took the first-ever decision in unity, to make this venture a full-time stunt.

Acuver creates an unparalleled position for itself with its ability to synchronise expertise in strategy and business with solid technical acumen and deep industry understanding. We have served large leading India brands, Fortune 500 companies across the globe. IT Services with quality focus and value accelerators as differentiation.

The CEO: How did you cope with the global pandemic and its effects?

Sunny: Acuver overcame pandemic’s testing period with communication in a key role with the customer as well as employees and vendors.  We ensured alignment of customer priorities to sail through disruption brought due to pandemic and offer our agile response.

COVID-19 acted out as eye-opener pandemic for brands as it encouraged them to take offline categories online and leverage benefits of the existing digital infrastructure. Along with this reactive measure, the brands were also taking proactive measures by ensuring multiple sourcing models and a diversified supplier base for each product.

2020 was also a tough year for employees, Acuver took several initiatives to ensure employee wellness through regular sessions on yoga, self-motivation, upskilling, industry leaders connect, among others, to ensure productivity.

While Acuver creatively dealt with the technological hiccups, paralleling they were poised to take on the project management challenges as well. With the novel virus, the project managers, leads fiercely faced new challenges. From ensuring business continuity to rebuilding trust, redefining policy and process, control, people management, to ensuring innovation and ideation, Acuver created a new normal suited for continued growth.

The CEO: What are the company’s values followed by your team?

Sunny: At Acuver, every leader aims to lead by example and imbibe our strong company values of collaboration and transparency. As an evolving brand, the Acuver team deploys energy, time, and efforts to ensure innovation and attain technical excellence. Integrity and respect are a highly important set of values which we focus on to ensure our actions.

The CEO: As a leader in a dynamic industry, how do you approach change? What does success look like for Acuver?

Sunny: The pattern of changing consumer demands will surely become more erratic in post-COVID times. For organizations to adapt to these changing demands, they will need to become more agile. An agile organization with dexterous teams working for them will achieve better outputs in meeting demands than those who are not.

Success, for Acuver, can be currently defined as a process inclusive of solidifying our selective services diversification and geographical expansion. We look to become a truly multinational and take Acuver to new heights.

The CEO: How are you building future leaders in your company?

Sunny: It is my robust belief that systematic development of good leaders is fundamental to long-term organizational success. We have taken both organic as well as the inorganic approach in building the leaders.

While we did hire talent from the industry, we also focussed on identifying talents who are goal setters, best engage & impact their team, good understanding of the business & execution, self-aware & committed to improvement and people who are a good fit with organization culture & values.

Post identification, our focus is on mentoring them for key roles and responsibilities. We consistently work towards creating a culture that encourages candour and risk-taking at the executive level.

At Acuver, we stay committed to differentiate individual performance and build a corporate culture in which the veracity, candidness is valued. We shape our leaders at Acuver by setting new challenges, guiding them through the journey, continuous feedback, and rewarding them fairly.

The CEO: Have you been able to achieve the vision at the onset of Acuver? What are the recent feathers in the cap?

Sunny: The answer to this question is positive We have always strived to do the right thing, both from the customer and team perspective, to achieve respect in whatever we do. As a brand, we boast our successful partnership with brands across the globe who trust our team to deliver the best. While in our country, we believe working with the majority of Indian retail brands for supply chain solutions, is a proud statement in itself.

I am proud to lead a dedicated Acuver Innovation Centre team focused on our mission and vision. Acuver’s vision is to make the latest technology and ideas accessible as solutions for everyone in the organization and our clients. While our mission is to increase Acuver competitiveness by creating and promoting environments for innovative thoughts to thrive. Again, selective service diversification in niche areas is one of the recent feathers in our cap.

The CEO: If you were to answer a young executive’s question of ‘How can I be a good leader?’, what would you advise?

Sunny: A young leader should always focus on positive change. A change which can improve efficiency and reduce time on current processes. If you ask me a quality a good leader must value and imbibe early in his career, it would be leading with empathy.

To wrap the interview, the leader said, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

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