High-quality care for all, the present and future generations, the leading pharmaceutical company, Tas Med has been engineering innovative solutions to transform the lives of many suffering with life-threatening diseases. Over the years, technological innovations and science have developed various solutions and medicines to treat the diseases; the brand has been serving thousands of its clients with the new-age effective products in the Cardiac, Diabetic, Neuro, Gastro, Psychiatry, Ortho & General category.

For more than two decades, Tas Med (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged in manufacturing and trading its exclusive range of products including Cardioprotective Medicine, Oral Hypoglycemic Medicine, Neuropsychiatry Medicine, Nerve Protective Medicine, Anti Epileptic Medicine, Orthocare Medicine, Gastro etc.

With a prominent foundation laid in the year 1993 at Chandigarh, a prominent north Indian city with rich medical care, the brand has been keeping its pace in the highly competitive market. Tas Med is having its associated 2 manufacturing units which are GMP certified & Schedule M complied manufacturing unit delivering quality products with precise composition, high effectiveness, long shelf life and no side effects.

Meeting the Challenges

While at present the challenges in the Indian Pharma Industry include government regulations, price control and cut-throat competition, the brand tends to not to take the load and create solutions that provide maximum satisfaction to their clients backed with the assistance of the visionary leader Gagneet Singh.

Changing Trends

Keeping up with the rapidly changing trends in the industry, the brand has been constantly updating its systems to be covered for any unforeseen situation that the future may present including the government regulations in the pharmaceutical and life science industry. It also updates the product line to secure its position in the game.

The Current Regulatory Reforms Scenario in Pharma Industry

“Regulatory Reforms, an act to ensure improved quality, reduce administrative burden and ensure better accountability, the government, however, must regulate the industry at par with international standards in a regular time frame. Being an eminent part of the industry we believe that sufficient time should be given to the pharmaceutical companies to comply with the changes.” CEO Gagneet Singh shares his views on the current regulatory reforms scenario in India.

Technology: Remodelling Medicine

The brand has adopted technology automation and its benefits to uproot the brand. Along with overall savings in time and labour, the Pharma industry has adopted technology and reduced human intervention where it was feasible which has helped in achieving operational excellence and economies of scale. The brand believes that maintaining higher standards of production quality along with cost-effectiveness has been boosted with the technology.

Transformation in the Industry

“Being a part of the economy, it is an obvious trait of the industry to consistently evolve and transform, however, do we believe that the transformation has been for the good or not? Well, the answer is Yes. The unethical FDCs without any rationale have been banned leading to benefit the patients. The vital therapeutic areas including anti-cancer have been introduced with the price control offering patients with cost-effective therapy. Many regulations such as identifying prescription drugs from packing, stability data for good quality of products, strict manufacturing norms have transformed the industry for good.” shares Gagneet Singh

Competition, Essential for Success

While beating the competition keeps a brand on the edge, a healthy competition allows the brand to remain relevant and motivated in the cut-throat market scenario. Under the leadership of Gagneet Singh, the team strives to achieve high standards while working passionately as Gagneet shares “It motivates us to keep our heads down and focus on achieving operational excellence.”

Promising Excellence

Being a part of the company, the brand assures quality control checks at every point with well equipped micro testing labs performed Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) professionals who ensure that the brand is delivering high quality based products to the employees.

Corporate Ethos TasMedians Follow

“Business Ethics are crucial and intrinsic to our business. As a prominent brand in the industry, we ensure that our employees and corporate partners are always in sync with the corporate ethos we have. Hence, we organize a program named “Accelerate” twice a year to reinforce our ethical culture. Every ‘Tasmedian’ is committed towards its Allies and customers. This drives everyone every day,” shares Gagneet Singh

Core Values

The brand has been maintaining the brand value in the market being sync with its values as a company, including:

  • Strong commitment to allies and customers.
  • Honesty and integrity and fair and transparent conduct
  • Supplying superior quality products.

Achieving the Success and Position It Seeks

“Being a part of the industry since 1993, we have achieved a certain status in the market while we aim to secure the position in the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in the next 4 years by adding new product lines and strengthening our marketing activities. We are heavily investing to add new products to keep up the pace and scale it up faster than ever before in the coming years. We believe to move faster rather than die slowly.” shares Gagneet Singh

Government: A Major Player in Industry Transformation

Government is playing an important role in redefining the industry by bringing in new regulations to ensure patient compliance. However, the brand believes that the changes must be brought in phases to ensure 100% compliance within the stipulated time frame.

An Insight into Future Planning

Being one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies, the brand is planning to launch licensed products and nutraceuticals in various therapeutic segments it already operates in. With its advanced scientific and technical know-how, Tas med is strengthening its novel segments Gastro and Orthopedic with nutraceuticals/health supplements. It further believes that corporate hospitals will have a major role in shaping the industry in tier1 and metro cities. Tas med is continuing to improve the lives through collaborating with various health care providers, governments and local communities to support and expand access to reliable, affordable health care around the world.

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