Zim Laboratories Limited, Nagpur-Based Pharmaceutical Company Delivering Innovative Solutions with ‘OTF’ Technology

Zim Laboratories Limited, Nagpur-Based Pharmaceutical Company Delivering Innovative Solutions with ‘OTF’ Technology

Since its inception, the drug delivery solution providing company, Zim Laboratories has strived to penetrate newer areas of pharmaceutical technology and business. The pharmaceutical company was established in 1984, headquartered in central India, in the industrial belt of Nagpur. Zim Laboratories Limited serves millions of its customers with its differentiated pharmaceutical products developed with proprietary technologies (modified release, taste masking and thin films).

Zim Laboratories is an EU-GMP, WHO-GMP Certified and ISO 9001:2008 accredited company supported by an excellent team of professionals and state-of-the-art facility. The company is engaged in the activities of research and development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of oral solid dosage formulations and pre-formulations (PFI) covering tablets, capsules, dry syrups, pellets, intermediates, granules and orally disintegrating strips (ODS). Driving the company’s sustained progress is the need for constant innovation to deliver the unique drug delivery solutions resulting in niche products. The product range of business is divided into two segments, pre-formulation and finished formulations.

A pioneer in pelletization technology and expert of taste-masking technology, Zim Laboratories is constantly innovating and driving solutions with the latest technologies. It has recently developed Thinoral®, a patented technology platform to manufacture the Oral Thin Films (OTF) which is launched in India and emerging markets abroad. The brand is one of the few players in the industry who has mastered the OTF technology. The technology is patented with about 19 applied product/process patents for oral films globally.

Besides the OTF technology, the company also works with other technologies including modified release, solubility enhancement, stability enhancement and dosage form transformation. Zim Laboratories Limited is regularly audited and approved by the ministries of health of all the countries where they export the products including CDSCO in India.

Zim’s R&D Team

Dr Anwar S. Daud, the Managing Director at Zim Laboratories Limited has been leading ZIM’s R&D with the support of a professionally qualified team of more than 111 personnel. The R&D team includes a total of 5 doctorates, 81 post-graduates and 22 graduates.

Keeping Up with Industry Trends

Zim Laboratories Ltd. is one of the rare pharmaceutical companies which innovate on pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing processes. The strategy of the company is to create robust and versatile technology platforms which enable rapid development and manufacturing of high quality and at the same time affordable complex or differentiated pharmaceutical products which are focused towards patient convenience and treatment adherence.

Corporate Values for Zim Laboratories Limited

The ‘Zim Team’ ensures that the brand values are never compromised while working. With zeal to positively impact the lives of patients through compassion, excellence, in product quality, affordability and marketability empowered with innovation to enhance attributes of products and processes. The brand believes in strong partnerships which leads value enhancement for customers, mutual respect, trust and transparency as a part of its values.

Striving to deliver performance with teamwork, integrity and ensuring sustainability are also the core values of Zim Laboratories which leads the brand’s growth. Zim’s fast-dissolving OTF was awarded as the best innovation of a solid dosage form for the year 2016 by India pharmaceutical association.

Government’s Role in Pharmaceutical Market

“The government’s approach and push towards producing and marketing products domestically, the brands in India have legal enforcement of ‘genericization’ of off-patent drugs, and the emergence of e-commerce platforms for prescription drugs amongst after other disruptive changes in the ancient model of drug making. The paradigm shift in the market can be seen while it is moving towards an epoch where the patient holds the power to decide the drug he/she wants to take, rather than the prescriber & supply chain.” Dr. Anwar S. Daud shared his views on the current scenario of government’s role in the industry.

He further added “The credit for this massive revolution in the pharmaceutical business can also be conferred to the tightening of regulatory requirements with special emphasis on ethical marketing & data integrity and push towards affordability and convenience.”

The challenge that the government has provided in this situation are leading brands towards a competition promoting treatment adherence. Zim Laboratories are taking a lead to overcome the challenges by building high-quality, patient-centric & affordable medicines with extra advantages such as convenience in terms of taste, treatment frequency and so forth.

Technology that Empowers Solutions

ZIM uses its proprietary knowledge, technology and manufacturing process expertise to bridge the technology gap in Tier III Pharmerging and ROW markets while assisting local players in various geographies to launch differentiated / combination generic products to compete in their respective local markets.

Future Plans

A core of every healthcare company’s business model is Research and Development. The brand is planning to add a separate R&D centre for regulated market. Zim Laboratories Limited is directing its efforts towards supporting their PFI and finished formulation customers with a range of nutraceutical products. It is also planning to widen its market by using an e-commerce platform for marketing the same along with OTC products. The brand is also planning to get US FDA accreditation for its manufacturing facility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Starting up in Nagpur, the brand always believed in ‘giving back’ to the society and community they are trading or doing business in. With such business ethics, the brand put efforts to uplift the local community by hiring the local Pharmaceutical and Scientific talent whenever possible and giving them a chance to achieve success at the highest level. It provides employment opportunity to around 1,200 youth in and around Kalmeshwar, Nagpur and believes that even as it expands globally, it will keep strengthening the roots and bettering prospects in the region.

Each year, the brand takes initiatives to foster a better tomorrow by making it a point to look at the health challenges faced by the country at large and its community in particular. While last year, the focus was on ‘visual impairment and blindness’, one of the major health hurdles faced by India.

MD Dr. Anwar S. Daud shared about the CSR activities the brand has been conducting from past several years. “Studies suggest that close to 80% of blindness in India is because of cataract and uncorrected refractive errors which are easily preventable if detected early on. We observed that financial constraints and lack of awareness often lead to eye health being ignored or left undetected until it becomes too late. This was leading to school dropouts as eye disease hampered classroom participation and learning.”

He further added, “In the Eye Health drive held over the last year, we covered 48 schools and conducted checkups for 7699 students. We have distributed 1614 spectacles free of cost for those suffering from refractive illnesses, treated 915 students suffering from watery eyes, burning or redness of the eyes and referred 110 children to hospitals for advanced eye treatment.”

Zim laboratories Limited has not only addressed the issue but has also managed to drum up awareness amongst the community about the importance of eye health and the need for regular health checkups. As they chose to conduct checkups for the student community, the sensitized students have started referring their parents and immediate family members and encouraging them to participate in eye checkups and seek treatment.

Besides this, the brand has also been helping villagers in creating small water reservoirs as an initiative to save rainwater, being it the only chance at having enough water to meet the demands. ZIM Laboratories Limited has also been coming forward to help nearby villagers who were facing challenging circumstances due to water shortage.

Building a ‘Sustainable’ Brand

Zim Laboratories Limited’s’ avid attempt to provide for the community along with nature by trying to convert dried water stream into a small reservoir for preserving water during rainy season showcases that the brand believes in “sustainability” concept while carrying on business activities. The brand has been an ideal example of how building a business empire is not only focused on trading but also delivering to the community.

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